Police Blotter 05-01-2014

Monday, April 21

Caller on Shore Drive reports a male walking in the area looking into parked motor vehicles. Units report no one in the area.

Party on Veterans Road reports that his motor vehicle was hit. Officers report the apparently hit vehicle was parked near Daw Playground. G&J Notified to tow. Another vehicle was observed to have been hit also. Operator of hitting vehicle came to the station with her mother to report the accident to Off. DeCarlo.

Party on Bowdoin Street reports that his invited guest stole his scripts.

Caller reports a male walking on the beach near Strand Way with what appears to be an assault rifle. Units located the juvenile and brought him to his residence. Weapon is a toy. Juvenile and parents advised. The parents turned the toy over to the officers.

Party reports that her landlord has been harassing her. Victim/Witness form provided. The party was advised of her rights.

Caller on Golden Drive requesting an ambulance transport for her husband. Transferred to Action EMD.

Citation was issued for failure to stop a stop sign on Shirley and Cutler.

Call from Thompson’s Towne Liquor Mart of a past shoplifting. Would like to show officer the video. Officer reports clear video. The owner will make a copy and bring it to the station.

Caller reports a possible drunk male walking on Short Beach wall. He fell down a couple of times and she is afraid he will fall over the side. He is walking towards Revere. State Police notified.

Party reports a vehicle is following him. He stated they have court dates and was just following his car on Walden Street. Caller states he left town to pick up his wife. He just wants this on record for court.

Caller on Shirley Street reports discovering a juvenile rummaging through his motor vehicle and has detained him. Two juveniles transported to the station to contact a parent.

Party on Winthrop Street reports a person upstairs is urinating off the top porch and on the street and front porch. Officer reports speaking to the caller and knocked on the door upstairs. There is no answer and no one can identify the male. Caller will be advised.

911 call from Willow Avenue reports she is in pain and needs medical. Medical notified.

Party reports finding his motor vehicle which was stolen out of Revere, parked on Revere and Upland Road. Vehicle was confirmed. No damage. Sent to Revere PD. They will cancel Stolen Vehicle in NCIC. Owner took possession.

Party on Court Road reports a sinkhole in the street. Officer confirmed. DPW responding.

Caller at Crystal Cove Inn reports losing his wallet on the Winthrop bus Paul Revere called and could not locate it in any of their buses. Wallet contained his license, 2 credit cards, 1 debit card and approximately $350 in cash.

Party on Brewster Avenue reports that her dog was threatened by a neighbor due to where he defecates. Officer reports speaking to both parties and restoring order.

Caller on Coral Avenue reports three men climbing through a first floor window into the house. Officer spoke to subjects who lived there. Units cleared.

Tuesday, April 22

Man on Governors Drive called to report a disturbance in an apartment next to his. Units report two brothers horsing around. All quiet for now.

Female called to say that her husband is making threats to harm her. Officers report she is very scared and wants us to take her to the Court for a 209A.

Call from Governors Drive requesting ambulance for abdominal pains.

Caller on Shirley Street requests an ambulance for her mother who is short of breath.

Officer will try to serve subject on Shirley Street a 209A issued by the Malden Court. He reports no one home.

Female called from Arlington to report that her nephew has been making threats against her personally, and also to do damage to the currently vacant family residence on Court Road. When queried, she was advised that the prior 209A against him has expired. She was advised to seek a new restraining order through her local district court and to come to the station to submit a victim/witness statement for the alleged threats.

Officer will try to serve a 209A to subject on Taylor Street. He reports serving it in hand.

Mother on Terrace Avenue reports that her 25-year-old daughter is being difficult, shortly after sister of daughter called from NH and reported that sister is scared of mom. 91 Ramadini will try to mediate. No violence reported, Peace restored.

Wednesday, April 23

Caller on Governors Drive requesting ambulance for sickly brother to Boston Medical.

Party at Ft. Heath Apartments requesting ambulance for breathing issue.

Caller on Main Street reports loud arguing/possibly domestic. Units report verbal between brother and sister. Peace restored for the time being.

W92 off with vehicle on Marshall Street. Driver’s license status came back suspended. Driver cited and licensed operator allowed to take custody of the vehicle.

Party on Governors Drive requests ambulance for mother who can’t breath.

Visiting Nurse would like and ambulance on Crest Avenue. Fire notified.

Caller on Harbor View Avenue reports unknown male entered apartment and when confronted, claimed to have been hired by the landlord. Caller states landlord denied hiring any such individual. BOLO issued for white male, late 40s, early 50s, dark hair. Officers searched the area to no avail.

Officer will try to serve a harassment order issued by the Somerville Court to subject on Shore Drive. He reports she is not home, a neighbor confirmed that she lives there.

Officer will try to serve a 209A issued by the Malden Court to subject on Shirley Street. He reports the subject does not live there; father will make contact and tell them to come to the station for their copy.

Caller on Revere Street reports male may have fainted. WFD notified.

Caller on Brookfield Road called to report that he thinks that the kids at the Gazebo are going to fight due to their loud voices. W91 Curran reports 4 youths in the area and all is well.

Thursday, April 24

Caller on Plummer Avenue reports a youth struck a landscaping truck. W93 reports a 17-year-old male conscious and alert. Mother contacted and will meet son at hospital.

Lt. Scarpa reports a work crew at the Dalrymple School obstructing the roadway. W92 reports speaking with site manager who will cease further obstruction.

E911 call from Main and Amelia Avenue reports she is depressed and considering harming herself. Voluntary transport to the Whidden for an evaluation.

