Police Blotter 06-11-2015

Monday, June 1

Party on Sargent Street requests EMS for her mother who has fallen. Call transferred to EMD and WFD for service.

Caller at Governors Park reports property taken from apartment.

Report of a motor vehicle crash into a tree on the lower road, possibly Revere. Officer reports a motor vehicle into a light pole on the Revere side. Revere PD notified and will respond.

Caller on Golden Drive reports a dog barking endlessly, believes something may be wrong with the occupant. Officers entered the home with housing employee and report subject not at home. If dog continues barking, they will report it to WHA.

Officer went to Sunset Road to check for missing juvenile from Revere. Officer reports no one home, and the missing youth’s bike is not there.

BPD officer called to inquire about a vehicle that may be parked on Jefferson Street. They are at the Courtyard by Marriott in East Boston with a victim of domestic violence. They believe the domestic may have started in our jurisdiction. W91 Off. DeCarlo sent to assist. One under arrest for domestic assault or domestic assault and battery “intimate relationship”.

Tuesday, June 2

Party reports a tree service is working in the area of Main and Walden Street. Officers spoke with the operator who will pull onto private property to complete the job. Officer will go by later to make sure they have moved.

Caller reports a male was crouched down by a motor vehicle that had the alarm sounding at Grovers and Crest Avenue. Caller claims the party went into the vehicle. Officers report finding the above vehicle in the area, no damage observed and the vehicle is active.

Party stopped an officer at D&T Market requesting they go assist a male in an electric wheelchair that appears to have stopped working. Officers report with the help of WFD and EMS they were able to return the party to his home on Shore Drive.

Caller on Shirley Street reports motor vehicle is running unattended across from her home. It has been there for a while now unattended. Officer located the owner and his girlfriend in the back seat and had them leave the area.

Owner of Nick’s Place called for an ex-employee acting up at the store. Officer requests medical and the subject went to the hospital. His vehicle was towed due to safety reason.

Caller at Executive Apartments would like a well being check on her daughter. The daughter sent her a video message about her hurting herself. WFD notified. Officer reports person answered the door. She will go to BMC.

Party on Brookfield Road reports finding a syringe near the park. He will point it out to the officer.

Caller of a person who fell at East Boston Savings Bank. Medical notified.

Caller reports that he received a recorded message phone call that stated that he was in trouble with the IRS and should call 509-052-8965. Caller was assured that the IRS ONLY communicates through the U.S. mail and that this is a scam.

Party on Locust Street states that she needs an ambulance to transport her father to MGH for an ongoing medical condition.

Det. Impemba request a unit assist him at Sunset Road in a search for a missing Revere teen. Of. McCarthy obliged. Units also checked a property at Russell Street. Area search negative.

Party came into the station to report that his identity was compromised. He was first alerted on May 21 from Lifelock. He has since been alerted three additional times for attempts at opening credit card accounts. He will take the victim/witness statements home and call when they are ready.

Caller on Winthrop Street states there is a girl who appears intoxicated and is walking in the direction of Magees Corner. Units report performing an area wide search. No sign of the girl and traffic is flowing normally.

Nurse’s assistance called to request an ambulance transport for one of the residents on Lincoln Street.

Reports of suspicious subjects hanging out in the parking lot of Energy To Go.

Wednesday, June 3

 Party on Hutchinson Street called to report that her upstairs tenants are creating a lot of noise in the apartment due to children running around on the hardwood floors. She does not want to see an officer but would like it noted.

911 call from Revere Street to report that a male just passed out in the 7-11. Units report one male heading to Whidden Hospital.

Report of a loud group at the top of Bayview Avenue. Party would like them removed. Units report a group of 50 scattered upon their arrival.

Party called on the 911 line reporting he is with a female on Yirrell Beach and she is sick. Units report contacting the parent and he is on his way to pick her up.

Manager of Cumberland Farms called to report a suspicious vehicle with a male in it in their parking lot. W92 reports the male fell asleep while waiting to travel to work.

Caller from Governors Park called complaining of noise from people from another apartment. 92 Pena reports this is an ongoing problem between both neighbors. Both parties were spoken to and an attempt was made to resolve the issue.

Party on Court Road stated that she believes youths are in the area of her property and possibly smoking. She said she discovered “zig zag” papers. She does not wish to see an officer now but requested that they make frequent patrols in the evening. A call will be entered for this evening and up until June 7.

Reports of a past attempted breaking and entering on Kennedy Road. Report to be submitted.

944 called in for a medical aid across from CVS. WFD notified. Elderly male fell off the bus but refused medical aid.

Caller on Pleasant Park Road reports a group of youths on foot and on bikes just attempted to steal sports equipment out of his yard. Officers dispatched to the area. Three males and one female. Officers were unable to locate the suspects. No items were taken.

Officer attempted to serve a summons to Hawthorn Avenue. Summons was issued in hand. Return of Service completed.

