Police Blotter 03-20-2014

Monday, March 10

Party on Payson Street requesting EMS for her husband who is not feeling well. Transferred to Action EMD.

Caller on Linden Street requesting an ambulance transport for her mother. Transferred to Action EMD.

Caller reports there is a large fire in the back yard on Sunnyside Avenue. She stated they are burning leaves. Fire notified. Another caller reports that they are not putting chairs and other objects in the fire. Officer reports the owner burning old clothes. The fire was put out and the owner was informed of all local laws.

Party on Shirley Street reports her motor vehicle was vandalized with eggs last evening. She believes she knows who may have done it, but did not observe them doing it.

Caller on Shore Drive reports that someone tried to break in to her home. Officer reports he will file a report.

Party on Washington Avenue requests medical. Fire notified.

Caller reports larceny from his locker at the Winthrop Golf Club.

Officers responding to confiscate firearms from a party on Beacon Street whose license was suspended. The office confiscated the weapons.

Tuesday, March 11

La Siesta Restaurant reports an object was thrown through their front window sometime overnight.

Visiting Nurse requests ambulance for a patient on Irwin Street.

Party called reporting an ambulance and fire are needed on Washington Avenue. The ill party called himself requesting an ambulance to the rear of the home.

Brown’s Drug Store reports a female is there creating a disturbance. Officers report coming in with one under arrest for two warrants out of Lynn.

Wednesday, March 12

Party on Moore Street reports a wire is down.

Caller on Revere Street reports that a woman has been following her in different motor vehicles. Today it was a dark color blue or black. Possible plate given came back to a brown rental car. She was advised to contact 911 or the station via cell phone ASAP.

Alarm activation for the front door of the building at the Landing. Officer is on the scene and reports a male entered the building and set it off. He will contact the Alarm Company.

Party on Main Street reports that someone let the air out of both her tires. She has an idea who may have done it, but did not observe them. The reporting party took her motor vehicle to a local gas station to refill her tires.

A gold van with male inside sitting watching the woman enter the yoga class on Shirley Street. Officer reports the van is unoccupied but will check area for the operator. Officer could not locate the driver, but believes the driver is inside rear of van which has windows painted over from the interior. The van was monitored for two hours and the driver did not emerge. Will check back later to see if it is still there.

Thursday, March 13

Caller on Pleasant Street reports after returning home from dropping her children off at school she discovered her front door open. Units report no sign of forced entry, and cleared the entire residence with the homeowner.

Mobility impaired resident on Underhill Street requests to be transferred to Action Ambulance for assistance.

Several calls of a fight in front of home on Highland Avenue. Units report speaking with the tenants in basement and first floor units who report an altercation involving laundry. Neither party wishes to press charges at this time.

Party at Governors Drive requests medical for sick spouse.

Caller at Highland Real Estate reports that she is receiving calls from the IRS and is concerned that it may be a fraud. Similar calls in the past. The incident was reported to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.

Viking Taxi reports a man fell on Wave Way Avenue and needs an ambulance. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.

W92 responded to serve a witness summons for Malden District Court to party on Sagamore Avenue. Officer reports being informed by relatives that the party does not live there. They provided a forwarding address for their cousin in Everett. Summons returned to the court with the new information.

Reports of a domestic disturbance on Orlando Avenue. Caller also reports there are children there. Officers report that everything is fine. The resident on the 2nd reports that the caller is upset because his young children are running/walking on the floor. There is no domestic.

Resident on Main Street reports that there is an alarm sounding on the first floor. Officer entered the first floor where resident was sleeping in a chair and food was burning on the stove. The stove was shut off and the resident was awakened.

Female on Buchanan Street called requesting medical.

Friday, March 14

Female on Irwin Street reports locking herself out of her apartment. She went out to walk the dog and the door shut behind her. W93 responded along with fire. Departments assisted the woman and her dog back inside from the cold.

Multiple 911 callers stating a disturbance going on between a group of males on Walden Street. 91, 93, 94 and 100 respond to the scene. 91 reports one in custody for three counts of malicious destruction of property over $250, three counts of breaking and entering in the nighttime and disturbing the peace. 91 also took photos of the scene. 93 notified the property manager of the damages.

Caller on Bowdoin Street reports that her neighbor just broke the window in her front door. Units report the damage was accidental.

Party came to the station to log a billing dispute/fraud with National Grid.

Second floor tenant on Main Street came to the station to report continued harassment from the first floor tenant.

An officer from Wakefield reports that a male subject is accused of assaulting his wife in Wakefield and is now supposed to be at his job with the Winthrop School System. The officer faxed a copy of the report establishing probable cause, and requested that the accused be taken into custody for the alleged assault. W91 and 93 report the subject was placed into custody without incident for assault and battery.

State transfer 911 call for a report of an infant choking on Washington Avenue. W92 reports the infant was breathing normally upon his arrival. Transport declined.

Female called reporting a domestic on Shirley Street. A few minutes later, a state transfer from a male reporting the same. Units requests EMS/Action only for voluntary. Officers report it is a verbal only. Some items confiscated.  Volunteer transport to NEMC.

W92 responded to investigate reports of screams on Marshall Street. 92 requested fire and another unit. W91 responded. Units request more help. Fire notified and W94 responded. 94 requested more help for processing. Chief contacted and will respond. MSP from Logan assisted at the station and at the booking.

W92 who was following Action Ambulance with subject in it requested help on Revere Street. As ambulance has stopped, officer reports prisoner waving a piece of metal at the attendants. 989 now riding in ambulance and W93 will follow. Everett PD notified. Two under arrest for resisting arrest, two counts of assault and battery on a police officer, and disturbing the peace. The other for resisting arrest, assault and battery on a police officer, disorderly conduct, assault with a dangerous weapon, threat to commit a crime, assault on ambulance personnel and malicious destruction of property over $250.

