Police Blotter 06-23-2016

Monday, June 13

Caller reports observing a large flatbed truck strike the bus stop sign at Crystal Cove Avenue and then continue down Shirley Street.

Party reports large tree limb down at Buchanan and Putnam Street and it is blocking the road. DPW notified and will respond.

Party came to the station requesting information regarding an estranged nephew who came to her home on Saturday, June 11th. Due to his condition and past history, she did not let him into her home. She is concerned regarding his return. She was advised of her rights and will be transported to EBC to seek an RO.

Inspector called regarding a residents on Shirley Street whom he believes should be checked. W91 responded and requested EMS.

Caller on Terrace Avenue requesting am ambulance for medical reasons. WFD/EMS notified.

Officer requesting check on a motor vehicle registration on Hagman Road. Vehicle came back expired and non renewable. Tow requested. Vehicle towed by G&J Towing to private property.

Vehicle towed by Todisco Towing for trespassing at Governors Park.

Received a faxed warrant of apprehension from the EBC for subject on Otis Street. W91 and W92 responded to try and serve the order. Officers located the party and placed him in custody and he was transported to court directly.

Party on Pebble Avenue called regarding an opossum by her car and she is there with her children. ACO responded and took control of the animal and removed it.

W92 reports a tree branch down on Elmwood Avenue. Officer reports it is all cut and tied up so DPW may already know about it and be waiting to pick it up.

Caller reports that a man in a wheelchair has fallen over and possibly injured and Crest and Hutchinson Street. WFD/EMS and W94 dispatched and report no defects and the party was transported to MGH and a parent secured the wheelchair.

Party on Bowdoin Street requests an ambulance for his wife who is feeling ill. Referred to EMS.

A new owner of a home on Putnam Street reports that while he was in the home doing some repairs the former resident came in the front door and started walking around. She left when he asked her to but he wants this logged in case there are future problems.

Caller from the Arbors reports a resident needs an ambulance for a fall. WFD notified and will respond.

Party on Willow Avenue reports somebody is pointing a green laser at passing planes. W92 reports observing a green laser beam coming from the area. W92 reports no answer at either residence.

Caller on Trident Avenue reports someone exited a motor vehicle with others and appeared to be unsteady of his feet. Units report speaking to a group of males heading home for the night. All appear to be fine.

Party on Myrtle Avenue states that her neighbor is once again causing a disturbance. Units respond and report they spoke to the subject who states he will go inside.

Tuesday, June 14

Caller on Madison Avenue reports that his friend may harm herself after having problems in her relationship. Fire and ambulance notified. Units report female heading to the Whidden.

Party on Washington Avenue states that two suspicious males heading towards the Elks on foot. 91 investigated those twp subjects.

Caller states loud disturbance from a neighbor at Summit and Grovers Avenue. 92 responds and reports the area is all quiet. Call was unfounded.

Nurse at the Arbors called to request an ambulance. EMS nitrified.

Visiting Nurse called and stated that her female patient on Bartlett Road needed an ambulance. She had recently had a hip replacement and was in serious pain.

Nurse from the Arbors called 911 and was originally disconnected. She called back for two separate medical aids in two different rooms. Fire and EMS were both dispatched.

Several 911 calls of a serious accident at Simeone Oil Co. Officers, fire and Action report they assisted in a private tow.

Party on Faun Bar Avenue reports a very large truck stuck and traffic is tied up as a result. W96 was able to clear the tie up.

Party from Sewall Avenue came to the station as ordered by the Malden Police. Officer will handle.

Transfer from the State reporting a mulch fire by the Dunkin Donuts on Main Street. W92 assisted fire and reports there was extensive mulch involved in the rear of the establishment.

DPW called to report a motor vehicle parked in the middle of the road blocking the loop at the William Gorman School. Officers report vehicle is blocking the road and a tow at this time will cause more damage than good. Vehicle was tagged.

