Police Blotter 11-10-2016

Monday, October 31

Caller on Shirley Street reports a black Honda Civic operating erratically. All units BOLO.

SRO requests ES at the main entrance of the high school. Units report a 17 year old female to MGH. Parents notified.

Report of a theft of a boat at Atlantis Marina Condos by a former employee.

Party on Court Road reports she may be the victim of fraud/identity theft.

Caller on Pleasant Street reports possible parking violation in front of her business. She would like to speak with an officer. W91 reports speaking with the caller and detaining parking dispute a civil issue on private property.

Todisco Towing reports trespass tow of motor vehicle from Governors Park.

Two E911 calls of a motor vehicle crash on Shore Drive. Caller stated no one is injured. Officers report both vehicles involved need to be towed. Todisco Towing towed both vehicles.

Report of a minor motor vehicle accident at Cross and Shirley Street. Units report vehicle being towed.

Mother on Sturgis Street called to report that her 20 year old son is out of control. Units report restoring the peace for the time being and requesting EMS for an evaluation. Voluntary transport to Whidden and officer will follow up.

W99 requests warrant checks on two individuals at the basketball court on Walden Street. They are requesting a transport vehicle. W92 will assist. One male placed under arrest.

Caller reports a wild turkey just went into a small fenced in section on the Governor’s Garden property. The caller said he shut the gate and trapped it. ACO stated it was not there when he arrived.

Caller on Brookfield Road states that she as walking her dog and observed a suspicious male hanging around near the gazebo. He walked to a minivan and out of state plates parked near and then walked back into the park. Unit responded to the area and after a thorough search, determined the suspicious party had left the area.

Caller states there is a large group of teens creating a disturbance and being generally disorderly in Ingleside Park. Officers report moving a group of around 50 youths out of the area.

Party on Ocean View Street came in to the station to report that his son was bit by a dog Sunday afternoon. He took him to the hospital and would like the ACO officer to all him Tuesday.

Caller reports that her son was approached by a heavy set male with glasses and an accent as if he was from India and asked him to get into his silver SUV and have some candy. This happened near the Center on Pauline Street. All units BOLO.

Officer reports stopping a motor vehicle on Walden Street of speeding. A citation was issued.

Officer stopped an individual on a scooter for traffic violation. Operator has a passport only. G&J requested. The towing was cancelled as the owner of the scooter arrived with proper paperwork.

72 year old female fell on Revere Street. Transferred to wFD and they will handle.

Tuesday, November 1

Female on Beach Road reports her car was egged and had beer cans thrown at it. 91 reports no damage, just shaving cream.

Detail officer requested medical for individual experiencing abdominal pain at Dunkin Donuts on Main Street. WFD/EMS notified. Transport to Boston Medical.

WFD report that while they are returning to the fire house when backing the engine in, vehicles are passing them and driving through the half circle at Cummings School at a high rate of speed. Units notified to BOLO for such activity and WFD will obtain plates from any vehicles acting in this manner and forward them to the police for action.

Unit off on a motor vehicle stop on Shirley Street. A citation was issued.

Many calls of a motor vehicle accident on Revere Street. 92 ad 93 responded with WFD and G&J Towing. Officer sent to Revere and Crest to redirect traffic up Highland. #15 Verizon pole hit. One female to MGH.

931 reports a woman tripped over  a depressed National Grid manhole at Twin Bakery. National Grid notified.

Caregiver for subject on Woodside Park requested ambulance for female party. EMS/WFD notified.

Caller states that there is a group of kids racing it bikes in the area of Belle Isle Reservation. Caller walks his dog and observed some damaged landscaping recently. Units report speaking with a group of eight and sending them out of the area, on foot.

Party at Bowdoin and Madison reports that a large black dog continues to walk unleashed and unescorted in the neighborhood. Message left for ACO. ACO called back and will respond to search for the dog. He reports the area is clear presently but he will check the area periodically.

Caller on Shirley and Hale stated that the neighbor with which she has an ongoing dispute, has erected a gate that prohibits her from entering her residence through his property.

Party on Hale Avenue called on the 911 line requesting to speak with an officer. He was asked what his emergency was and was advised not to use 911 to contact the station unless it is an emergency. Officer was just clearing the scene and advised the subject is not happy with the result of their conversation regarding an ongoing civil matter.

Caller on Trident Avenue reports she had a package delivered that as apparently stolen from the inner door.

Party on Shore and Mermaid Avenue reports a very loud and strange acting woman driving a scooter along Shore Drive and acting out of control. Officer located the subject and reports speaking with her. She is returning to Revere where she lives. Her scooter is out of battery power.

Female on Shore Drive requested EMS for her family member who is experiencing stomach pain. WFD and EMS notified.

