Police Blotter 11-20-2014

Monday, Nov. 17

Report of the Hallmark Alarm going off. Officer reports it was set off by mistake.

Caller reports van parked on the sidewalk.

Officer will try to serve a Warrant of Apprehension, they report subject was taken with out incident and will be taken to the Courthouse by W-93.

Caller reports a Sysco delivery truck parked on the wrong side of the road causing a hazardous condition. Truck has been moved.

Report of vehicle parked left wheels to curb.

Person came to the station to report a larceny of a watch while at a party here in Winthrop.

Female caller reports a box with some black stuff in it is blocking Walden St. Officer reports a small cardboard box blowing in the wind.

Party requests an ambulance and wants to be transported.

Caller reports upstairs neighbors are jumping up and down waking up her 9 month old baby. Unit reports.

Caller reports someone just hit his car. Units report accident.

Tuesday, November 18

Officer will deliver a Registry of Motor Vehicle immediate threat letter announcing her license being revoked. Officer reports she is not there.

Male caller reports a green vehicle has been parked in the same place for 10 days. Officer reports plate is MA and is listed. G&J will tow.

Male called to report his wife needs an ambulance.

Female came to the station to report a vehicle with a girl in the front seat looks out of it and two of the doors are open. Officer reports she is just waiting for someone, all looks okay.

Body shop called to report vandalism to a few vehicles they are working on.

Male called to report he can smell gas. Fire notified.

School Resource Officer reports a student was assaulted and an Officer is needed. Officer reports he has information and will make out report.

Male reports a black male was at his door asking for personal information before 8 p.m. regarding his electric bill. Unable to locate this male.

Caller reports that his neighbor has been escalating things with him and his family. He has had a past incident where he threatened his children and his husband. Party has been advised of his rights regarding a criminal harassment order. He wants this recorded.

Lt. Perrin called to report a disturbance between two females. Units report separating the two women and both state they were involved in a verbal argument.

Caller reports a black male wearing all black knocked on her door and stated she needed to pay her bill. Units report speaking to Veridian company manager who does not have proper permits and will leave the area. They were asking customers if they wanted to switch electric carriers.

Female reports neighbor is disturbing her with noise.

Car pulled over for speeding.

Alarm at yacht club-report all is secure.

Wednesday,November 19

Woman reports a tow truck has damaged her lawn.

Male needs an ambulance.

Caller reports someone is knocking on his front and back door. Units report a party looking for his mother who was staying over the house.

Reports of ice on Shirley St. area.

Reports of observing a Royal Taxi operating erratic in Revere. Vehicle entered Winthrop and was concerned about the driving habits of the operator.

Caller reports a possible pipe break at Locust St. location and believes owners are not home. Water spicket broke off side of the house water pouring out into street. DPW notified.

Caller reports having recent surgery and is having some chest pains. Referred to ambulance.

Female called to report someone took $500 from a coffee can.


Thursday, November 20

Delivery driver reports his truck may have struck some very low hanging wires. WFD notified.

Call came in to report his granddaughter and two friends were followed down the street by a silver car. An older male asked to use their cell phones, when that happened a female family friend arrived and the car abruptly drove away.

Director of WHA reports employees were threatened with bodily harm while installing new cabinets.

Walk in reports being threatened by a former neighbor.


Friday, November 21

Party reports her backpack missing from Lewis Lake area. Contents include wallet, hat, metro pcs call pone, thermos, gloves and keys.

Party reports being threatened by her daughter to do damage to her car. She wanted this logged in case anything happened.

Party reports three bracelets stolen by a white female with a white hat accompanied by a black male at Michael’s Mall.

Party reports receiving numerous calls from a company J .P. Hoffman claiming she has to pay a debt today or they will get a warrant and arrest her. Call back was a J.P. Hoffman Co.

Party reports someone claiming to be with the IRS is calling and trying to scam money from them.

Saturday, November 22

Party requesting EMS for her grandmother.

Party requests to see an officer regarding a domestic issue.

Call to report vehicles parked in the fire lane.

Party reports a gray/green Toyota Camry operating on the wrong side of Pleasant St. and is now parked on Main St. acting erratically. Units located the vehicle on Main St. Party was evaluated by EMS and left the area with her husband.

Party reports being stuck in the elevator. Party then stated the elevator is now moving and he is all set.

Party report finding a “pressure cooker” sitting next to the dumpster. He is worried as it is similar to the ones used in the Boston Marathon bombing, although he states it Is not sealed, has plastic bottle in it, and he threw it in the dumpster. Winthrop Fire will respond.

Officer reports just an empty water bottle.

Caller reports that the visiting nurses assigned to an individual stated that they have not seen him since Wednesday.


Sunday, November 23

Call of two males running through yards on Read St.; left area in car. Units off on Pauline St. All male parties checked out. Subjects said they were running from Revere kids who pulled up to a party on Russell ST. in two cars, one being a black 2 door BMW, with bandanas and collapsible baton. Units on look out.

Party reports her unlocked motor vehicle was entered and a wallet containing $15.00 and a paper copy of her license were stolen.

Caller reports his vehicles were entered overnight. W93 will speak to caller. He reports numerous vehicles in the area of Sewall Ave., but nothing appears to be missing.

Caller reports someone threw paint on his car overnight.

Caller reports discovering a needle on the ground in the walkway near Hermon St.

Detail officer request EMS for an injury that took place on the field. WFD and EMS notified. Patient refused transport, parent will take her to hospital.

Officer found a wallet along the side of the field. She will bring in to station.

Party reports locating syringes on the front lawn area of a home he was walking by on Shirley St. Officer responded and secured the items in the Sharps container.

Caller reports a past assault and battery against her by the lady next door. Officer reports both parties advised to stay away from each other and they will comply.

Owner of the property called reporting an electrical search problem there. Fire responded and found no problem.


Monday, November 24

Woman heard a disturbance and thought someone was breaking in but it was a raccoon on her porch.

Woman reports two male in front of her house throwing cones and running up and down screaming.

Daughter reports her mother fell out of bed. Fire notified.

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