Summer Parks and REC Program a Success

More than 200 Winthrop youths participated in the Parks and Recreation Department’s summer parks program and there are a few people who have to be thanked for providing them with safe and fun activities each day.  We have to start by crediting the exceptional leadership of Parks and Rec. Director Sean Driscoll, who for the past 16 years has given our children a recreational program that is second to none in this region. As a parent and a coach, Sean understands the importance of young people being engaged in activities that promote physical fitness and unite our children of all backgrounds in a cohesive environment. Sean would be quick to credit his staff for their excellent work in the program and we agree that Sean has built a great staff that goes above and beyond to assist the children in our community. One could not imagine a more fun-filled summer for our children in which they visited Spectacle Island, George’s Island, the Wild Kingdom in York, Maine, while Sean also brought an animal farm and a water park to our town so our kids could have a blast. Sean and his staff now will turn their attention to the after-school program that also has been a resounding success. It certainly helps that Town Manager James McKenna and DPW Director Steve Calla have made it a priority to keep our parks in such great condition, especially Ingleside Park, where the Parks and Recreation program conducts its summer camp and activities. Thank you, Sean Driscoll, for all you do to help young people enjoy their summer, conduct themselves in the spirit of togetherness, and develop into responsible and respectful young adults.

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