Wednesday, November 2

Medical alert received a pendant alarm from party on Lincoln Street. WFD and EMS notified. Officer reports female patient being transported.

Received 911 call transferred from Boston regarding a fight inside Golden Drive. No apartment given. Officers report sending to males to their respective apartments. Meanwhile, one of the residents was reporting they were wandering around in the middle of the street. Officers reported they are not outside.

Party on Bellevue Avenue reports that someone has taken her car keys and would like this noted in the event that someone uses them to access her car.

Female on Shirley Street found a backpack belonging to a Saugus school student. 92 picked it up and called the school. They will let the student know to pick it up in Winthrop.

Caller at Holy Rosary Church reports that he has dropped his prescription medication down the drain and requesting assistance. WFD will respond and attempt to assist. Officer reports item retrieved and returned to party.

Party on Ocean View Street called stating there was a dog  barking for the last three hours. ACO notified. ACO reports parking and monitoring the area that appears all quiet at this time.

Party reports that she is here for her job and has requested and received a parking sticker. She has since received a notice from the town that the sticker has been revoked. Party is attempting to comply and was given a temporary parking pass in order to comply with registering her vehicle in Massachusetts while here. The town sticker was returned to the tax office.

Reports of a wild turkey at Revere and Crest Avenue. Party is afraid it will be hit by a car. She was advised that ACO is not able to respond at this time.

Female party on Paine Street reports that her mother fell and hit her head but she needs assistance getting her back up. WFD and EMS notified and will respond.

Reports of a male subject hanging around outside the Winthrop Marketplace bothering customers entering and exiting the store.

Caller on Mermaid Avenue states that she had a strange and unsolicited encounter with a delivery person. W93 reports speaking with the caller and she would like the officer to talk to the establishment and insure that the delivery person from tonight no longer delivers to her address.

Report of a group making noise i the parking lot adjacent to the tennis courts at Governors Park. Unit reports five cooperative youths leaving the area.

Thursday, November 3

Party reports two dogs barking in the area of Chester and Bowdoin Street. It is keeping people up. Officer responded and reports locating the source on Bowdoin Street. Officer spoke to the owner who had fallen asleep. The peace was restored.

Caller at Suburban Extended Stay requests an officer respond for a male subject who wants a room but insists on waiting until one is available. Caller reports he appears he may be drunk. Officers report he is outside waiting for a taxi. He was advised not to go back to the business.

A-7 reports that a subject arrested earlier in the week who is a resident of our town made statements that he hates the dealing with this individual.

Chelsea Police called and asked to make a notification to a resident about a vehicle being parked in Chelsea that has accumulated a substantial amount of parking tickets. Chelsea called and stated they were able to make contact with the party.

Calling party stated there is a large crane outside the Playmakers building causing a traffic tie-up. Officer spoke to the individual running the job site at the Playmakers building. The crane has been located behind the building and is not in the way. Party was properly advised.

Female from Pleasant Street walked into the station and reported continued harassment from her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. She will be seeking an HPO.

Party called to request an officer to keep the peace when she goes to her former apartment on Beal Street today to continue move out her belongings as the landlord changed the locks. Caller was informed that she would need to call at the time or come in before going there and if officers are available they can assist only to initially keep the peace. This is now a civil matter and we can not standby for hours while a mover moves her out. The caller was informed about safety officers, etc. She will call if she needs an immediate assist upon her arrival at the address.

Party called requesting a well-being check on a party at Governors Park. Sister of the party also called. WFD/ES notified. The party was transported to the Whidden after a Section 12 was issued for him.

Officer was flagged down about a suspicious subject on Sturgis Street. Subject was run for WMS which came back negative. Officer he the man’s information ad will be issued an FI number. Units cleared.

Caller on Tewksbury Street requesting medical. Unknown problem due to language but able to determine it to be an allergic reaction. WFD dispatched and transferred to EMS. W92 reports 62 year old female to MGH for allergic reaction.

Party on Shirley Street reports his bike was stolen a short time ago while parked. Officers responded to his home and requests incident number.

Caller on Veterans Road states that her grandson is ringing her buzzer and he is not supposed to be there. Active RO. Officers advised the grandson to leave and stay away and advised the caller to obtain a new RO as the last one expired in 2013. Extensive history resulting in ROs for the grandson.

Friday, November 4

Party reports motor vehicle with fiery plates is heading outbound toward East Boston with no lights on. No response to plate number given.

Caller on Shirley Street reports unresponsive baby. EMS/WFD responded. Officers report baby how responsive and breathing and being transported to MGH.

