Councilor Calla Stands up: Speaks up for All Winthrop Citizens

Councilor Linda Calla first stood up for a Precinct 6 constituent and then residents townwide in what was an impressive double dose of representation at its best. On the first issue of Verizon seeking to install a new pole on Shirley Street, Calla had done her homework, not only surveying the scene but walking with her constituent and seeing the impact the pole would have on the neighborhood. Calla, in addressing the Verizon representative head on, advocated strongly on behalf of her constituent who had made his comments earlier in the meeting. That resident then looked on as Calla, displaying the eloquence and common sense of a seasoned attorney, elaborated the reasons why the new pole would not be an asset to the resident’s property or to his neighbors’.

But Linda was just getting started. Her best moment came during a discussion of the MWRA’s pilot program that calls for trucks to carry food waste to the Deer Island facility for the conversion of the waste to energy. The straight-talking councilor was concise and to the point, telling the MWRA officials that Winthrop is a beautiful seaside community and town officials and residents are continually working toward enhancing that image and the food-waste pilot program was the opposite course of what the town is trying to accomplish. The message was clear from Linda that she wasn’t in favor of the pilot program and the many trucks that would be traveling through the town — and the Point Shirley residents in attendance certainly let it be known that the additional trucks would not be welcome, in their neighborhood.

When Linda Calla chooses to speak at Council meetings, she has something important to say and Tuesday night her message was  clear and her reasoning was effective. We’re sure the residents of the town appreciated her efforts on their behalf.

Get Well, John Vitagliano: John Has Served Winthrop for Many Years

John Vitagliano, who did such an outstanding job as the state’s liaison to the town for the construction of the new Belle Isle Bridge, is recovering after undergoing heart valve replacement surgery last week at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Town Council President Peter Gill made mention of Mr. Vitagliano’s medical situation at the last Council meeting and wished him well on behalf of the town.

We talked to Mr. Vitagliano this week and he said that in addition to the valve replacement surgery, there was a major blockage in one of his arteries that required it to be repaired. The popular 71-year-old Winthrop resident said he’ll be laid up for awhile and will likely be recuperating at a rehabilitation facility.

Mr. Vitagliano said he was grateful to the surgeons and physicians at the hospital for their incredible medical care. John also thanked his family, friends, and neighbors for all the “get well” wishes that have been sent his way.

We wish Mr. V. a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing this outstanding advocate for our residents back in town and attending events and Town Council meetings.

Speaker on: The Mark As Always, Deleo Displays Common Sense

As residents enjoyed Speaker Robert A. DeLeo’s annual Super Bowl Campaign Kickoff Breakfast Sunday morning at the Lodge of Elks, the Speaker was making an appearance on Channel Five’s “On The Record” show with Ed Harding and Janet Wu. (Not even our Speaker can be in two places at once — the TV show was videotaped earlier). Anyway, the Speaker “aced” the Pop Quiz portion of his interview, going a perfect 5-of-5 in the questions that were asked to him. The Speaker demonstrated his knowledge of current events, state issues, and achieved his perfect score — an achievement that very few guests have matched.

We really enjoy the “On The Record” show and seeing our Speaker on the show giving his opinions on the issues only enhances our enjoyment of the half-hour show.

Sean’s School Vacation Schedule: Parks and Rec. Does a Superb Job

We’ve taken a look at Sean Driscoll’s Winthrop Parks and Recreation schedule for the February school vacation week and our only question, “Where can we sign up for these events?”

Sean, the director of the Parks and Recreation Department, has assembled something special and fun for each of the five days. The week begins with “Disney on Ice” and if you’ve been to Disney World in Florida or Disneyland in California, you know everything Disney touches is magic. There is a trip to Sky Zone, an indoor trampoline park, on Tuesday, followed by a Skate and Hot Dog Lunch event at the Larsen Rink at the Mike Eruzione Center, on Wednesday. It’s bowling and pizza at the Town Line Ten-Pin in Malden on Thursday (we would have preferred candlepin bowling  and we remember the former bowling alleys that stood where Viking Gymnastics Academy and Kathy’s Place Youth Center now are located, but there is no denying that Town Line Ten-Pin is quite an establishment and the kids will enjoy ten-pin bowling). Finally, there is a Movie Day at nearby Showcase Cinema on Friday.

Thank you, Sean, for giving our children a really fun way to spend their school vacation with their friends.

Parents can register their children for these events online or visit the Recreation office located in the rear of the Winthrop Middle School.

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