Top 100 Salaries in the Town of Winthrop

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

The list of the top 100 wage earners for the town of Winthrop have been released. There are 41 employees in the DPW/Water and Sewer Department. In the fire department there are 36 employees and in the police department there are 48 employees. The school department employs 546 people in full-time and part-time capacity.

One of the largest expenses in any community are salaries and last year in Winthrop over $4 million was just spent on salaries for the police and fire departments alone. In the school department over $14 million was spent on salaries last year with a total operating budget for schools of $21 million. The town has a total operating budget, including schools, of $43 million. The total budget for the town, including every department, is $53.7 million. Total compensation for police and fire can include details paid from outside sources. Winthrop Police Lt. David Lessard is the highest paid employee in the town. Most of the town’s labor contracts have a 2 percent cost of living increase for FY15, FY16, and FY17. It should also be noted that historic snowfall during 2015 resulted in higher than normal overtime costs

Employee                                   Department                               Gross

David Lessard                            Police Lt.                                    186,870

Richard Swartz                          Fire Capt,                                    154,509

John Macero                              School Super.                             145,384

Frank Scarpa Jr.                         Police Lt.                                    143,987

Robert Jaworski                         Police Off.                                  136,841

Terence Delehanty                    Police Chief                               134,538

Paul Flanagan                             Fire Chief                                   132,251

Timothy Gordon                        CFO                                             123,398

Stephen Rogers                          Police Sgt.                                   123,115

Edwin Macdonald Jr.                Fire Capt.                                    119,537

Nancy Dalrymple                      Police Sgt.                                   116,696

Jennifer O’Connell                   School                                         111,811

David Brown                              Police K9                                    110,841

Steven Calla                               DPW/W/S director                    114,351

Arthur Hickey Jr.                       Police Off.                                  105,384

Frank Woods                              Curriculum Director                 104,561

Illene Pearson                            Ft. Banks Principal                    104,417

Sean Perrin                                 Police Off.                                  103,167

Charles Flanagan Jr.                  Fire Capt.                                    100,727

Sean Delehanty                          Police Off.                                  100,622

James Freeman                          Police Off.                                  98,947

Giulio Bonavita                         Police Off.                                  97,463

Monica Ford                               Treasurer/Collector                  97,213

Paul Deleo                                  Police Lt.                                    97,143

Mary Crisafi                               Police Sgt.                                   96,677

Ryan Heraty                               Cummings Principal                 96,023

Thomas Moses                           Fire Capt.                                    95,509

Daniel Flynn                              Fire Lt.                                        95,479

Julie Fotiades                             School                                         95,317

Matthew Crombie                      H.S. Principal                             94,676

Ignacio Oyola                            Police Off.                                  93,936

Amanda Colella                         School                                         93,366

Sean Hickey                               Police Off.                                  93,212

William Hagemeister                Police Off.                                  91,660

Deborah Fleet-Earl                    School                                         91,275

William Wiley                           Fire                                              89,328

William Vecchio Jr.                  Fire                                              89,065

John Hayes                                 Fire                                              89,018

Vincent Zappulla                       Fire                                              88,680

Constance Grayson                   Teacher                                       86,882

Stephen Calandra                      Fire                                              86,085

Andrea O’Leary                         School                                         84,792

Norah Grimes                             School                                         84,008

Mark D’Amico                           School                                         83,600

Matthew Serino                         Athletic Dir.                               82,650

Anita Preble                               School                                         82,463

Michael Nickerson                    School                                         81,987

Michael Capasso                       School                                         81,806

Brian Curley                               School                                         81,799

Maura Sullivan                          School                                         81,687

Aaron Armistead                       DPW/W/S                                   81,659

Karen Wyson                             School                                         80,796

Timothy Callinan                      Police Det.                                  80,047

Kathleen D’Amico                    School                                         79,799

Elizabeth Zaleski                       Finance                                       79,615

Judith Connolly                         McGheeSchool                          79,349

Faton Ramadani                         Police Off.                                  79,137

Janet Thaxton                            School                                         78,954

Bernadette Carsley                    School                                         78,570

Stephen Roche                           Assessor                                     78,461

Andrea Warmbold                     School                                         78,155

Michael DeFelice                      School                                         78,138

Kristen Reynolds                       School                                         78,039

Patrick O’Brien                          Fire                                              77,826

Maria Salvaggio                         School                                         77,659

Michael Brokmeier                   Police                                          77,621

Jaffrie Perrotti Jr.                      Fire                                              77,537

Dale Gaucher                             School                                         77,555

Michael Kirby                            School                                         77,486

Mark Dixon                                School                                         77,196

James Feeley                              Police                                          77,082

Jeffrey Beck                               School                                         77,044

Donna Cummings                      School                                         77,012

Warren McPhail                        School                                         76,928

Stephanie Vasilos                      School                                         76,902

Melody Allen                             School                                         76,899

Janice Denehy                           School                                         76,899

Karen Mauro                              School                                         76,857

Kathleen Costonis                     School                                         76,783

Mary McGunigle                       School                                         76,710

Joyce English                             School                                         76,682

Elizabeth Arena                         School                                         76,599

Carla Fitzpatrick                        School                                         76,446

Karen Calinda                            School                                         76,273

Carla Vitale                                Town Clerk                                76,187

Maria Flanagan                          School                                         75,988

Mary Cali                                    School                                         75,946

Thomas DiBenedetto                Fire                                              75,827

Dawne Armistead                      Police                                          75,803

Al Legee                                      Inspectional Ser.                       75,689

John Rich                                    Fire                                              75,580

Marie Finn                                  School                                         75,383

Joe Domelowicz                        Grant manager                           74,999

Richard Cifuni                           DPW/W/S                                   74,970

Annamaria Taudel                     School                                         74,759

Paul O’Donnell                          DPW/W/S                                   74,668

Jennifer Hazlett                         School                                         74,516

Rock Mastrangelo                     School                                         74,506

Constance Moore                      School                                         74,503

Rose Forina                                School                                         74,356

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