Employee from Dr. Pransky’s office reports a patient is having chest pains. Fire and EMS notified.

E911 caller reports a shoplifter at the Winthrop Market Place. 92 reports that the owner will be trespassing the shoplifter from the property.

Caller reports a motor vehicle is parked at the vacuum station at the Winthrop Car Wash and two males are smoking marijuana. W91 reports that the vehicle has left prior to his arrival.

E911 caller from Maryland Avenue reports that his friend has overdosed and he is not breathing. WFD notified. Units respond and report one party transported to BMC.

Caller from Governors Park reports that her downstairs neighbor is banging on the ceiling and slamming doors. She requests that it is documented.

Party on Cottage Park Road reports a group of youths on bikes smoking marijuana near the beach wall at the end of the street. Caller spoke to the youths and they left the area.

Caller reports a suspicious man out from of Veterans Road asking a woman if she wants to make some money. Caller gave no call back information. W91 reports the area search is negative.

Lt. Jesseaume of Marlboro Police request a notification is made to a party on Winthrop Street. No sign that the party resides at the residence.

Caller on Shore Drive reports a piece of heavy equipment on the beach has its lights flashing. DCR was called with no answer. State Police notified.

Thursday, June 4

Caller on Overlook Drive reports he hears a buzzing sound coming from another apartment. He is concerned that it is an alarm as there have been a number of medical aids at that apartment in the past. 93 DeCarlo reports that he spoke to the resident and it was a false alarm. No service is necessary.

92 request medical for a party that is on the bridge on Main Street, while units are there on the scene responding to another call. Fire notified and party being transported to BMC.

Party on Sagamore Avenue called to report that a male known to her rang her doorbell and walked away. Units respond and report locating that male party on Crest Avenue. Party was spoken to and advised of his rights.

Cumberland Farms reports an unwanted guest. W92 reports party was ordered to leave the area and he complied.

Caller reports that she can hear a dog barking in a parked car on Crest Avenue. The car is in a handicapped parking spot. Caller does not have the license plate. ACO reports no vehicle in the area.

977 requested assistance from 99 for a student issue at Larsen Rink. The party left the area and no further problems.

Report of a motor vehicle broken into overnight on Neptune Avenue.

EBDC requested subject taken into custody for warrants on Shore Drive. Due to the dangerousness of the individual, all available units dispatched. Units report subject no home and neighbor stated that a friend comes by to take care of the dog.

Walk-in to report of vandalism to her motor vehicle on Johnson Avenue.

Report of older motor vehicle with two females speeding in the Court Road section of town. All units notified.

Caller reports a teenager hanging over the rail on the Belle Isle Bridge. Units report a party fishing and not trying to harm himself.

Report of a dead possum at the intersection of Sagamore and Hutchinson Street o the sidewalk. ACO notified and will handle first thing in the morning.

Party on Winthrop Street called to report that a man came to her door selling Direct TV contracts. He left when he was told they were busy. When Direct TV was called, they advised her that they did not have any salespeople in the area.

W92 Sorrentino reports juvenile summons service on Hawthorn Avenue was successful. Summons served in hand to the father.

Det. Armistead reports she has a student that had to be removed from the auditorium. W92 will transport the juvenile his home on Morton Street.

Party on Winthrop Street called to report dogs barking all day long on the outside porch. W92 Sorrentino reports four dogs in total in the home. They were not out, but bark inside the home. The dogs’ owner was made aware of the complaint.

Party on Golden Drive called to report a male sleeping on the floor. Units report removing subject from the area.

Report of skateboarding going in and out of traffic in the crosswalk at the basketball court. Units report kids leaving the area when they arrived.

Friday, June 5

W91 reports a large tree branch in on Pleasant Street. DPW will handle.

E911 transfer from State reports a male intoxicated and is not feeling well on Cliff Avenue. Units report a 37-year-old male unconscious when they arrived. Mel is now stable and going to the MGH.

Caller on Prospect Avenue reports some type of alarm sounding from a neighbor’s house. Unknown address, only able to give description of a yellow house. W92 reports locating the residence matching the description given by the caller and does not hear any alarm sounding at this time. All secure.

Party on Revere Street reports a motor vehicle just backed into him and is driving off. Caller kept on the line and gave us a move by move on both vehicles. Detail Off. Bonavita reports he has the vehicle stopped at Revere and Upland. Other units are on the scene. Report of an apparently empty kayak drifting off of the beach at Hannaford Park. WFD contacted the harbormaster.

Party on Peasant Street called to state he needs the Water Department to flush his pies. DPW notified.

An ex-employee showed p at Nick’s Place and caused a disturbance with two others. The owner of the store will seek relief with a trespass order.

911 call from Willow Avenue to repot boyfriend is not breathing due to an overdose. Units advised and responded. Male transported to Whidden.

