Police Blotter 02-06-2014

Monday, January 27

Caller on Tafts Avenue called to report that her car was broken into.

Party on Shore Drive encountered a Spanish female operating a black Kia. She stopped and began yelling at him. All units BOLO.

Male on Emerson Road called to report that he had two vehicles vandalized. Officer reports there are prints. Det. Callinan will respond and print. This is the second time in a few moths that this person has been a victim. One vehicle being towed to the station.

Party on Shore Drive reports that there is a roofing company stripping a roof and shingles are flying everywhere.

Report of an active shooter in Revere. Off. Feeley and Det. Callinan will respond.

Caller from Tony’s Cleaners report that someone is under the weather and making suicidal statements. WFD and W92 dispatched.

Clerk in Cumberland Farms reports a vehicle in the lot for long period of time. Operator is suspicious to him. W93 will investigate. Officer requests EMS for evaluation. Upon evaluation, no transport needed.

Caller on Enfield Road requests EMS for father. WFD notified.

Chief requests officer to check on illegally parked motor vehicle with trailer on corner of Pauline Street. W92 arrived and vehicle moved.

Party on Bayview Avenue came to report a theft from his vehicle.

Needle found in lot at Demetri’s Liquor. 92 Ramadini will pick it up and discard.

Female on Main Street called to report that her friend was on facebook complaining of a chemical or gas odor in her apartment and now the caller can’t reach her friend. W94 and W92 responded along with fire and Action. Everything and all checked out fine.

Party on Main Street complained of loud stereo on the first floor. W94responded and spoke with the occupant who stated he did not realize how loud it was and he will keep it down.

Tuesday, January 28

Party on Sagamore Avenue reports a German Shepherd that is barking and it starts at 7 a.m. She informed us that she would call every day until something is done about it. She was informed that ACO was notified and he will deal with the dog. ACO reports speaking with the dog owner and informing him that he has been receiving complaints from an anonymous neighbor. He will bring the dog inside sooner.

Caller reports that he has been scammed out of $419 through a person claiming to be with Microsoft Corp. Party has contacted his bank and will contact the FTC and inform them of the situation.

Showcase Laundry received call from a party that stated they were with National Grid and they needed to pay their electric bill. The owner contacted Mass Electric who advised them that this is an ongoing scam.

Caller reports finding a syringe on Johnson Avenue. Officer will pick up and dispose of in a Sharps container.

Party came in to report a noise issue with his upstairs neighbor on Shirley Street. This is interfering with his quiet enjoyment. He reports the issue has been going on for a couple of months and he has attempted to speak with them but it has continued. He has also notified the landlord, who advised him to call police. He was unable to provide the apartment number where the noise is coming from or any named occupants. He was appropriately advised.

Caller on Plummer Avenue requesting EMS for his elderly father-in-law who fell. Transferred to Action EMD.

Party on Upland Road came in to report an Internet posting about her.

Wednesday, January 29

Uncle on Shirley Street passed out after recent surgery. Transferred to EMS and they will handle.

Person on Trident Avenue cannot breath. WFD notified and they will handle.

Officer checked the are aof Wave Way Avenue for a blue van that is making loud and objectionable noise via the muffler system. She will make periodic checks of the area.

Party on Trident Avenue called reporting a female is there inside her father’s apartment using his phone and has full access to his apartment. Officers report they spoke with a neighbor and the stepdaughter is not in the apartment or presently in the area. The officer was informed that they did take custody of a dog that was inside the apartment.

Female on Sargent Street called stating that her heart is racing.

Mail carrier is concerned for party on second floor on Winthrop Street has not picked up mail in days. Officer requested WFD and ACO to the scene to gain access to the apartment to check on the occupants. WFD was contacted as well as ACO. Officer was advised to do a forced entry to check on their well being. The apartment was entered and there were no occupants home. The officer left a voicemail message with the owner of the house regarding observed violations while there.

Lt. Perrin and Off. Armistead are off on Hermon Street along with another agency doing a follow up investigation.

Party at CVS Pharmacy requests an officer for a possible credit card fraud.

Neighbor on Winthrop Street reports an attempted breakin in the rear. Residents are away for a few weeks. No entry was gained.

Caller on Pleasant Street wanted it logged in that his son’s girlfriend showed up at his house today and he had a difficult time getting her to leave. He wanted this logged in and if she returns he will call.

Thursday, January 30

Party on Hutchinson Street would like us to attempt to contact his sister who he has not been able to contact. Officers report speaking with her and she will contact her brother ASAP.

Party on Somerset Avenue has fallen and needs help getting up.

Report of a water break on Birch Road. DPW notified.

Party on Governors Drive reports that she received a bill from National Grid Gas in the amount of $115. She is currently disputing the bill and wanted it placed on file with our department.

Caller on Argyle Street reports a boat broken into.

Party on Marshall Street reports a female fell down and she needs assistance getting her up. WFD notified.

DSS called for Off. Armistead on standby on investigation on Hermon Street.

