Police Blotter 11-19-2015

Monday, November 9

Party on Beacon Street reports that the area is a mess and she could not get out of her driveway. Cars were going right at her because of the construction and one-way streets. A check with DPW reveals that it was an oversight on their part and that they did not call one in. Detail safety officer was now hired to alleviate the issues and for public safety.

Daughter called from out of town to report that her mother on Golden Drive is on the floor. Fire notified and given information regarding a key.

Reports of a white lab that ran off on Centre Street. ACO notified. A resident called regarding the location of the dog.

Party on Irwin Street report a problem with her leg.

Caller on Cottage Park Road called to say that her father fell and needs help in getting up.

Party on North Avenue reports that his tree is getting cut down. Officer spoke to the caller and parties came to an understanding and all is settled for now.

Nearby resident on Pond Street called about a NY plate motor vehicle that has been parked on Pond Street for several days. Registration expired. W92 responded and checked motor vehicle which in fact is expired. It is an out of state rental. G&J towed.

W91 and W92 responded to Read Street to serve a juvenile a court warrant received over the fax. The juvenile was not there. A parent allowed officers in and reports not seeing the child for over a year. Boston Juvenile Court was notified and we were unable to serve the warrant.

Caller on Hermon Street requests an ambulance for her sister as she is not feeling well.

Young caller on Morton Street reports a white van with an unknown male in it parked in front of his house for some time. Officer checked and could not locate the vehicle.

Party on reports that two young males wearing hoodies smashing pumpkins. They were last seen on Temple headed toward Quincy Avenue. Officer report that no one is in the area. Only evidence of smashed pumpkins were in the area of Temple. Officers will keep an eye on the area.

Caller reports a 68-year-old female patient on Shore Drive is down and unresponsive. She is breathing. Call transferred to EMD and WFD for service.

Tuesday, November 10

Motorist stopped for violation at Bowdoin and Buchanan Street. Traffic citation issued.

Party on Marshall Street reports that his wife’s pocketbook is missing from their car which was parked in the driveway overnight.

Abandoned 911 call. Call back to home health aide on Winthrop Street. All is okay.

Woman called from Russell Street requesting help for her mother on Golden Drive.

Report that a male on Cross Street needs an assist.

Call from Alcohol & Drug Free Lodging Home that a 68-year-old woman is unconscious but breathing in lobby area. Same party from last evening. WFD requests assistance with combative female.

Party on Wilshire Street reports vandalism again to his car. W91 and 925 responded and reports fresh keyed scratch along the driver’s side of car.

We received a call from Quincy PD who reports receiving information on their department Facebook page from a Winthrop resident who is reporting being abused. Party is familiar to us in that he has contacted our department and we have responded recently, but the party did not want to pursue or report anything more. Quincy officer was concerned for the male who was contacting her department as the male said he was assaulted last night. Officer spoke to the subject and his wife and everything is fine. The subject was just aggravated and blowing off steam. He will contact Quincy PD to clear matters up.

Party at Fort Heath Apartments requests ambulance to go to MGH for chest pains.

Caller on Somerset Avenue reports a group of kids 12-14 years old, being loud and playing in the street, disturbing him. Officer reports that no one is in the area at this time.

Party at Executive Apartments reports the man upstairs yelling for help. Officers requests EMS for a man who fell. WFD notified. EMS personal assisted the man off of the floor and back into bed.

Wednesday, November 11

Caller on Lincoln Street states a barking dog causing a disturbance for last hour. Units respond and speak to the owner. The dog was brought into the house.

Party reports a hole on Faun Bar and Crystal Cove Avenue that is filling with water. Officers report a cone was placed over the hole, but DPW should check it out.

Caller on Temple Avenue reports someone in the last three days slashed to of his tires.

Car on Franklin Street was placed on the 72 hour list. The caller stated that it has been parked for at least a week before she called. Officers report it is still there. G&J will tow.

W91 reports a large tree branch down near cemetery on Cross Street. DPW notified.

Caller on Douglas Street reports that the father-in-law of the caller’s daughter had made threats to harm himself and the caller’s daughter. 91 is responding to investigate. Officers report that they have all the pertinent information and will inform all of the involved parties of the situation and their legal rights.

Party on North Avenue reports she was attacked by her neighbor. Officer reports an ongoing problem. One subject going to the MGH.

Caller on Trident Avenue requests medical. Transferred to EMD.

Party on Kay Street called to report a large tree branch blocking the street. DPW notified.

Caller on Shirley Street reports a motor vehicle just hit the no parking sign in his parking lot and then hit the cement steps. Vehicle left the scene.

Thursday, November 12

Caller on Kennedy Road reports a male in apartment just fell on the floor. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

Caller on Deane Avenue states he feels as thought he is having a heart attack. The line was disconnected. Fire notified and all units respond and performing an area search for the subject. Made contact with a friend of the subject that stated they dropped off the caller in the Orient Heights area heading towards the Madonna statue. Boston PD A7 was contacted and informed of the situation.

