Linneastar to Appear at Winthrop High School on February 6

LinneaStar, a popular and highly sought-after spiritual and psychic medium, will help local residents reach others in spirit during a group Metaphysical Message session, Metaphysical Messages from the Other Side with LinneaStar on Thursday evening, February 6th at Winthrop High School in Winthrop, Massachusetts. The group sessions will be held from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The cost is $20 for students and $25 for adults to attend the session. Proceeds will benefit the Winthrop High School Life Skills Program.

The February 6th session will feature group mediumship to reach others in Spirit and communicate information from a loved one through the veil of the other side. Linnea converses with the Spirit World in many ways including clairaudience (hearing the messages that are being conveyed), precognition (the prediction of the future), retrocognition (going back into the past to reach those who have made their Spiritual Journey to the great beyond), psychometry (getting information by tuning into the vibrational field with objects) and photorecognition (receiving information by holding a photograph.).

Linnea encourages everyone to bring a photograph or item which once belonged to the person or people he or she wants to reach.

Linnea also conducts lectures and seminars throughout New England and has a wide following throughout the country, as well as Canada and England. She is a guest on radio stations throughout the United States and Canada.

For additional information contact Pauline at 617-846-5551 ext. 128 or visit Linnea’s website

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