Report of a small fire on the side of building on Veterans Road. It was in the mulch. Fire notified.

Call from the library to report they are out over $400 in books and materials.

Little white dog was found on Crest Avenue. ACO called and came in and took the animal to a shelter on North Shore Road in Revere.

Two 911 calls from Cottage Avenue of a verbal dispute there. 91 and 92 report a caretaker and subject verbal.

Caller on Fairview Street reports that he thinks kids are inside the house that is under construction. Officers report owner of the house is on the scene with his kids.

911 call from Triton Avenue to report that the clerk at the store treated her rudely. When she was explained that it was not a crime she then stated she goes to the store all the time and did not like the clerk being rude. When she was asked how we could help her she explained the clerk abused her verbally. She was advised it was not a police matter but to speak to the manager.

91 and 92 located subject on Pauline Street for warrant service. The subject is a fugitive from New Hampshire on an armed robbery warrant.


Wednesday, June 15

Caller on Lincoln Street states a patient is cold and there is no response. Fire notified. 92 responds and reports party was deceased upon arrival. Sister arrived on the scene to handle the arrangements.

W94 reports someone sleeping in a motor vehicle on Cutler Street. Unit reports subject tired after working all night. Subject headed home for the night.

E911 call from party who states that his boat is at the Pleasant Park YC and taking on water. Fire and harbormaster notified and will respond. Further information from caller revealed that he is anchored and boat is disabled. They will contact Coast Guard.

Report of a wire down near the Playmaker building. Fire notified.

Officer will follow up on a Diversion Case on Johnson Avenue. He spoke to the individual.

Report of a wild turkey that is walking around Kennedy Road. ACO notified and is responding to the area.

ACO Officer reports that area residents complained that there is a boat trailer parked on the beach on Shirley Street. ACO officer is attempting to locate the owner to have the trailer removed from the beach. Officer spoke to the owner of the trailer and the trailer will be removed from the beach area.

Call reporting a person sitting in a car since 8 a.m. on Atlantic Street. Officer reports all is okay.

Officer reports while on detail, a motor vehicle hit him in the right leg. The officer will issue a citation and immediate threat form.

Received a fax from Registry for immediate threat suspension for subject on Circuit Road. W92 responded to the address to serve the revocation order but there was no answer there. W92 will try again at both addresses we have on file. Officer served it in hand.

Caller on Circuit Road reports than an older female has wandered into the yard and appears disoriented. Officers spoke to her and she will call if she has nay problem with her brother.

Report of an elderly lady that is walking around on Shore and Tewksbury Street. She may have dementia. Officer reports checking all around the area and could not locate the female.

Caller on Pleasant Street reports that his father needs an ambulance, as he does not seem right. EMS notified.

DPW reports there is a water leak in the Terrace Avenue area. They are working on it. The water has been shut off in some homes.

Report of water pouring out of a manhole cover on Argyle Street.

Caller on Harbor View Avenue is having difficulty with her water. DPW notified and will respond.

Winthrop Marketplace reports a disturbance concerning a shoplifter. RMV queries reveal all active. The party was given a verbal trespass from the store manger.

Caller on Pleasant Street requests EMS for patient with a dislocated arm.

Thursday, June 16

Caller states a suspicious white male in her neighbor’s yard. Units have located the subject and are off with him at Main and Hermon Street. Units report subject in custody for breaking and entering.

Party on Quincy Avenue reports a rabbit appears to have been mauled by another animal in his back yard. ACO will respond and speak with the caller.

Party on Jerald Street called to report a dead animal hanging from a fence. ACO reports speaking to the homeowner and they are getting someone to remove it.

Report that the boat trailer is still parked on the beach at Wyman Street. Code Enforcement Officer and W91 report G&J will tow the trailer.

Party on Willow Avenue reports that her sister is not feeling well. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Detective reports a young boy fell and struck his head near the Winthrop Meat Market. WFD and EMS contacted and will respond. Parents are not on the scene at the present time. Detectives report parent showed up on the scene. The patient was checked out and they refused transport or further medical assistance.

