Police Blotter 07-25-2013

Monday, July 15

Officer received a complaint regarding a homeowner putting out mothballs around the newly planted town tree on Revere Street. Officer reports that the homeowner will remove them and cease putting them around the trees.

Call on Shirley Street reports that his boss is on the floor and cannot get up. 50-year-old male transported for intoxication.

Report of a man on bike fallen on Revere Street. Male was located in Revere and refused medical treatment.

Party on Loring Road reports that a white male wearing a blue and white-checkered shirt was seen walking around the area looking into yards, homes and driveways, etc. Officer checked the area to no avail.

Man down on Golden Drive. Officer reports a 52-year-old male patient being transported to Whidden Hospital. The party’s fishing equipment was left behind. Officer secured it here at the station.

Motor vehicle requesting medical on Revere line of Revere Street for an accident.

Party on Johnson Avenue came in to report that her son’s bicycle was stolen from her back yard shed sometime overnight. She described the bicycle as a black/silver Magna 26” boys’ bicycle valued at approximately $120.

Constable requests an officer to meet him on Locust Way to keep the peace. No answer at the door.

Party on Shirley Street requesting a well-being check on an elderly resident. Maintenance man on site with a key to gain entry. WFD also notified and responding. Units report locating the subject who was not answering the door. EMS is evaluating at this time. Party transported to BMC.

Caller on Crystal Cove Avenue reports a past vandalism at her home. Officer reports speaking with the party and will file an incident report.

While off at a medical aid on Shirley Street, officers discovered two hand grenades, which were determined to be inert and inoperable. WFD also requesting the Board of Health Inspector respond.

There seems to be a dispute between two ice cream vendors on Shore Drive. State Police notified. Units report both vendors arguing over territory. Both sent out of the area.

Chief reports two off-road dirt bikes on Winthrop Street headed towards Metcalf Sq. W91 stopped vehicles in Metcalf Sq. Bikes were street legal. Subject sent out of the area.

Kids on beach wall on Grovers Avenue, possibly drinking. Officer reports no alcohol, no loud music, youths just sitting there enjoying the weather.

Tuesday, July 16

Grandfather on Hermon Street called requesting a well-being check on his granddaughter. Party located and told to contact her grandfather.

Male at Massa Playground called to report that a woman asked him to call the police as her daughter is having stomach pains. Fire and officer report the young girl was checked out at the scene and all is okay.

Store clerk at 7-11 states that he was assaulted. Officers checked the area to no avail.

Male on Crystal Cove Avenue reports that asphalt is being flushed down the drains. 93 S. Hickey reports pressure washers using water to clean the sidewalks. No asphalt used or flushed.

Two calls from CVS reporting that a woman is down in the driveway. Fire notified. W93 and W92 responded and report that the woman refused an assist.

Life alert going off on Washington Avenue. Reports that a party has fallen and can’t get up. WFD notified.

Mother at Executive Apartments reports she is having a problem with her 20 year old daughter. W92 and W93 responded and report standing by while daughter gathered some belongings.

Call of two men’s Huffy bicycles missing from the rear of a house on Revere Street. Both bikes valued at $90.00 and are blue.

Man at Fort Heath Apartments reports that his friend stole some money. 92 Bonavita spoke with him and will file charges.

Abandoned call from Girdlestone Road. Unable to get through right away on the callback. It took several attempts. Finally was able to make contact and female denied calling and then said everything was all right. W93 and W92 responded and report that despite hearing yelling upon their arrival, occupants deny any problem and making the call.

W93 advised group about hanging out at bus stop at Governors Park and moved them along.

Hysterical woman on Girdlestone Road reports being attacked by her daughter. Caller reports both she and her elderly mother may be hurt. Fire notified to respond. One 88-year-old female to MGH. One arrest for domestic assault and battery.

Wednesday, July 17

Caller on Chester Avenue reports that some type of work crew has taken down a power line/telephone line with a concrete truck. W91 reports the line appears to be a dead phone or cable line, which has been temporarily rolled up and is out of the way of vehicles and pedestrians.

Visiting Nurse reports she needs assistance with a patient that has fallen on Kennedy Road.

Caller requests a person check on his 89 year old mother on Girdlestone Road. W92 reports mother called the caller and officer reports all is okay.

Female on Sea View Avenue came to the station to report that her girl’s bike was stolen from her back yard.

North Suffolk Mental Health requesting a well-being check on resident on Main Street. W92 reports speaking to a sister who states that she is not there at this time, but will be contacting the hospital when she gets home this afternoon.

Female from Elder Protective Services called to report an incident of fraud/identity theft involving an elderly resident on Kennedy Drive. She states that approximately $18,000 has been unlawfully withdrawn from the victims’ Bank of America account.

