Governor Charlie Baker at Dembowski Farewell

We had the opportunity to see how very popular Governor Charlie Baker is at the farewell party for outgoing Swampscott football coach Steve Dembowski that was held last week at the Danversport Yacht Club. The Governor and the First Lady of Massachusetts, Lauren Baker, have two sons who played for coach Dembowski so Baker was there not only as the state‚Äôs chief executive, but as a parent expressing his appreciation to Dembowski — which he did with a great speech quoting his sons, who were not present at the event.

But from the moment the Governor arrived, he was treated so warmly and reverentially by the many guests in attendance. Baker received a standing ovation as he took the podium and the Governor sat among his constituents and friends (there was no Head Table) for the entire speaking program. The Governor has the highest favorability ratings among all governors in the United States and it’s clear that the people of Swampscott feel he is doing a superb job in his few months in office.

We do admire the cooperation and unity that Governor Baker and Speaker DeLeo have demonstrated as the two most powerful members of their respective parties at the State House.

Baker scored a touchdown with his majestic presence at the Steve Dembowski celebration and the coach appreciated the Governor’s presence at what was an emotional farewell to his Big Blue coaching career. Dembowski will be continuing his head coaching career at Milton High School this fall.

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