Police Blotter 02-20-2014

Monday, February 10

Former tenant at House of Beauty report door to the premises appears to have been left unsecured. W92 reports all appears secure at this time.

Report of burglary alarm activation on Court Road. Owner on the scene with code upon officers’ arrival.

Caller on Grandview Avenue reports that he received a call from his alarm company saying that his alarm was going off. He now is unable to reach his wife. W92 and W93 report all is okay. It was accidental.

Local priest called on behalf of parishioner on Kennedy Road requesting medical aid. EMS/WFD notified. W92 will assist.

Export Towing reports removing a vehicle for trespass tow at Executive Apartments.

Report of a male on Main Street having a seizure.

Male on Prospect Avenge reports that he was due to drop off his son to his mother and she did not answer. He reports this was very unusual and that the mother was in an accident several days ago. W92 and W91 responded to check the residence. There was no answer. A call to family members was unsuccessful. Landlord was located and responded. In the interim, the female came to the door and reported not hearing anyone. All is okay.

Party on Pauline Street was lost due to being out of town.

Female on Hermon Street called to report that the people above her are making noise and keeping her children up. W91 responded and reports the house is quiet. Caller will call back if it starts up again.

Female called to report that when she was leaving the PSA Hall in Pt. Shirley, there was a man that was acting suspicious. He was outside the hall. Caller followed the van and then the caller reports that the van left town. W92 checked the area to the line and no sign of it. W92 will check the area of the Point while the hall is open.

Caller on Golden Drive reports needing an ambulance to go to the Beth Israel. Fire and ambulance notified.

Tuesday, February 11

While at the station for a while, a party complained of dizziness and pain in his legs. Fire notified.

National Grid reports she was just in a basement on Trident Avenue for a power issue and when she entered, she observed a marijuana plant. Officers went to the scene and found the subject has proper paperwork for medical use.

Lifeline activation on Overlook Drive.

Caller on Shirley Street reports that a boat appears to have broken from its mooring.

Report of a loose Pit Bull in the area of Bowdoin Street.

Library employee called about a party asleep on the couch.

Life Alert requests EMS for party on Overlook Drive. Fire/EMS dispatched.

Caller on Irwin Street reports that he had read last week’s Transcript and saw reports of a woman in a motor vehicle yelling at other motorists. He believes it may be his neighbor. He provided the vehicle registration.

Party on Governors Drive reports that someone is outside her home, possibly known to her, causing a disturbance. It is a domestic issue. All parties advised. Male sent from the area.

Caller on Revere Street reports that numerous properties in the Highland neighborhood have failed to clear snow from their walkways. CEO reports action already underway as citations are being mailed out to offending properties mentioned.

W93 will attempt to serve ERO on Winthrop Street. It was served in hand.

Male came in to the station to report that he was selling a watch over the Internet for $205.49. He sent the watch and was told by an e-mail which allegedly to be from Paypal, indicating that the money was there and would be sent within 48 hours of the watch being sent. The watch was received on Monday. On Tuesday, the party called Paypal regarding his payment and he was informed that he had received a fake Paypal e-mail and that he had gotten scammed.

Male came into the station to report a small black dog loose near the station. Units checked the area to no avail. Several calls were received from the owner and family members asking about the dog and offering sightings of the dog. Officers again checked the areas of Main and Marshall and there was no sign of the dog.

Female called to report being called by alleged representatives of Publishers ClearingHouse instructing her to obtain a CVS card in the amount of $166. and they would pick it up. Caller checked it out and it is a scam. They called her back again. She will call tomorrow for further follow-up.

Wednesday, February 12

W93 reports a party reported to him that he saw a male throw a blond haired woman wearing a gray sweatshirt from a vehicle on Main Street.

Caller on Moore Street requested information as to how to obtain a restraining order. When asked if she needed police assistance she said the individual was not present and she was not in immediate danger. She would go to EBDC this morning.

Party on River Road states that his friend is breathing, but not responsive. Units report possible cardiac incident.

Off. Feeley will be doing a follow-up to recent ongoing issues on Main Street.

Male on Governors Drive reports that his tires were slashed on his motor vehicle while parked in his handicapped space. He has already contacted the management and Mr. Belcher will be viewing any security tapes, which may identify a suspect. Caller believes it may have been a neighbor that was parked in the spot over the weekend. Off. Ramadini reports speaking with the neighbor.

Alarm company reports alarm activation at the Cottage Park Yacht Club. W93 reports accidental.

Male called to report that he was just coming home from work and discovering his car was hit and it cannot be driven. It was near the Senior Center. W91 responded and reports the car is severely damaged and its axle is broken.

Caller on Irwin Street reports that his upstairs neighbors are fighting. Units report they spoke to the caller as well as the upstairs neighbors. Neighbors report talking loud due to a hearing impaired issue the male has.

Thursday, February 13

Caller on Loring Road called to report that a neighbor came over and fell and he can’t get him up. W92 responded to assist.

The National Grid Municipal Storm Center opened today at 9 a.m. to report critical municipal issues.

Party came in to request an officer accompany her to pick up some personal belongings. No TRO in effect. Unable to reach male resident by phone. W91 made contact. Female advised to pick up her clothing and cell phone and advised of her rights. W91 will stand by to keep the peace.

Party reports that he was just threatened while his ex-girlfriend went to pick up some property. W91 was on the scene at all times, and states no threats were made to the caller. Subject also stated that he would be disposing of all of his girlfriend’s property. He was advised not to do so, and rights to a 209A.