Someone from WebTekk called to report that a male is in need of an assist there. Units request medical. Fire notified.

Her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend is harassing female came to the station to report that she.

94 Bonavita reports male was almost hit on Pleasant Street. He was dressed in black and on the ground. WFD will assist. Taken to MGH.

Thursday, July 25

Fire Department called. They went on a well being check on Chester Avenue and had to force enter. The person was not there. If the owner calls to say he believes someone was in his home, it was the Fire Department.

Caller on Ocean View Street reports a parked white van with a dog inside. W93 reports locating the van, but no dog inside. W93 located the owner who was taking his dog for a walk.

Call of a possible domestic disturbance on Winthrop Street. Units report verbal argument involving mother, sister, and brother. All parties advised. Brother left for the day and peace was restored.

Male on Villa Avenue came in to report the theft of his men’s bike.

Female on Shirley Street requests an officer as another tenant is giving her a hard time while she is picking up her belongings. At the same time a call came in from the other party. W91 and W92 responded and reports party took her belongings.

Party walked into Center Fire House for a medical. W92 responded and transported one male to the station and charged with drunkenness.

Multiple calls of a party drowning off of Winthrop Beach between Forrest and Dolphin. Fire, State and Chief notified. W91, W92, and W94 Lt. Scarpa responded. Officers report party is out of the water. Two women pulled a male from the water to the beach and he is conscious and breathing. All agencies updated. Party refused medical.

Female reports people drinking on one of the benches on Shore Drive. Lt. Scarpa informed the State Police who were at the scene. They will handle along with WPD officers. Parties were known to the officers.

Report of a sewer backup on Shirley Street. DPW notified.

Two sent out of the area of Hannaford Park.

Friday, July 19

W94, Off. S. Hickey off with a large group of teens mulling around Dunkin Donuts parking lot on Main Street. East Boston youths claimed to have taken a taxi there to pick up a Winthrop friend. Group re-entered East Boston.

Caller on Taylor Street following parties he believes may have stolen his neighbor’s boat engine. He saw them exiting the neighbor’s driveway with property. Woman was pushing a baby carriage with engine in the carriage, accompanied by a male. W91, W92 off with parties who live in Governors Park. Woman claims the motor was listed on Craigslist as free. Confirmation cannot be had.

Party called stating he believes that his landlord is evicting him on Shirley Street. He is in the hospital and his wallet and credit cards were dropped off at the police station. There is nothing in the log regarding his property. He was advised of his civil right.

Caller reports a woman is outside on Golden Drive and appears to be visibly upset and crying. W92 requesting medical for evaluation. Female transported to MGH via Cataldo for voluntary transport.

Fire Department states they received a report of a female making suicidal threats on Shirley Street. Units report speaking with female who denies making such threats and denies she wants to hurt herself. Party was further evaluated by Action Ambulance and cleared.

209A faxed order to be served for harassment on Nahant Avenue. Served in hand by Off. S. Hickey.

Male on Bellevue Avenue reports that a guy in a silver car who took off just hit his friend over the head with a baseball bat. W91 and W92 responded and fire notified. W91 checked on Chester Avenue for suspect and also on Girdlestone Road. Unable to locate subject. Male victim to the Whidden.

Caller on Golden Drive reports that there is an elderly male banging on the door of an apartment there for hours. Off. Hickey responded and reports a male from New Hampshire came to visit his girlfriend. Nobody home at this time. He will wait outside, and then call a cab.

Station received a call from Action reporting that they received a Section 12 from the Whidden. A copy was faxed to us from Action. W92 responded to assist. Party was taken to Whidden.

Mother on Winthrop Street reports that her son’s bicycle was taken from the rear of another friend’s house. A lime green bike with black trims BMX style. Bike has pegs on front and back wheels. Value of the stolen bicycle is approximately $150.

Female called at least three times wanting information regarding the above assault with baseball bat on her brother. She also wanted to know what we were doing about it. She was informed that if she had any further tips to assist us we would listen. All information given was already noted. The car was black, not silver as noted and is listed to a resident on Girdlestone Road.

Several calls to report a fight involving two females at the Amvets Post. Off. Hickey reports assault and battery report will be filed. All parties advised.

Caller on Court Road states a large group causing a disturbance behind his residence, on the beach. Units respond and report they spoke to the homeowner. All parties advised of their rights.

Saturday, July 20 

Party reports her girlfriend told her that there is an argument taking place on Cross Street. Officers report speaking with both subjects at the address. Officer reports both parties advised of their rights and the female will be leaving the apartment after packing her belongings.

