Police Blotter 10-06-2016

Monday, September 26

Caller at Simione Oil Company reports “tagging” on his garage bay doors that occurred sometime over the past weekend.

Party on Winthrop Street reports a white Enterprise rental van just stuck the mirror on a vehicle and left the scene. W91 reports vehicle sustained damage to the driver’s side rear view mirror. Registration number provided by the witness did not match any current RMV records.

Call for medical at The Arbors. Transferred to EMS.

Several calls of a white male stumbling in and out of the street, possible drunk, near the Elks. Units report unable to locate anyone matching description given in the area.

Caller on Pleasant Street request that subject is told to stay away from her house and to stop calling her. He was contacted and he was properly advised.

Todisco Towing reports towing vehicle from Governors Park for a trespass.

Party came to the station to report that she is having difficulty with her tenants who are constantly late with rent and verbally abusive when she confronts them about it. Also, they may be damaging her property. She was advised that it is a civil issue at this point, and advised of her right to seek relief in East Boston District Court. Party advised that this will be noted in the journal if she should need a copy for court.

Walk-in to report she paid a construction company $4,000 for work on Wadsworth Street that was not completed. Detective informed of the incident and state he would do a followup and see if this is a civil or criminal matter.

Caller on Russell Street reports that her ex-husband called and left a message. She has an active 209A but he was not served yet. She was advised of rights.

Party on Sunnyside Avenue reports he is locked out of his house. Fire notified and was able to get him in the house.

Reports of a coyote sighting running along River Road area. ACO notified and will respond.

Caller on Court Road reports that someone just hit his son’s car and drove off.

Party at La Siesta Restaurant reports a vehicle was swerving and the operator pulled over and parked. Caller stated that the operator was yawning and may be asleep at the wheel. Caller stated she drove away an does not know if he still there. Officer reports speaking to the subject who has a medical condition and not any other issues.

Caller from Governors Park reports a group of about five individuals having around the tennis courts. Unit reports having the group head inside for the night.

Tuesday, September 27

Caller on Pauline Street reports that her husband just got home and there is a car in the back yard. It reports speaking to the owner of business that the car is registered to an employee who removec the vehicle.

Party states a fire alarm activation believed to be coming from Nevada Street. Referred to WFD. WFD reports it is a joke detector that was thrown from a window and now it is sitting on top of a garage.

Report of wires down making contact with a parked motor vehicle. W93 reports wire is a cable wire and has been secured so that it is no longer obstructing the sidewalk or street.

Several reports of a tree own at Hermon and Lincoln Street. DPW notified.

Report of a white male in his early 20s tumbling near the high school, possibly drunk. 92 reports male to MGH.

Caller on Revere Street stated a turkey is crossing the road.

Caller on Locust Street request medical for her father. EMS notified.

Party on Shore Drive came to the station to report that she had been the victim of an attempt at identity fraud. Specifically, the reporting party provided information to what she thought was Paypal, Inc. concerning her credit account. After contacting Paypal, she was informed that the e-mail communication she received was fraudulent and opened a fraud report case. Calling party advised to close any open accounts.

Party at Dunkin Donuts reports a customer is not feeling well and may need an ambulance. Units report 26 year old male to MGH via Action.

Caller on Tewksbury Street requests an officer to check join the well being of her boyfriend who she states is making threats to harm himself. Units report female party sectioned 12 to Whidden.

Party on Golden Drive reports she is being harassed by her upstairs neighbor and would like to speak to an officer. Both units tied up on previous call.

Caller reports a male party is passed out at the Gazebo in the park. Fire and ambulance notified and report someone just taking a nap and sent on their way.

Caller on Veterans Road reports subject fell and needs assistance. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

Officer reports a missing three year old boy from Washington Avenue. Officer called back to report child was found hiding under a table inside the home.

Party on Tafts Avenue reports that her dog was just struck by a motor vehicle. ACO notified and will respond. ACP reports going to Angel Memorial Boston.

Officer will speak to the caller on Golden Drive about the person bothering from upstairs.

Wednesday, September 28

92 off with a motor vehicle in the parking lot at Governors Park. A citation was issued.

Caller on Circuit Road states that her husband has fallen, is conscience but needs assistance. Referred to WFD.

Multiple calls for a bad motor vehicle crash on Revere Street. 91 and 92 responding along with WFD. G&J notified for two vehicles. First vehicle had the driver and three children transported to the Whidden Hospital. Driver of the second vehicle was also transported to the Whidden.

