Police Blotter 04-17-2014

Monday, April 7

Party on Woodside Avenue reports that a new vent unit was stolen from their roof.

Caller on Marshall Street reports that every night at approximately 11-11:30 p.m., “cars are racing”. Can officers monitor the traffic when possible?

W93 will try to serve a party on Revere Street with a summons issued by the Plymouth District Court. He reports the party does not live there.

Caller on Lincoln Street reports seeing hypodermic needles in the small St. John’s church parking lot on Lincoln Street. Officers report unable to locate the needles.

Party reports she is unable to locate her 18-year-old daughter and she is not answering her phone. All units BOLO’d with description. Daughter was located at lacrosse practice; her phone had run out of batteries.

Female party came in to report a violation of a 209A.

Female on Sagamore Avenue called to report there are drugs in the house and a male subject has warrants and has made threats. Officers Feeley and Carter report she is not there and never was. No warrants on male subject and he allowed the officers to search the house. There are no kids and no drugs. Officers report the only people in the house are two 27 year olds and one 22-year-old male. There is no one else in the house and they searched the house everywhere with full cooperation.

Father came to the station to report a problem with the Metro Driving School instructor over a cancellation of a class. He reports that the instructor has been speaking about the issue with other students and he actually witnessed this over the telephone via an open line that the instructor thought was hung up.

Woman on Pauline Street called of a possible OD there. Fire and EMS notified. W92 responded as well. No information was provided to the officer.

Woman reports a vehicle speeds down Corinha Beach Road every day with the stereo speakers blasting. It shakes her house and she is sick. Officer reports speaking with an operator of a truck in the area who reports that he just got there.

Call of a man in a red car that is driving erratically and is hitting things and almost hit his wife. This happened on Floyd Street. Officers spoke to all parties and will put in for an immediate threat. Male transported.

A Samsung galaxy phone was found at Hannaford Park. Owner called the phone and was told that it was at the station. He picked it up and signed a receipt.

Female called to report that she was just threatened by her stepfather.

Female reports being threatened today by her ex whom she was living with in Winthrop. She was advised to contact Everett PD to make a report.

An abandoned 911 call. Call back busy. W91 sent and mother reporting her son has lost it and going berserk. W92 enroute. Fire and EMS notified. Units did a herculean job along with fire. Party off for an evaluation.

Female on Beal Street called to report that she has been experiencing a disturbance overhead for days. Today her grandchild came home from having surgery and the noise is bad. Caller was also rambling on about a broken vase. W92 responded and reports speaking with the parties.

Woman called to report that a male and female are arguing and yelling near the Elks. They are on foot. Units checked the area and it was clear. W92 reports a flat tire. W94 located the male at Thomson’s Liquors. Party reports a verbal argument only. Female took off up Washington Avenue. Officers spoke with the male.

Alcohol & Drug Free Lodging Home reports a resident there has threatened him and is causing a disturbance. W93 and W92 responded. Male had left before their arrival. Officers checked the area to no avail. Manager will call if the party comes back.

Tuesday, April 8

Woman on Adams Street came home and found an opened door. 92 Curran and 93 A. Hickey walked through. Nothing disturbed. All appears okay.

Manager of CVS called to report a suspicious male giving employees and other customers a hard time. W93 reports speaking to the party and trespassing him from the property at the direction of the manager.

Caller on Cottage Park Road reports low hanging wires. W92 reports one cable wire unattached, tied off by officer and no longer presenting a public safety issue.

Party on Woodside Avenue requests fire for medical issue with his wife.

Party reports receiving numerous, unsolicited and odd mailings and newspaper clippings over the past year relating to animal rights and coin collecting. Party also reports finding a “post it” note on his vehicle parked on the street stating “expired inspection” sticker. He was advised none of these incidents, on their face, constitute a crime. Moreover, as there is no indication that any single identified individual is responsible for these actions, there currently lacks a basis for pursuing a charge for harassment. Party would like these incidents logged for the time being should they continue and/or a perpetrator is identified.