Party on Putnam Place reports that her navy blue Gucci wallet is either lost or was stolen. She reported her MA license, Discover card, American Express card and medical insurance cards that were in the wallet. Party reports there was approximately $400 in cash in the wallet as well.

Officer requested another unit respond for an impaired driver, possibly OUI at Beacon and Shore Drive. Officer requested EMS for an evaluation on the subject. He will be transported to the Whidden via Action EMS. Officer will file an immediate threat report to the RMV on the operator of the vehicle. The truck will be towed for public safety as the driver pulled onto the sidewalk. Vehicle towed by G&J Towing.

Party on Brewster Avenue called to report there is someone in the house that may have an alcohol and drug problem. Officer reports person is going to the Whidden.

Party on Siren Street reports a possible opiate overdose. Call transferred to WFD and EMS. Officer reports subject transported to the Whidden via Action EMS.

Caller reports another vehicle just struck his and drove off. He believes it may have stopped at the end of the street. Officer reports the motorist was still there and he spoke with him and has placed him under arrest for OUI. Officer requested another unit to assist him near Somerset Avenue. Subject placed under arrest for driving under the influence.

Party on Golden Drive having a diabetic reaction. WFD notified and will handle.

Caller reports kids starting to congregate on Yirrell Beach.

Friday, June 17

Party on Myrtle Avenue reports neighbor is at it again, yelling, swearing and waking her and other neighbors up. 92, 91 and 94 reports the officers stood by for five minutes and did not hear anything that was disturbing to the surroundings.

Caller states a group causing a disturbance at Pico Park. Units respond and report they are off with four subjects. Group was dispersed from the area.

Caller on Sagamore Avenue reports she hears a female yelling. Units respond and report a verbal argument. Subjects have agreed to cease for the night.

Officer reports that there is a deceased skunk in the middle of Tafts Avenue. ACO is responding to remove the animal.

Report of a mulch or grass fire behind his house on Triton Avenue. WFD will handle. They report it was a trash fire.

Party on Shirley Street reports that her sister is in need of medical attention. WFD responded.

Officer will try to serve a Registry immediate threat form to subject at Governors Park. He reports giving the copy to the subject and speaking to her and explaining what it means.

Party on Irwin Street called to report that he wants to be checked out. EMS was notified.

911 call from Pleasant Street of a live raccoon living inside his car garage. He was advised to contact a private company to trap the raccoon.

Caller on Lewis Avenue reports finding a dog. ACO notified and will respond.

Grandson from Winthrop Street called to report that his grandmother fell and is bleeding. EMS notified.

Trespass tow for vehicle at Governors Park.

Caller on Waldemar Avenue reports that her friend came to visit and then fell down and is very sick. She does not know why. Transferred to EMS. Officer reports 44-year-old male going to Tufts Medical.

Boston 911 call to report a possible drunk driver heading to Winthrop. Units BOLO. After BOLO, 911 call to report they are behind the vehicle that may be driving drunk. Same vehicle as the one called from Boston. Officers are off with that vehicle on Veterans and Shirley Street. Officers report not OUI as the driver was checked out. No violations observed in Winthrop.

Report of sewage coming out and on the street on Crest Avenue. DPW notified.

Caller on Lowell and Pleasant Street states that he is with his 14 year old daughter who overheard two men talking in a car. Wanted to speak to an officer about what she heard.

Todisco Towing reports a trespass tow out of Governors Park.

Units off with a group at Hannaford Park. The group was sent out of the area.

Saturday, June 18

Reports of a male acting strange in the area of Jefferson Street. Units dispatched and report local party checked out and sent out of the area.

Medical aid for shortness of breath needed at the Arbors. WFD/EMS notified.