Nurse on Cottage Park Road is requesting an assist with her patient. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Caller at Paine and Wilshire Street reports two young school age girls (approximately 15 years old) with back packs on have been standing in front of his house for the past hour. W93 reports the juveniles are 9th grade students at Winthrop High School. W93 returned students to the high school and SRO Armistead will follow up with the parents.

Party on Shirley Street repots her neighbor is outside near the rear of the house and she is having medical distress. WFD and EMS notified and will respond.

Caller on Winthrop Street would like to see an officer regarding threats made by a tenant.

W92 and SRO off on a well being check on Shirley Street.

Off. Broil reports Chelsea PD has recovered a motor vehicle stolen with no damage done to it. Vehicle has been towed by Todisco Towing. Owner was notified and will respond to Chelsea PD.

Caller from Pleasant Street reports she is at work and her brother just texted her a picture of a baseball bat, indicating that he was going to assault her live-in boyfriend. Units responded to the address and reports no answer at the door, and nobody in the immediate area.

Party on Circuit Road reports that her brother fell and needs assistance. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Caller reports that someone with a parasail looks to be in trouble near Yirrell Beach. Coast Guard requesting assistance. Unit reports parasailor made it to shore and all is well. The harbormaster was notified.

Caller stated that the parking situation at the corner of Quincy and Cliffs very bad. Vehicles are parked on both sides making it very difficult for emergency vehicles to get by. 93 reports having one car moved.

Unit reports a car stop on Eleanor Court. Unit reports citation issued.

Thursday, September 29

Caller reports that her motor vehicle was struck while parked on Winthrop Street.

Black Tahoe was blocking construction project on Townsend Street. The vehicle was moved by G&J Towing to Tafts Avenue.

Todisco Towing reports towing motor vehicle from Governors Park for expired registration sticker.

Mental health provider faxed over a Section 12 form for subject at Viking Gardens. No answer at the residence. Back door found unsecured and officer and WFD entered for well being check. Units report party not home at this time. Mental health facility notified.

Caller on Court Road states she was advised by her neighbor that a male pulled into her driveway and took a picture of her license plate before leaving. No description of vehicle or plate given. Party would just like this on record.

Mental health provider requests that we again attempt to make contact with subject at Viking Gardens in connection with a Section 12 application. W92 reports patient transported to MGH pursuant to Section 12 instructions via Action Ambulance.

Chelsea Juvenile Court request that this department serve guardian on Shore Drive with a delinquency summons. W93 reports no answer at the residence at this time.

Caller on Fremont Street requests medical for her husband. Transferred to EMS.

Party at Belle Isle Boat Yard reports that someone tied up a boat to his float system and it appears it will sink. Fire notified to call Harbormaster. Units report Harbormaster to file improper use of boat.

Caller on Golden Drive reports female causing noise and disturbing him. Unit reports female was cleaning and words were exchanged between the parties.

While being served party repots harassing text messages from daughter’s friend and wants this reported. Parties advised of their rights.

Units reports two youths in lot on Kennedy Road. Unit reports moving group out of area.

Friday, September 30

Reports of an outside fire ear the electrical box at Executive Apartments. WFD responded. Officers report small mulch fire was extinguished and they are investigating further.

Report of a large tree branch hanging down on South Main Street. DPW was notified.

Party on Winthrop Street left message on voicemail regarding being called by IRS multiple times on home and cellphone. She realized it was a scam. She wanted to report the numbers 509-570-1839 and 571-367-3443. Both numbers were called back and was unable to get through. They were more than likely spoofed.

A resident at the Arbors had taken a fall and they are requesting medical assistance to evaluate the party. Call was transferred to EMS.

Party on Golden Drive reports being threatened and harassed by an upstairs neighbor on multiple occasions. Officers report no answer at the party’s residence.

Several calls for a motor vehicle accident at the intersection of Shore Drive and Ocean Avenue. W2 responded. WFD and Mass State Police responded. Two parties transported to the Whidden. W92 assisted with traffic and the MSP will handle the report.

Caller reports multiple needles on Main and Banks Street. Officer located three needles and placed them in the Sharps container.

Party stated there is a vehicle in the middle of the street with its hazards on near parking lot on Crest Avenue. Caller sated they were not sure if it is disabled but it is creating a traffic jam. 92 responded to check on it.

Caller reports he was rear ended on Main street Female operator fled. Officer located the female operator and requested EMS for an evaluation. Medical refused.

Detective reports responding to a report of a disturbance involving a group of female students at the basketball courts. Female parties did to show up as reported.

Caller on Neptune Avenue stated that her mother is having difficulty breathing and would like to be transported. Transferred to WFD.

