Police Blotter 12-31-2015

Monday, December 21

Party came to the station to report a tow of a vehicle for trespass at Executive Apartments.

Report of a male on the floor on Lincoln Street. EMS notified.

Male on Wave Way Avenue called to report he has a high fever. EMS notified.

While performing a detailed inventory of a prisoner’s property, it was discovered that in a small white case was a small amount of “Meth”.

Officer will try to serve a summons issued by the Salem District Court to subject on Hermon Street. He reports speaking to a neighbor and he stated that no one was home.

Party on Shore Drive called to report that his friend that has just been released from the hospital, is sick and needs a transport. Fire and EMS notified.

Mother on Hermon Street called to state that her son would come to the station to retrieve a court summons from this afternoon. The subject came in and was given a copy.

Party on Belcher Street is requesting an ambulance for daughter who fell at rear of house.

Caller on Shirley Street called to say that someone is making threats. Officer will try to locate her along the bus route in the Point. Officer reports this turned out to be a minor accident. The officer assisted with exchanging papers.

Party from Upland Road came to the station and reported being harassed over the Internet (Facebook). An incident report will be made out and given to the detectives.

Party on Taylor Street came to the station to report the theft of his rear license plate.

Party came in and gave us a victim/witness form and a motor vehicle crash form from accident that happened at Cumberland Farms lot.

Report of a needle laying in the lot at Frazier’s Funeral Home. Officer placed it in his Sharps container.

SRO reports missing 5th grader. Last seen leaving Cummings School. All units BOLO’d. The child was located safety at home.

Report of hearing an explosion on Locust Street at the same time as power outage.

Large volume of calls received regarding power outage over most parts of the town. WFD notified. They already contacted National Grid.

Caller reports someone left a heavy-duty dolly in front of his house on Somerset Avenue. He believes UPS is looking for it but the power is out. Officer notified UPS driver who will relay message to owner for pick-up. Two wheeler lift brought to the station.

Female from Bellevue Avenue came in to report she was a victim of identity theft.


Tuesday, December 22

W93 reports issuing a parking ticket to motor vehicle for expired registration on Upland Road.

Call from Triton Avenue to report a motor vehicle is blocking her driveway. Officer reports the vehicle is not blocking the driveway.

Report that someone on Governors Drive is “High on Drugs” and may have a firearm and stolen property. Officers and detectives, along with fire and ACO report the subject is being transported to the Whidden and weapons were found.

E911 call from Dr. Pransky’s office to report a patient on Shirley Street needs to go to the hospital. Fire and EMS will handle.

Caller reports that two youths appeared to be following an Amazon delivery person at Pleasant and Somerset Avenue. 92 will investigate. Officer spoke with the UPS driver in the area, and the driver will be attentive for individuals that may be following the deliveries.

Caller reports that a truck is blocking the area at Pearl and Shirley Street and causing a large traffic build up. 92 is responding to the area.

Party on Morton Street called to report he just got out of the hospital and he believes he needs to go back. EMS will handle.

A member of the Board of Winthrop Youth Hockey called to report that someone is calling requesting donations. The board member advised that these calls are fraudulent.

Party on Nevada Street called to report that her friend needs an ambulance. EMS will handle.

Caller at Alcohol & Drug Free Lodging reports he has a head injury and needs medical. EMS will handle.

Party called to report that when he was parking his vehicle in front of the Town Hall, he tapped the car in front of his. He stated that no damage was done, so he went in to the town hall. When he came out, someone yelled, “You’re in trouble.” He went into the library and when he came out, the car was gone. Should someone call and say their car was hit, near the Town Hall, give them the above’s number.

Party on Overlook Drive came in to repot being harassed by a neighbor. The matter has been settled.

Detective reports being off to Shore Drive on a follow-up investigation.

Visiting Nurse called to report that her patient on Shirley Street is not answering the door. Officer and fire report that no one is home.

Caller requests police to assist while he picks up his belongings on Read Street. Unit reports the subject retrieved his belongings without any issues.