Caller on Shore Drive reports red pickup truck with dog inside and not sure where the owner is. ACO will respond to check on the situation. ACO requesting State be notified as individual has arrived back and refusing to submit information to him. Officers report female became cooperative and State was cancelled. Officers report the situation resolved and dog is ok and is a service dog.

Party on Overlook Drive reports that she has been unable to get in touch with a friend and wants a well-being check on her. W94 dispatched and reports lights on but no answer. The apartment was checked and no one is home. Housing believes the party may be in the hospital.

Caller on Beacon Street reports that a very LARGE raccoon jumped out at him on his porch. ACO notified and responded. ACO reports when they arrived the animal was gone and the resident advised what he needs to do with the raccoon upon his return.

Three youths brought a phone to the station that they found at Lewis Lake. The owner came up a short time later to claim it.

Fire radio reports a man down bleeding at St. John the Evangelist Church. Party fell inside the church and being transported to MGH.

Kohls credit services called to report a party from Banks Street threatened suicide to them over the phone. Officer and EMS spoke with the subject who appears to be fine and denies making any statement to harm herself. She states she was just frustrated with the people who were calling her. Units cleared.

Party on Lincoln Street reports that his wife fell and can not get up.

W97 reports possible drunk male yelling at a woman at Tony’s Cleaners. W92 and W94 report are clear of either party.

Todisco Towing towed vehicle from Governors Park for trespass.

Report of water leak from temporary water lines on Hillside Avenue.

Party at Winthrop Middle School requests EMS for person in the auditorium who is having difficulty breathing.

Report of a loud party on Morton Street. Just some loud family members. They will quiet down.

Sunday, June 19

Officer has two in custody at Walden and Pauline Street. One for warrant and failing to stop and the other for warrant.

Caller on Marshall Street reports a young male and female possibly smoking marijuana and appear suspicious. Officers report no occupied vehicles in the area.

Party at Payson and Shirley Street reports someone has been blaring his music while parked. Officer reports the area is all clear at the present time.

Caller on Golden Drive requested EMS for her husband who fell. She needs assistance.

Reports of loud kids inside Hannaford Park. Officer reports sending four individuals out of the park.

Party brought in a bone she found this morning at Main and Payson Street.

Caller at Governors Park reports an ongoing situation with a tenant in the building. Officer sent to speak with caller. Officer spoke to both parties and the matter is settled for now and they were advised to speak to the management.

Boston dispatch reports a female walked in the Ashly Fire House to report a past assault, which possibly occurred in our town. Female transported to MGH. BFD will take report and notify us with further information. Officer/detectives responded to Siren Street, where assault occurred.

Sister reports that she ahs not been able to make contact with her brother on Governors Park and requests we check on him. Unit dispatched and is requesting medical for party. WFD/EMS responded and transported party to Whidden for an evaluation.

Report of an elderly man down bleeding from head on Cottage Avenue. EMS/WFD responded.

Caller on Sea Foam Avenue requesting EMS for her husband who is having kidney stone problems. Transferred to EMS.

Caller on Morton Street reports extremely loud music playing all day. Officer spoke to the resident and they are shutting off the music. He was informed of the consequences of this type of repeated behavior.

Party reports several cars filled with youths being loud, obnoxious and relieving themselves in the bushes at the tennis courts at Governors Park. Officer reports no one in the area upon his arrival.

Caller on Court Road reports three unknown males just came into her back yard and walked out onto her pier. She reported to the officers that the three suspects left the area prior to their arrival in a small vehicle. They are searching the area for the suspect vehicle.

Report of a bicycle stolen from front yard on Sagmore Avenue.

Woman called reporting a female was yelling and screaming at no one then she took her clothes off and jumped into the water at Crystal Cove and Shirley Street. Subject was rescued and removed from the water. She was transported to MGH for an evaluation.

Report of an out of control female at the Alcohol & Drug Free Lodging Home. Officers report one female being voluntarily committed and the units cleared.


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