Party on Main Street reports his wallet was lost or stolen this past Saturday. The wallet contained $20, MA license, Citizen debit card, Amex card, and student ID. He has contacted the proper financial institutions.

Female on Sunset Road reports that her computer is being hacked and she thinks it’s her ex-boyfriend. Officer spoke to the party and it does not appear as if the computer has been breached.

W92 reports a large hole has opened up on Peasant Street. This is causing motor vehicles to swerve around it. It was reported to the DPW.

Male caller on Lowell Road reports a dying raccoon on the front lawn. ACO notified.

EBDC faxed over a 209A for service for party on Marshall Street. W92 reports nobody home at this time.

ACO Vanbuskirk reports smelling smoke coming from the old DPW building. Fire department reports over heated motor. All clear.

Call for group of youths playing with a pellet gun in the area of Hermon Street, near the Cummings School. Units report 16 year old with airsoft pellet gun taken to the station to contact his parents.

Request for medical aid for mother on Governors Drive.

Call received by male identifying himself as an attorney at the Point and he is being denied access to his neighbor’s daughter who is involved in a car stop. Caller claims the motor vehicle violator is being denied her right to an attorney. The caller was told he could speak to the lieutenant who is at the scene and he should not interfere with a traffic stop.

Party on Johnson Avenue reports that he struck a dog there. W93 responded along with ACO. The animal was deceased. The owner of the dog took custody of the animal at the station.

An abutter at Temple Tifereth Israel complained of a loud water pump from the construction site. DPW was contacted and reports the pump is necessary because of a pouring of cement for the building’s foundation. DPW will go by and check it as well as street flooding. They will also speak with the contractor first thing tomorrow.

Female reports she struck a dog on Washington Avenue. The dog is alive. ACO picked up the animal and will take it to Angell.

Report of a white Maltese missing from the Highlands. A check with ACO and he has not picked the dog up today.

Caller on Taylor Street inquired about power outages and then stated that they smelled something burning. He also said that lights were flickering on the street. Fire notified.

W92 reports coming to the station with a juvenile who is bleeding. Child was near the station. Fire notified. W93 responded to notify the parents. Mother responded to the lobby and she left with the son.

Court faxed a 209 order to be served to subject on Summit Avenue. S. Hickey served male in hand.

Reports of a male in black hoodie near Atlantis Marina condos. 91 Freeman and 93 S. Hickey report that no one is around. The male was located a couple of minutes later near Walden on Main. It was same individual stopped this morning at CVS. Subject pulled his pants down and became disorderly. He was placed in custody for disorderly conduct.

Wednesday, April 9

Caller on Washington Avenue said as he came home from work, the upstairs neighbor was yelling out his window at him about making noise. They have a court date tomorrow about the same ongoing issue. W93 reports male yelling out the window during his presence. Officer advised both parties of their rights and if problem persists, he offered them a ride to court in the morning.

Party on Washington Avenue requesting an ambulance for her husband with spike in blood pressure. W100 will stand by to assure peace is kept. Male party transported to Whidden.

Woman on Summit Avenue received a text from her grandson’s friend who arrived in Boston yesterday, saying he is at an address in Winthrop and needs to be saved. WFD staged nearby. Entrance gained voluntarily. One male in custody and transported to Whidden. Charges include distribution of Class A drug, possession to distribute Class A drug, possession of class A drug, distribution of Class B drug, possession to distribute Class B drug and possession of Class B drug.

Caller on Overlook Drive reports elderly female having difficulty breathing.

Male party came to the station to report that he has been receiving threatening calls from a blocked telephone number. Complainant states that he had previously reported similar calls to this department on March 12. He states this latest call occurred Monday, April 7 with a voice he recognized as a male who stated, “we are coming to get you”. Complainant states male is currently a defendant in a criminal case where complaining party is the victim.

Dead raccoon on the catch basin on Quincy Avenue.

Several calls of a naked woman running around screaming for help at Fort Heath Apartments. Officers report one female is being transported and this is tied to the Seal Harbor call.

Manager at Seal Harbor called to report there is a male bleeding in the lobby. Fire and officers report the man was treated at the scene. No crime involved with this twin call.