Party came in to request a 209A relative to an incident that occurred last night. She stated she has received numerous hang-up phone calls from a blocked number and one from her cell number. Party advised she does not qualify for a 209A based upon the lack of relationship but may qualify for a 258E order based upon the facts and circumstances. She was advised and will go the court and apply on Monday morning during court hours.

Party on Read Street called to report that his sons BMX bicycle with pegs on the front and back described as blackish/brownish in color, valued at approximately $350 was stolen. No suspects at this time.

Two calls on Main Street for an intoxicated male. Units report having one in protective custody.

Calling party on Douglas Street reports that her son recovered his bike from yesterday, which was reported stolen. They do not wish to press charges at this time.

Female on Shirley Street reports that she has an unwanted guest. Units dispatched second call from female stating the male party had just left. Units off investigating the call. Officers report speaking to female and he is satisfied at this time that her friend left.

Several calls from Hale Avenue for explosion with power outage. WFD notified and reports transformer blown.

Mother on Myrtle Avenue came to the station to report that her daughter is missing. Child entered into CJIS as missing person.

Party called stating that she was at the Shore Drive address of her brother who had called earlier this evening making threats to harm himself. W91 dispatched along with WFD to check on the male party. Unit reports apartment is clear and nothing found out of place. Sister advised to contact us with any further information that she may have and apartment secured.

Sunday, July 21

Party on Douglas Street who refused to give his name, stated that there was an under aged party with people coming and going. No one answering the door at the residence and no one outside.

Female on Mermaid Avenue reports that someone just woke her pounding on her door.

Request for EMS from husband for his wife on Beal Street. WFD notified.

Officer requesting an assist as he is off with a possible domestic on Winthrop Street. Units reports verbal dispute only.

E911 call from party requesting EMS for her husband having difficulty breathing. Transfer to Action EMD unsuccessful. WFD notified.

Party reports he observed male in his forties urinating by the side of the Winthrop Playmakers’ building. Last seen walking toward School Street. 92 located the subject and spoke with him.

Female came to the station to report that her debit card was lost or stolen. St. Jean’s Federal Credit Union debit card was last used on June 16. The bank has been contacted and account is closed.

Caller on Vine Avenue reports that her daughter overdosed on Clonipin.

Motor vehicle car stop resulted in an arrest for unlicensed operation of motor vehicle.

Party on Morton Street came in to report identity theft, which included his social security number, driver’s license, bank account, e-mail account, phone numbers and various tax related information in 2012. He has reported this and wanted it logged.

Motor vehicle stop at French Square resulted in an arrest for an outstanding warrant.

Caller on Orlando Avenue reports a live band and bonfire at one of the houses. Officers searched area to no avail.

Party reports individuals yelling in the area of Putnam Place. Units dispatched and report dispatching group.

Male on Golden Drive came in with a victim/witness statement reporting a female he met last week robbed him last week of a camera worth over $800. Det. Racow will follow up.

Another call of someone sleeping in the garbage shed on Overlook Drive. Officers spoke to caller and checked out the shed. No one there.

Monday, July 22

Caller states a possible domestic in progress on Bowdoin Street. Units report verbal between male and female party. Female party taking vehicle back to her residence and male party staying with friend on Winthrop Street.

Male party on Governors Drive reports his mother is non-responsive. He is requesting EMS. Call transferred to EMD for service. Officer reports 85 year old being transported to MGH via ambulance.

Party reports an elderly female fell and is bleeding at the Odd Fellows Lodge. WFD and EMS notified. Officers report 94-year-old patient to Whidden via ambulance. Report submitted due to defect in the sidewalk.

Party at Fort Heath Apartments reported he lost his wallet sometime yesterday and someone has already attempted to use his Visa card out of town. He was advised to contact his credit card company as well as other agencies regarding his lost license, SS card, and other ID he had with him in the wallet.

Clerk at 7-11 states he can identify the youths who assaulted him the other day. Unit reports he has names and will forward them to investigating officer.

Detectives are off with three suspicious subjects in a motor vehicle at Kennedy Road. No licensed operator in the vehicle. Vehicle was towed from location and citation issued to the operator.

Female on Pleasant Street reports that her niece’s ex-husband is in front of the house  yelling and swearing with three children on the porch. He niece is not there but her child is. Niece has an active restraining order against the ex. Male called and stated that he was just walking down the street and the females began yelling at him from the porch. He immediately took a cab and left the area.

Niece in above incident and her cousin came in to the station to report that her ex came by her cousin’s house yelling and swearing at her family, in a threatening manner. As they came into the station lobby to report this, the male subject followed them in and stood in the lobby. He stared at the women. Off. Ramadani, Off. Ferullo exited the control room and entered the lobby where we placed male subject under arrest for violation of a restraining order.

Caller on Grovers Avenue reports that his wallet was stolen and fraudulent charges were made throughout the town.

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