Female on Moore Street reports a strong odor of natural gas. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.

Saturday, March 15

Party called requesting an officer to assist in entering the property on Moore Street to shut gas off due to a leak. W94 responded and met with worker from National Grid to oblige.

W93 reports motor vehicle in Hannaford Park with two occupants who were sent from the area.

Caller on Shore Drive reports unknown male party in the building banging on doors trying to enter apartments. Units respond and report male located and is staying in an apartment but is disoriented.

Party on Centre Street reports his motor vehicle was “keyed” sometime yesterday evening. W92 reports three more vehicles sustained damage.

Caller on Shirley Street reports arcing from the transformer/high tension power lines. WFD notified.

Several 911 calls for a transformer fire on Shirley Street. W91 reports transformer on pole #443 fully engulfed. WFD on the scene. National Grid notified. W92 also responded to the area of Shirley Street for a similar report. W92 reports no sign of arcing at that address, but a loud humming can be heard coming from the transformer. W91 reports National Grid on the scene and has fixed the issue.

Caller on Governors Drive requests an ambulance for his wife who is not feeling well.

Male reports receiving a call from his wife who is at his business on Crest Avenue who informed him that a woman was there acting strange. W93 and W92 responded and report the party is gone. They spoke with someone that stated she drove off in a brown car. There is no further information regarding the woman.

Alarm Company called to report panic alarm sounding on Cliff Avenue. They will attempt to contact someone. W92 and W93 responded and report the owner is on the scene. It was accidental.

Motor vehicle parked in the handicap spot without having a placard at the Cumberland Farms. A $300 ticket was issued.

A male brought a wallet to the station that he found between two buildings on Shore Drive. The wallet is wet and belongs to a male from Randolph. BOA contacted to have them contact their customer. BOA informed us that they can not do that but they deactivated his card. If customer calls into the bank, the bank will inform them where his wallet and license and bankcard are.

Abandoned call from Pleasant Street. Call back indicated a possible medical aid. Caller was difficult to understand due to a possible 2nd language. Fire notified and W92 and W93. Units indicate it is a medical aid. Units cleared to respond to the next call.

Female calling from the basement while holding her infant on Read Street. She reports the husband is being abusive. Young child sleeping upstairs. W92 and W93 responded.

Report of a man down on Shirley Street. Fire notified. W94 responded and reports the area is clear. Nothing showing. Fire notified to cancel.

Report of a disabled person falling on Bowdoin Street.

Couple brought a yellow lab to the station that was running loose on Main Street at Read Street. ACO notified and was unfamiliar with the dog. Next, a party called reporting their lost dog, which fit the description of the one, brought to the station. Parties, who had brought the dog in, had left, but after running after them they returned to the station. In a few minutes the owner and his dog were reunited and the caring people who located his dog “Buster” were thanked.

Car stop on Sunset at Main Street and Off. Dalrymple requests another unit. W91 responded. Officer requests tow for the motor vehicle. One under arrest for driving under the influence and motor vehicle lights violation.

Woman on Almont Street came home after being out a while and heard a strange noise upstairs. W94 and W93 responded to check the house and everything was okay.

Sunday, March 16

Party on Willow Avenue requesting EMS for his sister. Transferred to Action EMD.

Male on Bowdoin Street request medical for his girlfriend who is sick. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.

Visiting Nurse requesting an ambulance transport for resident on Golden Drive. Transferred to Action EMD.

Female on Woodside Avenue needs an ambulance for complications. Transferred to EMS and they will handle.

Man on Summit Avenue is having difficulty breathing. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.

Female on Adams Street reports that she is receiving calls from an unknown party with a 980 area code. She was advised to contact Verizon to set up a block on that number.

Father on Bartlett Parkway called to say that his son has passed out. Transferred to WFD and they will respond.

Reports of kids drinking on Bartlett Parkway. 92 Ramadini and 91 Curran responded within two minutes. No one around. They spoke to the caller.

Estranged husband asked us to check on his wife on Fairview Street. He has not heard from for two hours. After speaking with the wife, she wants no part of this guy. He continues to call and harass her over the phone. No need to send anyone to check on this. The woman was advised to change her number and seek a complaint on the numerous calls.

An attempt to arrest a juvenile on a default on Pleasant Street. No luck.

Female reports that someone in a white van has been staring and watching kids in the skate park for the last few days. When she went to confront this driver, the van sped away towards East Boston. BPD notified and will send a prowl car to check him/her out.

Male found a bag of syringes on Washington Avenue. 91 Curran picked them up and disposed of them.

Female on Winthrop Street reports that someone may be in her house. Caller reports that her husband went down to check. W93, W91 and W92 responded and report seeing a man with a bat. It was the homeowner. Officers heard a noise in the back of the house and it was an animal on the trashcans.

Monday, March 17

Female on Kennedy Road came to the station with her 6-year-old son to report that the neighbor in the building is talking about her. Officer responded to speak to the neighbor. The reporter left the station with her son before we could speak again to her. Officer spoke with her when she arrived home.

Male on Tewksbury Street called to report not being able to sleep for three days and he is dizzy.

Female from above story called to say that the neighbor people are still taking about her. She was told that they were spoken to and were actually sleeping. She will write down what is happening and go to EBC in the morning after taking her son to school. She was asked why she left the station earlier without speaking to us, and she said she had to get her son home and back to bed.

Caller on Hermon Street reports noise coming from the first floor and it sounds like someone is banging on the radiator. W93 responded and reports checking the area and the noise may be a flagpole and flag that are banging against the pole.

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