Party on Hutchinson Street called to report that she just had the rugs shampooed in the common hallway leading up to the second floor. She left a large note stating to stay off the rugs and use the back door. She also barricaded the hall so people could not use the stairs. The upstairs tenant moved the barricades and used the stairs while the rugs were still wet. She would like this noted.

Reports of loud noises from Walden Street, possibly fireworks. Units report the area is clear, nobody in sight.

Saturday, June 6

E911 call about an unwanted guest on Hermon Street. Party left the premises and was advised of a trespass order and not to return.

Party on Grovers Avenue came in to report a larceny from her front hallway.

Caller on Bowdoin Street reports there is water coming up from the ground. DPW will handle.

Report of a sewer backup on Palmyra Street.

Caller reports a suspicious male dressed in all black with black facemask running through yards and hiding in the bushes at Pleasant and Cottage Park Road. Unknown race, medium build. Units BOLO.

Off. Feeley reports one male placed in custody for consumption of alcohol and public intoxication.

Caller on Somerset Avenue requests an ambulance for her sister who is having a seizure.

Party on Nahant Avenue reports that her mother is experiencing chest pains. EMS will handle.

E911 call and a 1212 call to report there is a drunk trying to get into a car in the back lot of East Boston Savings Bank. Officers report male is not under the weather; tired from working a double. He was sent on his way.

Caller on Wave Way Avenue called to state that the neighbor he shares a common driveway with said to him he would damage his car if he uses the driveway again. He just wants this on record.

Report of a female falling at The Arbors and needs help. EMS notified.

W94 Racow was flagged down by people from St. John’s Church. They stated a male from Ocean View Way tried to block the public way by sitting on a milk crate to prevent the churchgoers from parking. The officer spoke to the male and told him to stop telling people they can’t park on a public way.

Party on Crescent Street reports that due to an ongoing situation with the Little League field across from her home, there has been numerous amounts of property damage to her home. She reports she found 6 baseballs on her property on June 5. In her planter box and in her garden damaging newly planted flowers. She also reports several indentations to her shingles at her home. She also brought in the 6 balls that were hit into her property. She would like this noted as this has been going on for years and still has not been addressed.

Caller reports that just after his wife came to the station to speak to the police about the older kids using the Little League field and turned in 6 baseballs that hit their property, the adults are now playing and they sad they have permission to be there. W91 dispatched to the area to see the caller and to talk to the individuals in the field. Caller as very upset at not getting the matter resolved and a call was left for the Athletic Director to call police for information. W91 spoke to the caller and cleared three youths who did not belong there.

Several calls of a male having a medical issue at St. John’s Hall on Bowdoin Street. WFD notified as well as EMS.

Caller on Sagamore Avenue states that a rock just came through her window. Multiple units respond and check the area. 91 reports area search negative.

Party on Woodside Avenue states he was threatened and chased to a nearby residence of a friend. 91 responds and reports speaking to the victim.

Caller on Pleasant Park Road states there is a suspicious motor vehicle in the area for the last couple of nights. 98 initiates a motor vehicle stop.

Party on Lincoln Street states elderly male complaining of pain and needs medical. Fire notified.

Caller on Charles Street reports that a neighbor is currently using a drill, which is disturbing her peace. 93 spoke to the subject who states he will stop the work for the evening.

Party on Plummer Avenue states a neighbor is playing extremely loud music. 92 and 93 respond and report they spoke to the subject and the music will stop for the evening.

Sunday, June 7

Report of a possible fight on Main Street. 94 reports a fight in the street upon their arrival. Request medical. Fire notified and on the scene. 94 reports one in custody for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Caller on Myrtle Street states a neighbor is playing loud music again. Units report one in custody for disturbing the peace and being noisy and disorderly.

Party on Grovers Avenue states breaking and entering to his vehicle overnight but nothing missing at this time. The car was left unlocked.

Caller on Cottage Park Road reports he has a dog he is taking care of that may be barking excessively. He states the owner is in the hospital for a week. He states if we get calls to contact him to take care of it.

Party on Washington Avenue reports a party in an apartment is now home but still has not shut off the radio. Unit reports speaking to the party who put the radio down. The caller called back to state that the music is still on. Unit reports speaking to the caller and waiting to see if the music gets turned back on. The music was not turned back on.

Prisoner complaining of hives. Action transporting to MGH.

Caller on Golden Drive reports shoulder and back pain. Fire and ambulance notified.

Party on Cliff Avenue reports that his wife cut her finger, slicing vegetables. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

Caller on Shirley Street reports that her ex-husband is banging on the door asking to come inside the home. Officers report the subject had left prior to their arrival. She was advised of her right to obtain an ERO.

Officer spoke with a group being rowdy and loud on Revere Street. Subjects will leave the area.

Party on Washington Avenue came in to report that her downstairs neighbor has music turned up. They are going to court in the morning about this matter. Unit reports no music turned on upon their arrival. The party was advised of the complaint.

Party on Yirrell Beach reports being high on mushrooms and needs medical attention. Fire and ambulance notified. Units report one female to MGH.

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