Caller at Cumberland Farms requesting an ambulance for a male customer experiencing severe leg paid. WFD notified.

Party on Washington Terrace reports that she received a call from an attorney demanding $650. She paid it via money cards she purchased.

Caller reports a fence fell onto her husband’s parked motor vehicle and caused damage. This happened across from Station Lumber. W91 reports right rear tail light damaged/broken and was unable to make contact with the homeowner on Read Street.

Report of brown water bubbling up on Sewall Avenue. DPW notified.

Two calls of a Budweiser delivery truck stuck in the area of Court and Circuit Road obstructing the roadway.

Party on Hermon Street requesting an ambulance for her daughter whom cut her finger. Transferred to Action EMD.

Friend of a resident on Shirley Street called for an ambulance to transport.

ER nurse called asking us to make a notification for party on Summit Avenue to contact them. W93 responded and located a family member. Officer stayed at the home to assist sister and then assisted her I getting her motor vehicle in order to respond.

Reports of a smell of gas on Circuit Road.

Male reports that by the BOA on Bartlett Road, the street is very slick. He reports a woman fell there and that he almost went into the intersection when he tried to stop. DPW notified. Officer reports the street is clear, but the intersection and area is very slippery.

Friday, February 14
Party on Upland Road reports someone is plowing snow into the street.

Husband on Sagamore Avenue reports that his wife needs an ambulance for medical issues.

Reports of no water on Grovers Avenue. DPW notified there is a break and they will call the party.

Caller on Golden Drive reports she needs a doctor or a nurse.

Female on Grovers Avenue reports no water. She was told there is a water break.

Party reports the water is off in her building on Grovers Avenue. DPW reports a water repair in progress and water will be on shortly.

Revere officers attempting to execute an arrest warrant on Bellevue Avenue. Subject not home at this time.

Saturday, February 15

Motor vehicle stop at Read and Main Street led to an arrest for an outstanding Lynn warrant.

Caller on Beal Street reports an animal, possibly injured in the area. W100 reports speaking to the owner of the dog.

Caller reports a jeep may have struck a pole and stuck in a snow bank on Revere Street. W91 and W92 request G&J for a tow. Also request a taxi for the operator.

Manager of the CVS requests units as she may have trespasser. Units respond and trespass one woman.

Party reports the roadway in Winthrop Center is a sheet of ice and a couple of pedestrians have fallen already. DPW notified.

Party reports an intoxicated male stumbling around in the area of Woodside Avenue. She is concerned for his safety with all the ice. She was unable to provide a detailed description. WFD reports that subject is at the Center station and they have notified Action EMD. He will be transported.

Caller on Triton Avenue requesting EMS. Transferred to Action EMD.

Party on Highland Avenue reports a past breaking and entering of her parked motor vehicle. It was parked in the Pond Street lot.

Visiting Nurse called to report she is at the door of patient on Golden Drive and there is no answer. There may be a problem with her patient. W91 Silva reports party is fine and cleared by EMS.

Party came in to report a past assault and battery on her 5-year-old child by her Au Pair who is now working in Washington State. Victim/witness form provided.

Reports of three cars in the rear of Governors Park near the tennis courts doing donuts. W93 reports the area is clear upon arrival.

Party on Summit Avenue called to report that there is an unwanted guest in the first floor common hall. Units report sending one out of the area.

Sunday, February 16

Female on Governors Drive called to report that her husband is very ill and she can’t lift him back into the bed. Call transferred to WFD.

Female on Cora Street called to report that the town plow drivers are favoring her neighbor’s property by plowing their driveway and putting the extra snow on her property. She was advised to contact the DPW director.

Call for EMS on Jefferson Street. WFD/Action dispatched.

Caller on Golden Drive reports he received a wrong number call from a female party who seemed disoriented. She provided him her location. WFD/EMS along with W93 checked on the party. She refused medical attention.

Female on Grovers Avenue reports that her landlord has not cleared a patch for her to get out of her apartment. Caller reports that she is disabled and is afraid of falling. W92 responded and checked the property out. Walkway is clear, but not down to the pavement. Stairs not totally cleared. Call to landlord who indicated that she had cleared the way and also reports that there is a civil matter pending. Police spoke to both parties.

Caller requests EMS for medical aid on Walden Street. WFD/EMS notified.

Vehicle parked in handicapped parking spot without placard at Winthrop Marketplace. A $300 ticket was issued.

Caller on Beach Road requests to see an officer about something missing from her home.

Male came to the station to report that he was assaulted in Everett last night at the Whidden Hospital. A check with the hospital reveals no record of any altercation in the hospital and continuing outside. A call to Everett PD and they suggest the alleged victim stop in to their station when he is in Everett again to make out a report.

Caller on Bayview Avenue reports that his dog got out of his yard and is missing. Described as an Australian Cattle Dog, medium size, with black and white spots. Party called and located the dog and owner was reunited.

Party came to the station making claims that “organized crime” is harassing him in various ways including breaking into his home, but not stealing anything, and by committing identity fraud on him. Party also states that ““oversized children” are breaking into his home and moving things around. EMS brought in for an evaluation. EMS stated he was not a danger to himself and released him. Party then went home.

Caller on River Road reports being threatened.

Party on Shirley Street reports possible drunk female in pink pants walking down the street. Party brought home to Trident Avenue.

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