Party reports a 76-year-old male resident at the Arbors complaining of shortness of breath. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

Reports of someone parked in their handicap spot on Coral Avenue without a placard. Units reports having the operator move the vehicle.

Caller on Bates Avenue repots that her 44-year-old husband looks pale and having backside pain. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

91 stopped a motor vehicle on Hadassah Way. The subject has a warrant and was placed under arrest. The vehicle will be towed by G&J.


Wednesday, December 23

Caller on Harvard Street reports a male lying on the ground. Unit report subject needs medical. Fire and ambulance notified. U nit reports the male party to Whidden.

Party on Russell Street reports taking new medication that is making her shake. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

Caller reports a group in the rear of the tennis courts in back of Governors Park and making noise. Units report the group must have entered a building prior to their arrival.

911 transfer from Essex Regional. A male on Veterans Road believes he is having a seizure. Transferred to WFD.

911 transfer from Essex Regional stating that two females at Governors Drive robbed a male. The male was waiting inside the 711. Units report speaking to the male party who states the subjects fled in a vehicle bearing Mass plates. Query in CJIS shows a white Chevy Impala. 92 will take a report and will BOLO the area for the vehicle.

Party on Almont Street reports that her husband fell and needs medical attention. Transferred to WFD.

Party on Read Street came to the station to repot that her spouse has not come to the residence to retrieve the rest of his belongings. The party has been instructed to contact the Winthrop Housing director to see if there can be a resolution to the situation.

An ambulance was needed on Upland Road. EMS will handle.

Caller on Tafts Avenue reports that there were duck hunters in the area of Deer Island and was not sure that they were supposed to be in the area. Everything appeared to be in order and the State Police was notified.

Party on Dolphin Avenue reports that sometime over the past evening someone broke into her motor vehicle and stole merchandise that had been locked inside the vehicle.

SRO is off on a wellness check on Shirley Street. She reports that all is okay.

Information was received that an individual on Neptune Avenue needs to be evaluated. Officers and fire report that one female being transported to MGH on a Section 12.

Caller reports an older female wearing her pajamas and looking confused at Summit and Revere Street. He stated he last saw her by the bus stop. Officers checked the entire area to no avail.

Caller reports that a young girl is under the slide and alone at Ingleside Park. Officers report the girl had permission to go to the park, but officer called her house and no one was home. They will take her home.

Party came in to request an escort to Read Street so he can pick up the rest of his belongings.

Officers will try to serve a LTC suspension order to party on Locust Street. Officers report no answer at the door.

Party on Shore Drive reports that his gifts for Christmas that were in his on-site storage are now gone.

Caller reports a motor vehicle hit another vehicle on the Cumberland Farms parking lot and drove away very fast. Officers are off with the vehicle. No damage to the vehicle and the operator denied hitting anything. The officers checked the area and no victim or sign of any damage/victim.


Thursday, December 24

Officers report a motor vehicle located on Shore Drive appears to be vandalized. State Police notified and will respond.

W97 reports he assisted a lost motorist on his way on Bartlett Road.

Party on Russell Street is requesting getting her 89-year-old father to leave a friend’s house. The father is suffering from dementia. Officers brought the subject home to his family.

Property owner on Shore Drive believes the first floor apartment under renovation was broken into sometime overnight.

Caller on Shirley Street attempted to purchase a Verizon phone from party on Craig’s list, but cancelled after calling Verizon and was told not to purchase it. The seller (female) called today irate saying he stole her phone number. He has no further information on selling party except phone number, on which a message was left to contact WPD to straighten out the matter No call yet from the seller.

Party on Moore Street reports checks stolen from her home ad cashed. The bank was notified.

Officer reports that someone on the bus in front of Holy Rosary Church is in need of medical. Fire notified. The person refused medical treatment and was cleared by medical.

Walk-in to report that jewelry was stolen from his vehicle on Johnson Avenue. This was sometime between Dec. 15 and Dec. 24.

911 request for medical on Brewster Avenue. Transferred to EMD.

Caller on Shirley Street requesting a well-being check on a 75 year old male. Action transport to MGH.

Party on Pleasant Street reports a male party causing disturbance while awaiting the Santa Claus parade. The male party’s son arrived and took his father home.