Party on Hermon street reports a white motor vehicle just pulled up and appears to have been abandoned by someone. Officer dispatched to check out the vehicle and reports the vehicle is parked in a manner that is obstructing the road. Officer will tag the vehicle and attempt to locate the owner. Prior to call, party cam into the station stating she was just involved in an accident as a result of a vehicle sticking out into the lane. Officer requesting tow, as it is obstructing and on a bus route. Vehicles have to go around it to get by posing a traffic safety issue.

Party on Shore Drive called regarding someone harassing her son over the Internet. Also this other party has made threats to come to her residence.

Officer will attempt to save a summons out of Essex County Juvenile Court. Officer spoke to roommate who will have him contact us when he returns.

Officer will attempt service again on Shore Drive. Party was served in hand.

Caller at Winthrop Lodge of Elks reports someone has fallen and hit his head requesting an ambulance. WFD notified. Unit responded and reports 58 year old male to MGH.

Party on Shirley Street reports observing someone putting aa small child into a vehicle front seat without seat or belt. Units advised to BOLO for plate and vehicle given.

Report of a rabbit on porch on Lowell Road. It might be a pet. ACO notified.

Caller reports he was having suicidal thoughts and wanted to speak with someone so she went to the East Boston Neighborhood Health on Main Street, but they are closed. He would like to speak to someone so will wait for an ambulance to respond. EMS notified and responded.

Party reports a large group of teens being loud and blocking traffic at Pond Street Playground. Officers dispersed a group of 12 year old students. Units clear.

Large group in the street on Cliff Avenue. Birthday party for 15 year old. The party was ending.

93 conducted a motor vehicle stop of two vehicles going the wrong way on Summit Avenue. Female driver of the rental car ran from the scene. She left her ID in the vehicle. Male driver of the other vehicle was placed under arrest for multiple driving infractions including driving to endanger. Female who fled will also be summoned into court for driving to endanger. Both vehicles were towed by G&J. Other charges for the male driver were improper operation of motor vehicle, unregistered motor vehicle, uninsured motor vehicle and attaching plates to a motor vehicle.

Saturday, November 5

Caller on Kennedy Road states she is a cancer patient and requests an ambulance due to pain.

Party on Myrtle Street reports that her neighbor is playing music extremely loud. Officers had the lady of the house lower it.

Transfer from the State E911, caller reports fell out of bed and needs help in Veterans Road. EMS notified.

Report of a sewer backup on Lincoln Street. DPW notified.

Party on Morton Street came to the station to report that someone had fraudulently used her identity.

Caller on Shirley Street reports that her neighbor is unlawfully dumping gasoline on her property. W91 reports speaking to the individual who was attempting to concoct a home made weed killer with gasoline as an ingredient. The party was advised to cease and he will comply. Due to the strong odor of gasoline, officer also requests WFD to determine if the area is safe.

Party on Woodside Avenue reports that her phone number is listed on a website and she is getting calls all day and night. Website it out of state. She sent a request in to remove her number. She was advised to speak to the phone company. Name on the website is different from hers and it looks like they entered the number wrong.

Caller repot three people attacking a male on Shore Drive by Coral. She did not get a description as she drove away before calling. Officers report locating subjects on Trident Avenue. Youths were playing. No one hurt.

Party on Emerson Road reports that she lost her sister’s Beagle dog. ACO notified.

Caller on Shore Drive reports that someone was banging on her bedroom window asking for the time. He is now in the hallway of the apartment building. Officers report speaking with all involved. Person had wrong apartment.

Caller on Tafts Avenue reports motor vehicle blocking traffic and buses. Officers report the road is wide open.

Female at Governors Park reports that when she arrived home she found her belongings outside of her apartment with the door locked. 93 responded. Officer spoke to both roommates along with the landlord. All parties advised of their rights along with it being a civil matter.

Caller reports a wan fell from a tree near the Winthrop Elks and it is in the middle of the road. ACO notified and responded. 94 responded and reports bird is deceased and moved to the side of the road for the CCO to recover.

Sunday, November 6

94 off with two vehicles at Hanford Park. All subjects were cleared from the area.

Party at Governor Drive called the station asking for a unit to speak with the people upstairs from hi. Stated there is a loud party and that he had already went upstairs and asked them to quiet down. Units are on another call and will respond when cleared. Units respond and repeat they spoke to the neighbors upstairs having a birthday party. They were advised of complaint and further action should police return.

94 states he encountered a female on Revere Street that needs medical attention from a possible domestic incident. Fire notified and responded. 60 year old female subject refused medical attention. 93 and 94 are going to follow up. After follow up investigation, 94 reports o criminal charges will be taken out on that subject.

Party at Governors Park reports smoke alarm sounding on all three floors of the building. Food on stove. System reset.


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