Caller on Cottage Avenue reports that her next door neighbor is feeling under the weather. Transported to MGH.

Report of a low hanging wire on Terrace Avenue. W91 reports likely cable/phone. Problem remedied by the WFD.

Subject stopped for speeding and issued a citation on Shore Drive.

Husband and wife came to the station to report that a male threatened them. She just wants this on record and wants nothing done by the police.

Female reports that her wallet was taken while getting her hair done at Rumors. 91 Curran investigated and will submit a full report.

Mother on Governors Drive reports ongoing problem with 17-year-old daughter. 93 Ramadini reports he will compile a report. Mother advised of 209A and will seek one on Friday. 17 year old will stay the night with grandmother in East Boston. She will be given a ride to East Boston by officers.

Caller on Brookfield Road reports a group of kids swearing out front. Caller told them not to us vulgar language and kids stood in front of his car. Unit reports kids left prior to their arrival.

Male on Read Street reports a limping dog out front. Unable to raise ACO.

Caller on Summit Avenue reports he is unable to reach his friend and is concerned. Motor vehicle is in the driveway and lights are one, but no one is answering the door. Fire notified to gain entrance. Unit reports male came to the door and will call his concerned friend.

Friday, April 25

Party on Golden Drive reported to officer a loud stereo sounding in the apartment above hers. Officer reports speaking to a resident in the apartment who turned down the music.

Motor vehicle appears to be traveling on a one way off of Shirley Street. Officer spoke to the driver.

Neighbor on Irwin Street called reporting that a husband and wife are arguing. Officer report it was a verbal argument and no noise reported by either party. They will keep the noise down.

Detectives will be off doing an investigation on Charles Street.

Female party came to the station to report harassment or assault.

Party on Winthrop Street reports some unwanted guests at the house whom he allowed to stay with him for a few days. They are acting uncooperative.

Medical alarm on Putnam Street. Party fell and could not get up. He was assisted and needed no transport.

EBNHC reports a patient is having chest pains.

Party came to the station to report that she received some threatening letters.

Service of a harassment order to subject on Pauline Street. W93 reports no one home at this time.

Mother on Bartlett Parkway requesting ambulance for her son with severe leg cramps.

Caller on Fremont Street reports that her mother needs an ambulance to take her to the hospital. Fire and ambulance notified.

Party on Walden Street reports a woman needs an ambulance, as she is feeling sick. Fire and ambulance notified.

W92 Ramadini reports serving 209A in hand to party on Pauline Street and advised her of her rights.

Unit reports serving party a 209A in hand on Shore Drive. Party was advised of their rights.

Manager at Thompson’s Liquor reports a female that shoplifted last week is back in their store. W91 reports female ID and trespass warning given for two liquor stores.

Female reports while driving down Read Street, a group would not let her by and yelled at operator. Units report moving school age girls from middle of the street.

Sgt. Cabral from Saugus PD faxed over a 209A for a subject on Sagamore Avenue. Unit reports home has been unoccupied for 6 months. Saugus PD notified.

Saturday, April 26

Woman on Kennedy Road reports a group pushing and shoving near the school. W91 and W92 responded and checked the area. When caller was notified, she reports that they ran off.

Caller on Walden Street reports a group of kids about to fight. Officers report group ran off on their arrival and they will search the area.

Above called back stating that once the cruisers left the area, the youths came back and are by the street hockey park. He stated that they are yelling and want to fight. He could not describe them except to say it’s the same group. Officers report speaking with the group and all is okay and no fight.

Party on Court Road reports smoke inside his enclosed porch. Call transferred to WFD for investigation.

Caller at Viking Gardens requests EMS for her friend who is not feeling well. Call transferred to EMD for service. WFD and EMS will respond.

Medical request on Park Avenue for 92-year-old female who just fell. EMD notified.

Party reports a female is having difficulty breathing at Winthrop Yacht Club. WFD and EMS notified and will respond.

Caller reports someone smashed out a window in a business a few hours ago and it is still open. He did state that he knows who did the damage. Officer responded to the area and reports a window is broken out and it appears to be Elliot Whittier Insurance Agency. Owner was notified and he will respond to secure the window. Officer did obtain a suspect’s name who was observed by the caller.

Several calls of a motor vehicle crash near Shore Drive and Veterans Road. Female called stating she was driving and is injured. WFD and EMS notified and responded to crash. Officer reports vehicle struck several parked cars along Shire Drive. State Police Revere notified and responded to handle the report.

Multiple calls of a person having fallen at Winthrop Yacht Club. Fire already dispatched after having received a call.

Sunday, April 27

Report of very loud music coming from apartment at Executive Apartments. Music was turned down for the night.

Fire called requesting an officer on Chester Avenue. W93 responded and reports a verbal argument only. No OD as thought.

Party on Sewall Avenue came into the station requesting we contact National Grid Gas for an ongoing problem she has with the gas service line into the home. Emergency service was spoken to and they will have someone respond to the address ASAP.

Representative from Winthrop Youth Hockey called to report that a group was using Cellucci Field without a permit. W92 will assist.

911 call from Fairview Street to report that neighbor fell and is bleeding. Fire and medical notified.

Fire requests officers to Bowdoin Street saying they were called for water being turned off and it’s actually a domestic. Officers report a verbal and all advised of their rights.

Caller on Main Street stated that her father has fallen. Medical notified.

Manager at CVS called to report they have a video of a shoplifter. 91 responded and saw the tape. CVS was told to make a copy and bring it to the station in the morning.

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