Female came to the station to request reports on an ongoing case. She was told that no one gets reports on any ongoing case. She then became very loud and swearing. She was told not to come back and ask for the same thing. If she wants this, go to the Court.

Female on Floyd Street came in to report that her father is very old and should not be operating a motor vehicle. She requests we do an immediate threat form. A call then came from the above’s husband to state he just came back from the doctors with his father-in-law and his doctor stated he is okay to drive. The doctor stated the past driving problems were from his medication and that has been taken care of. NOTE: An immediate threat form was done a few days back. If family wants to contest it, they will have to do it with his doctor.

Reports receiving three complaints of a male in the group hanging by the side of building on Governors Drive and urinating publically. Officer spoke to the group. The male involved had already left the area.

Two juveniles, one male and female, came to the station to report being threatened by a man on Hermon Street.

Woman on Beacon Street reports that her friend is in the hospital receiving treatment and her friend’s roommate invited someone to live in her bedroom. 91 Curran will try and sort things out. There are two other roommates and they had prior okay to do the above. They will stop and call the female in the hospital.

Woman reported smelly drug use on Governors Drive. 93 Oyola and 92 Bonavita report they checked the unit and all is okay. It might be coming from another unit and there is no answer at that door.

Realtor in a local listing reports receiving a call regarding the listing on Winthrop Street. A male was asking questions about the house and it’s layout and basement access/egress. The realtor was concerned for the couple living there are well as the late hour of the call. The realtor notified the owners of the property. Units responded and checked the area and spoke to the homeowners. All it okay.

Thursday, April 10

Party called to report there are dead animals around town that have not been picked up. Message left for ACO. He will attempt to contact her regarding the mater.

Asst. Principal Grimes called requesting we attempt to locate the parents of a student there who was dropped off in error. Officer spoke with his mother who will pick up the child.

Chief would like an officer to respond to the skate park and recreation office to take a report for vandalism done to the skate park.

Tender Care VNA requests a person check on subject on Grovers Avenue who they have not been able to see since yesterday. Officer reports she is home and answered the door. She will contact the VNA and set up another appointment. Phone message left for the calling party.

Party requests medical assistance, as she does not feel right. WFD and EMS notified and will respond to the lobby area. Off. Armistead will stand by. Patient transported to MGH via ambulance for an evaluation.

Party on Shore Drive requests an ambulance. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Detail officer reports motor vehicle crash at Washington and Shirley. Officer responded. WFD and EMS notified and report no injuries at present time. Vehicle was towed from the crash scene.

Received two calls of someone in distress inside the Pleasant Park YC. WFD notified directly and will respond.

Three juvenile females came in to report a male in the area of Café Delight approaching the kids and making them uncomfortable. Described as a male with an Afro appearing very disheveled. Detail officer reports party observed leaving the area in an older blue and white vehicle. Appears to be subject that has been living in his car on Crest Avenue.

Party on Hermon Street came into the station to report that his wife stole his $45. The party then left the station on foot. Officer responded to the address and reports speaking with both parties. Wife denied taking any money. He will stay at his parent’s home.

Party at Foot and Ankle Assoc. reports a patient lost consciousness and is now awake and confused. WFD notified.

Party reports locating a syringe in the well at Daw Playground. 91 secured it.

Officer checking address of registered sex offender for Sgt. Crisafi.

Friday, April 11

Party on Taylor Street reports a duffle bag was left on the fence near the corner. Office reports complete area search negative.

Party reports he did some contract work for a resident on Bates Avenue and now he won’t pay him what is due. Officer explained his rights to the caller and attempted to make contact with the homeowner to no avail. The contractor will seek court action, if the matter is not settled between them.

Party at the Crystal Cove Inn reported a very unruly and drunken guest inside the inn giving people a hard time. They would like him out. Officer spoke with the subject and is requesting a taxi to transport the party to downtown Boston.

Caller on Revere Street is requesting EMS for a female there possibly having a CVA. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Citation issued for failure to stop at stop sign at Shirley and Ocean Avenue.