Chief requests ACO for a deceased animal at Winthrop and Centre Street. ACO responded.

Caller on Tewksbury Stet reports a missing toddler. Units responded. Officer report babysitter had taken the child to visit. They have now returned to the home.

Caller on Faun Bar Avenue requests an ambulance for her pregnant granddaughter who is having pain.

Female party walked into the station to report a male party that she does to know was harassing her at the Citgo gas station. Officer advised female party to call the police right away if it happens again.

Saturday, October 1

Caller states that three kids are causing a disturbance at Winthrop and Washington Avenue. Numerous calls after that stating they are now fighting. Officers found one party. Male party stated he was wrestling with his friends. Officers advised the male party of future actions.

Party at Governors Park states someone is making a lot of noise. Officers spoke to homeowner and advised them of future incidents.

Caller at Executive Apartments reports a disturbance taking place inside a neighboring apartment. Officer spoke with the loud individual and had them cease for the night.

Male party on Pleasant Street states that while he was getting dressed he saw a white male in his driveway and when he went downstairs he saw the man leave in a black Honda. Officers searched the area and could not find the vehicle.

Male party on Shirley Street called to state he is having a dispute with his landlord about him getting evicted. Officer advised the caller to talk to EBDC about this civil issue.

RPD requests a notification to inquire as to the identity of the operator and passenger of a vehicle registered out of Floyd Street. Units report speaking with a family member ho does not know who has the vehicle but will call his mother (the registered owner of the vehicle) and have her call the station.

Party was observed parked in the handicap parking spot at Winthrop Market Place without having a placard/plate. A $300 ticket was issued. The operator came over after using the ATM and stated that she was not parked, even though no one was in the vehicle. The operator asked for a warning instead. When the ticket was issue, she said that this was stupid.

Party from Revere Street came into the station to report being involved in a motor vehicle crash. She backed out of her driveway and was in the roadway when a neighbor from across the street backed out of his driveway and struck and damage her right rear bumper. She was advised to fill out a report of the accident.

Caller states that as he walked in and again when he walked out of the CVS, he was approached by a black male asking him if he wanted to buy some “caps.” The caller did not know what was meant by “caps” but thought it suspicious. W92 reports walking through CVS ad performing a patrol of the area and surrounding streets and not observing anyone fitting that description.

Party on Bates Avenue states that she just returned from shopping to find her father’s girlfriend in the house and she would like her removed. Units report that they were able to establish that both women are residents of this address. The owner is not available and all parties present were apprised that this is a civil matter and should consult legal counsel.

Officer observed driving by house on Revere Street and observing a male using a slim jim to gain access to a white car. W93 reports the area is clear.

Caller states that there is a group of kids hanging out behind the car wash and they should not be there.

Party on Cutler Street reports someone trying to break into his house from both the front and rear doors. Units responded and stopped several parts crossing Shore Drive. K9 off with the caller who now states that he knows the parties and they were there to collect money that he knows nothing about.

Caller on Neptune Avenue states that she has been receiving strange messages on her answering machine and would like increased patrols of her neighborhood. All units directed to increase patrols during their tour of duty.

Sunday, October 2

Received 911 call from cab company regarding a fare evasion near Russell and Morton Street. Officers report they will be off at Russell Street to speak to the woman. They report speaking with her and she came out and paid the taxi driver.

Party on Putnam Street repots the first floor tenants are being noisy and have been asked to quiet down several times. Officer spoke with the tenant who will cease the party for the night.

Calle reports a male walking by outside on Main and Pleasant Street appears to be moaning and mumbling. Officer reports the subject is in East Boston and is walking along fine.

Boston EMS called 911 and stated they had just received a call on a cell from a husband asking for an ambulance on Main Street. He stated that his wife was having side pain. Call transferred to WFD. 93 responded along with medical. 40 year old female transported to BMC via Action.

Male party on Siren Street walked into station to repot that his vehicle was struck in a hit and run. 93 assigned the accident report.

A nurse called and states she has been trying to contact a patient for a few days on Golden Drive. She is there now and requesting a well being check. WFD responded. Female was not home.

Tow driver reports towing vehicle from Atlantis Marina for trespass.

Harbormaster called to report that a party is at their office to report a stolen dinghy. Party then came to the station to complete an affidavit. It was last seen at the CPYC.

Caller on Pauline Street requests an ambulance for her sister who just returned home from the hospital recently and needs to go back. We could hear yelling in the background. Considering the recent history at this address, W93 was dispatched in the event that a Ch123, Section 12 was necessary. Voluntary transported to Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Party on Read Street requests and ambulance for her grandmother who is not feeling well.


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