Open manhole on Shirley Street. DPW notified and will respond.

Friday, January 31

Party on Charles Street reports that his roommate locked him out of the house and will not let him in. Officers request EMS for an evaluation.

There is a motor vehicle in the construction zone on Crest Avenue and officers have not been able to get an answer at the door.

Party reports he and his father were assaulted in the vicinity of Town Hall. Officer spoke with the reporting party who just wanted to get the matter on record. He does not want any further action taken.

Caller reports he found some credit cards on the ground at Quick Foodmart. Officer reports bringing them to the station.

Party came in to report that a woman in a small black motor vehicle made some strange remarks to her to stop following her or else. She was unable to obtain the full numberplate and has never seen this woman before. She will call if she has another encounter with her.

Reports of part of a tree hanging on by its bark over some wires on Buchanan Street and is in jeopardy of falling. DPW notified.

Senior Center reports a bike has been out back for quite a while and it may be stolen.

Party on Overlook Drive reports he had someone break in and steal money and belongings. Officer reports he could only get limited information from the elderly victim.

Transfer call from the State stating that a party was requesting to speak with police. He was advised that we were the police but he would not or was unable to express the nature of his call. There was a language barrier also as caller stated he is Albanian. He stated that he would meet the officer downstairs at Governor Park. 94 and off-duty officer who speaks the language determined that the party was requesting EMS for an evaluation WFD notified. Party was transported to the MGH.

Party reports a male party on Hermon Street who does not belong in the house just let his dog run and she was afraid of being bitten. ACO VanBuskirk was notified and will be responding from out of town.

Caller on Woodside Avenue reports that his wife is having difficulty breathing. He was transferred to EMS and WFD for service.

Report of an unwanted guest on Washington Avenue. Party was an exchange student who has left and all parties are satisfied.

Party on Sea View Avenue reports his neighbor saw a blue van circling the block since this morning. Vehicle stopped and a clean cut Hispanic looking male exited the vehicle and went to the front door. The neighbor approached to question him and he stated he was there to do construction work on the house. He knew no construction work was being done to the house and when he confronted the suspect with this, the suspect walked away and got into the van and left. Party wanted this noted in case something happened.

Party on Washington Avenue reports that her neighbor contacted her in violation of a Judge’s stays away order. She wanted this logged.

DCF request we check on two small children on Hermon Street. 8 year old female and 5 year old male. Children are not at home. They are at their grandparents.

Saturday, February 1

Call for an ambulance at Atlantis Marina. Fire and Action notified.

Domestic problem on Cutler Street. Officers report they would like medical for an evaluation. After checking with all involved, it appears to be no crime involved.

Call from a person in the EB Newton that he set the alarm off. We have only old numbers. Officer reports Girl Scout meeting, all okay.

Female on Hermon Street came I to report that her outer door was wide open when a relative drove by and called her. When she came home and checked the door, there was no damage. Her landlord will put in all new locks.

Call for an ambulance on Governors Drive. Fire and Action notified.

Female called to report that someone is in the marsh near the CVS in East Boston. Boston Police notified.

Officer received information of a possible scheduled altercation this evening between two juveniles. Officer spoke with both parents of the youths regarding their children.

Parents at the rink report to W93 that the situation at the game is a bit rowdy. Detail officer is being hired. W92, W93 responded, Auxiliary in the area.

Reports of a large group entering a house on Winthrop Street with alcohol. W94 and W93 responded and report with residents regarding the issue and there will be no party there tonight.

Caller on Cliff Avenue reports loud music. Reports it is an ongoing problem often until 3 a.m. W94 reports officers spoke with the occupants who were of age and advised them regarding the loud music.

Sunday, February 2

Call from Cutler Street regarding an ongoing problem of loud noise. They are quiet for the time being, both were told of their rights.

Caller reports a light pole vibrating possibly an electrical issue at Coughlin Playground. Fire notified.

Male caller from Trident Avenue report there is loud noise and crying from the third floor. Officers report there are no children in apartment, only a verbal disagreement between tenants.

Female on Forrest Street called to say she is having difficulty breathing. Fire and Action will handle.

Male called to report a vehicle pulled up to him on Shirley Street and said to stop following her. He said he was not following anyone, just wanted this on record.

Call for an ambulance on Ingleside Avenue. Fire and Action will handle.

Lady on Golden Drive called to report that the man upstairs is hammering on the floor. She said she told him to stop and he told her to “Go F Yourself”. Officer reports there is no noise coming from the above apartment. He spoke to the man and he stated she always argues with him about something.

Report of a taxi driver arguing with customer at John’s Barber Shop on Shirley Street. W94 reports unknown female fare evader fled prior to arrival.

A sewer backup reported on Shirley Street, Another call of sewer backup on Grovers Avenue. DPW notified.

Daughter reports that her mother heard a bang upstairs on Golden Drive. 92 Ramadini and 93 Ferullo report all is okay in both units.

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