Caller at the Winthrop Arms states that he is locked out of his room. Units and fire respond and gain access to the room for the resident.

Wife called to report that her husband fell on Shirley Street. EMS notified.

Caller from Pleasant and Tileston Road reports that he is in his motor vehicle trying to take his father to the hospital. The father is complaining of chest pains. The son has pulled over and is now requesting emergency service. Fire and EMS notified.

Party from North Avenue came in to report being harassed by her landlord. Subject as told to fill out a victim witness form and bring it back so we could put the incident report together. She never came back. Later on the same day, officers had to respond to the subject’s home for an ongoing disturbance. While at the call, officer reminded her to bring in the form. She has not come in with the form or any other written form to describe what she is looking for. The incident will be kept open for a while to see if she comes in with the filled out form.

Report of an unresponsive male on Bellevue Avenue. EMS notified as well as WFD.

Property manager on Pleasant Park Road reports there is a constant smell of marijuana smoke coming from the first floor apartment. They also reported there are people constantly coming and going from the first floor apartment.

Caller requested that an officer check the well being of his brother on Sagamore Avenue. 91 made contact with the party in question, and the party will be calling his brother.

Two E911 calls of an accident at Woodside Hardware. Officer and fire report two vehicles involved, both active. No police tows, one vehicle may have a friend tow it.

Caller at Revere and Winthrop Street reports an elderly gentleman was acting strangely near the mailbox located on the corner. 92 was dispatched to the area to check on the well being of the gentleman.

Call from both landlord and tenant on North Avenue regarding an argument outside. Officers report they aimed everyone down and gave them all their rights. One subject is being charged with threats to commit a crime.

E911 transfer call from Boston. Teacher from the Cummings School reports a drunk walking up Pauline Street. Officers report fire department are taking him in as a medical aid.

Caller on Palmyra Street reports a male dressed all in black is looking at different cars in the area. Caller thinks he may be trying to break into them.

Walk-in to report his missing wife may be in Winthrop. Officer will check on Sunset Road. No one is at the apartment.

Caller on Golden Drive reports the fire alarms are going off in the building but stated he is making toast. Fire notified.

Party on Putnam Street reports that his vehicle’s window was smashed and items were stolen. Unit reports incident occurred earlier at the basketball courts. Unit bringing one minor home who had victim’s phone.

W97 Bonavita reports having four males in a motor vehicle at the George Street parking lot with possible 94c violations and will be investigating. Units report subjects will be issued citations for 94c violations and will be sent out of the area.

Party from Sunset Road contacted police about being missing. She stated that she moved away from the husband and is staying with family. She is ok and does not need any services.

Caller at Executive Apartments reports that he has fallen and hit his head. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

Nick’s driver was robbed and cut and is in the store. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond. Subject refuses medical transport. The victim was robbed on Nevada Street. Suspect described as 5’6”-5’8: early 20’s or late teens with a thin beard.

Friday, November 13

Caller on Taylor Street states activated alarm. Owner of residence calls and states it is a defective alarm. Units respond and report speaking with the owner.

Party on Wilshire Street states that his vehicle was keyed on both sides.

Caller on Pico Avenue request that the DPW check the Pico area for an unknown water issue.

Party on Governors Drive reports that an elderly gentleman has fallen in his apartment. Caller is requesting medical assistance for the fallen gentleman.

An individual came to the station to report that he had discovered the theft of his identity. He found out that his information was being used fraudulently to obtain money and merchandise.

92 has been dispatched to deliver notification to the area businesses at Metcalfe Square to be aware of individuals that could attempt to rob their delivery drivers.

Caller on Shirley Street reports that a wire is hanging extremely low across the street and could pose a hazard to passing motorist. WFD notified.

Walk-in to report to report that on Nov. 10, a contractor working for the town DPW on Pico Avenue was moving dirt from the sidewalk with a backhoe. While doing this, he broke a beam on her fence. She spoke with the operator and notified the DPW but would like this on record.

Caller on Revere Street reports some type of fire alarm sounding form the residence. Fire notified. Unit reports a false alarm and they are clearing the scene.

Party on Neptune Avenue reports hearing explosions, possibly fireworks. Units report the area is clear.

Caller reports a vehicle broken down and blocking the road at Veterans and Shirley Street. Officer reports vehicle is blocking the road and is a public safety issue. G&J notified owner who arrived on the scene. A private tow by G&J and the vehicle was towed.

Male party came in to seek information regarding what actions were taken to a town employee who had an encounter with his son. Father was told to contacted Human Resources or their representatives to inquire further. He may also seek to contact the Chief.

Caller on Trident Avenue reports his neighbor hit his motor vehicle. They will go through their insurance companies to settle the matter.

Party at Fort Heath Apartments reports that she has fallen by her car and cannot get up. Fire notified.

Caller stated that two cars just crashed at the Public Landing and then hung up. No call back. Officer reports a minor accident. They will exchange papers.

Party on Lincoln Street reports a large RV running in the driveway for hours. Officer spoke to the owner who will turn off the vehicle for the night.

