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Thursday, January 28, 2016
By Transcript Staff

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Dear Editor:

I wanted to take a moment to make a comment on our current Presidential election. I am a 28 year old male Winthrop native, raised as a Republican. I have voted Republican in every local / state / federal election starting in 2005 up through Charlie Baker’s victory last November. I volunteered for Dr. Ron Paul’s Maine Presidential Campaign in 2012 and canvassed for several Republican Massachusetts State Representative Candidates in and around Boston.

This year I unenrolled. I unenrolled because both major political parties have lied to me, disrespected me, and put my generation on the hook for a national debt in the trillions, countless transgenerational environmental disasters, 1 trillion in student debt, an untouchable housing market, health insurance premiums through the roof, quagmire wars all over the globe, and a hyper-partisan congress so deep in the pockets of Wall Street banks that they can’t represent the people of the United States.

There is only one candidate in this race that deserves my vote, and that is Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. While I don’t totally agree with Senator Sanders on many of his flagship proposals, I know what he says to be genuine and well intended. We will always have another Clinton and we will always another Trump, but Sanders is a once in a lifetime candidate. Don’t squander this opportunity.

Do the right thing.  #FeelTheBern

Stephen C. Hines

Edgehill Road

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