Friday, December 25

Caller on Wave Way Avenue reports haring what appears to be gunshots. Officer reports checking the area. He spoke to two parties on a porch that reported seeing fireworks in the area.

Party walked into the lobby to report being threatened at Holy Rosary Church. Officer advised the party of his rights.

BOLO from BPD for a 199 Acura involved in an armed home invasion on Saratoga Street and was last seen entering Winthrop. BPD advises two Hispanic males, both brandished black firearms. BPD reports no entry made on Saratoga Street. Officer will continue to BOLO.

Caller on Beal Street requests ambulance to be transported to the hospital. Transferred to EMS/WFD.

Party at Fort Heath Apartments states that her husband is not feeling well and having chest pains. Call transferred to WFD.

Caller on Somerset Avenue repots a decorative reindeer stolen from front lawn. W91 will respond. Officer spoke to the caller and will take a report.


Saturday, December 26

Caller on Shirley Street states that the 2nd floor apartment is playing their music loud, disturbing the peace of the neighborhood. Officers spoke with the residents who will turn the music off.

Manager of Alcohol & Drug Free Lodging Home reports fire alarms sounding for approximately 10 minutes. Fire notified.

Party on Wilshire Street entered the lobby to report being harassed by a neighbor. Officer spoke to all involved parties. A civil matter over the placement of shoes in a common hallway. All parties advised.

Caller on Centre Street reports locating a lost yellow lab named “Bailey.” She will keep the dog in her backyard. ACO notified.

Party walked into the lobby to report that the front door is unlocked at a business on Pauline Street, but there appears to be nobody inside. Officer reports the door is open, nothing appears to be out of place. No contact information available. Unable to secure. Off-duty officer will attempt to contact the owner and an officer will monitor area.

Off-duty officer received a report of a male party slumped over the steering wheel near Dunkin Donuts on Main Street. Officer checked the entire area to no avail.

Caller reports a small white vehicle, operating erratically in the area of the “Maze.” Officer located the vehicle owner and the operator. Spoke to both at length and advised of the consequences of their actions.

Party on Pleasant Street requests to speak to an officer regarding a possible scam. Officer spoke to the caller. Possible came out of the state of Conn. and FL. No crime committed in Mass. Party was advised of his rights.

Report of a sunken boat at the Atlantis Marina. Fire notified.

Caller on Nahant Avenue needs help with husband who is choking. Units called off from a previous call in the Maze area. WFD, Action notified.  Officer reports the party is breathing. Fire EMS on the scene.

Request for a lift assist on Lincoln Street.

Caller states that she and her mother were at the rink to watch her son and her mother left her Kindle behind. She was unsuccessful in attempting to contact the rink by phone and lives in Lexington. Aux. Sgt. Massa will have a unit respond to speak with rink personnel. APD reports retrieving the Kindle, which was turned into the snack bar. The caller was notified and will pick it up at the station tonight.

Caller on Shirley Street states that his wife is in pan and need medical assistance.

Party at Governors Park reports that her downstairs neighbor is banging on the ceiling and waking up her children. Officers report speaking with both parties and advising them of their rights. The peace has been restored for the present time.

Caller on Winthrop Street reports that her neighbors are having a party and it is getting very loud and disturbing the neighborhood. Officers report speaking to the apartment tenant who will close the windows.


Sunday, December 27

Female on Hermon Street is requesting EMS for a male party with chest pain. Call transferred to EMD and WFD for service.

Neighbors on Myrtle Avenue reports loud party in the back yard. Party was putting out his fire pit and going into his home. The party was given a verbal warning and advised he faces arrest if we have to return.

Party on Bartlett Road requests EMS for a family member who is not feeling well. Call transferred to EMD and WFD for service.

Caller reports following his friend’s motor vehicle, which he believes to be stolen. The vehicle just pulled into the Dunkin Donuts on Revere Street. Officer located the vehicle in the parking lot. The vehicle is stolen and confirmed with Chelsea PD. One juvenile in custody for unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, use of vehicle without authority and failing to identify self. G&J Towing was notified.

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