Party on Elmwood Avenue reports some suspicious characters near her home in a parked motor vehicle. Officer reports checking the area to no avail.

Motorist stopped for stop sign violation at Quick Foodmart. License is expired. Vehicle was parked and will have a family member pick it up.

Party on Seymour Street requesting an ambulance transport for her elderly father back to the rehabilitation facility. WFD notified.

Party on Somerset Avenue reports coming home from a vacation and finding his passenger “side airbag” deployed. There were no signs of an accident and no signs of attempted entry in to the vehicle, which was parked in the driveway.

Party reports out of control 14 year old at Coughlin Playground. Officers ask for EMS for an evaluation. Officers report autistic child checked out and parents refused medical attention. Peace was restored.

Cab dispatcher called stating a man came in requesting he call the police as he is being chased. Upon officers’ arrival, the party had already left the area. Subject was located and he denied anything happened even though the caller pointed him out. Officers spoke to the subject and cleared.

Saturday, April 12

Party reports that she lost her keys sometime yesterday while walking. Described as a Mazda flip key, house key and a third key with a pig on a black and green chain.

Party at Ward Marine reports the side of his building was tagged.

Motorist stopped for stop sign violation at intersection of basketball court and Cummings School.

A debit card was found on Winthrop Street. Message left for party named on the card.

Clerk at Cumberland Farms reports a customer expressed concern that a group may jump him out front.

Party on Kennedy Road requesting assistance for the party whose wheelchair is out of power. WFD notified and will assist.

Caller on Undine Avenue requesting EMS for her 19-year-old daughter. Transferred to Action EMD. WFD reports subject fled on foot, toward the Holy Rosary church. Subject located in the area. Voluntary transport to the MGH.

Party on Upland Road reports he got his finger stuck in the slide of his gun barrel while cleaning the weapon. WFD and EMS notified and will respond. Officer reports subject was treated and refused any further treatment.

Caller reports a white vehicle parked on the walking path on Bayou Street occupied with two females. 91 reports two young girls were texting and sent out of the area.

Report of teens smoking marijuana near the skate park ramps. Officer will be transporting a 15-year-old male home at Point Shirley. Juvenile turned over to his mother and grandmother.

Report of a theft of a pocketbook at the CPYC. This happened during a function there.

Party reports his daughter was involved in a motor vehicle crash with a truck on Revere and Crest Avenue. He would like an officer to go by and check on her and her family. Officer reports no vehicle in the area upon arrival. Party then showed up at the station and is requesting EMS, as he appears to have a whiplash. Officer was called into the lobby to take a report. WFD and EMS were contacted and will respond to access the party. The other vehicle owner arrived here at the station and gave his information to Off. Armistead.

Party reports kids are darting out in front of motor vehicles as they pass by near the basketball court/Cummings School. Officer reports speaking with some older teens at the courts that did see a few younger kids run in front of passing cars but they have since moved from the area.

Unidentified party reports that his neighbors have a very smoky fire going in the backyard on Winthrop Street. He did not want WFD called though. WFD notified and will investigate the area. They report no hazard at the address.

Party on Shore Drive reported that her estranged husband whom she has an open restraining order against was involved in an issue involving her nanny earlier today during the exchange of the children. Party was advised to speak with her nanny and file a police report if she desires to do so. She will speak with her. Her next hearing for the 209 is scheduled for this coming week.

Caller on Belcher Street reports that the 2nd floor tenants are being very loud and disturbing the peace. Officer reports a party was taking place for a 10-year-old child. The noise has ceased. The landlord was on the scene and asked that we log in that there is a third party not on the lease who claims he is residing there as well.

Party at Fort Heath Apartments requesting an ambulance for a visitor who passed out.

Sunday, April 13

Party on Argyle Street would like to report that his boat was entered sometime last night and this morning. Nothing was damaged or stolen.

Mother/son domestic. The son fled prior to officers’ arrival. The units searched the area. Subject may be wounded. Parties called back requesting to speak to an officer again regarding prior call. Suspect from earlier domestic back at the house. He was arrested on charges of two counts of malicious destruction of property.

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