Saturday, November 14

Caller on Shirley Street reports seeing an individual run into Twist N Shake that was closed. units report the business is locked up and no one inside.

Cab driver reports someone just took off before paying and he believes he knows what house he entered on Linden Street. Units report waking residents of home and subject was not there. They will BOLO.

Party on Morton Street called to report that her husband fell and is bleeding. EMS notified.

Female caller reports a car parked in the “No Parking” area between Shirley and Almont Street. Officer reports it was tagged and if it is still there in an hour, we will tow it. Officer went back and the car was gone.

Party on Shirley Street called to report that the people next door are doing roof work and the shingles are flying into her yard. Officer reports roofing company is finishing up and all clean all yards that shingles went into.

ADT Security called to report an activated alarm on Read Street. Officer reports building checked out and all is secure.

Party on Floyd Street called to state that someone just entered the rear of her home and she does not know who it is. All units responded and report the woman appears to be disoriented. Fire will check her out. Officers state they are going to Section 12 the lady. She is going to MGH.

Call from a Shirley Street home stating a lady just called his house thinking it was the police. He stated she wants an ambulance. Officer and fire report going to residence on Walden Street. Female going to MGH. Officer took a 9” hunting knife from the woman.

Report of a wire down on Pleasant Street. Fire notified.

Party reports seeing a person laying in the park at Belle Isle Marsh Does not know if the person is ok and would like us to check. Calling party met up with the officers and pointed out the area. No one was there and the person must have moved.

Call from Chester Avenue to report a truck broken down out front of his house blocking the street. Officer reports a repair crew arrived and the vehicle was on its way.

Caller on Shore Drive reports hearing some screaming coming from apartment. Units report no one present in the apartment and spoke to the caller. All is quiet.

Auxiliary Police called to report a Jeep with five youths in it that may be dealing drugs at the basketball court. Detective watched the area. No jeep in the area or other youths.

Caller report a loose dog that may be lost in the area of Adams and Williams Street. ACO notified.

Party on Sewall Avenue reports that someone at the door asking for Chris and threw rocks at the window. A possible suspect(s) was ac home colored BMW with four kids inside driving around the area with headlights off. Unit will BOLO.

Caller on Main Street reports a loud party keeping up her children. Units report one male party home and no party going on.

Call for medical on Veterans Road. Transferred to medical.

Caller on Cutler Street is requesting an ambulance to go to MGH. Subject not feeling well and suffering some depression. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

Party on Cutler Street reports that her daughter fell, hit her head and is now unresponsive. Fire and ambulance notified. Units report 30-year-old female being transported.

Caller at Fort Heath Apartments reports that her apartment is flooded. Fire notified and will respond.

Report of erratic driving on Main Street. Units report a tired driver heading home.

Sunday, November 15

Caller on Cottage Avenue reports that her husband is having possible stroke. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

Party at Governors Park is requesting an ambulance for his father who is now in a lot of pain. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

Subject came in to retrieve the bag of clothes that was left for her. The bag was given to her and she signed a receipt for the clothes.

Caller on Shore Drive is requesting a well being check on a resident. W92 reports speaking with the resident and he is fine and does not require any services.

Clerk at Cove Convenience called to report a female in the store threatening to harm herself. Fire notified along with W91. Officer reports the party has left the store and returned to her apartment nearby. Officer and ambulance located the woman.

Party at Fort Heath Apartments called to report that water is coming out of her sink and is flooding the place. Transferred to fire. Fire asked the caller to call back on their other number but caller could not. Fire will call her and take care of same.

LifeLine reporting party on Morton Street is requesting assistance. WFD advised and will respond.

Party on Sea Foam Avenue reports an ongoing situation with former acquaintance and would like to come in to speak to an officer. Report taken and ERO issued by once judge. RO was faxed to Lynn PD for service. Defendant was contacted over the phone and spoke with 942 and 908 and was served. He was advised to pick up a copy at Lynn PD.

Party called to report that he received a call from his sister and his girlfriend who were at Cumberland Farms and a male in a truck hit their car with his truck door. He then called them the C word and said “do you know who I am.” The caller was advised to have his sister call us and report this directly; not through  a third party. Motor vehicle was listed to a known local. Officer went to the address listed on the registration and was told that the party does not live there any more.

A firearm was brought to the station.

Call of a strong odor of gas coming from the area of Harvard and Revere Street. WFD notified.

Caller reports locking her grand child in the car at Market Place. Fire notified and will assist.

Party on Kennedy Road reports hearing someone fall. Officer request s WFD as he cannot enter the apartment. WFD notified. Officer reports speaking with the resident who was asleep and he is fine. No medical attention needed. WFD cancelled.

Two calls about a fight going over a parking spot on Cutler Street. Officer reports an argument, verbal only, over a minor motor vehicle crash. They assisted in exchanging insurance information and all parties clear.

Officer reports sighting two coyotes in the cemetery parking lot area at Belle Isle Cemetery. Both fled toward the marsh as the officer approached.

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