Thank You, Chief Flanagan: Fireworks Show Tradition Continues

Winthrop Fire Chief Paul Flanagan deserves special commendation from Winthrop residents for taking over the large task of coordinating the annual Fourth of July Fireworks Show and leading the fundraising effort that allowed this great family event to continue this year.

With the retirement of hard-working Lou Camacho as the fireworks coordinator, it was left to someone to step up and make sure that the Fireworks Show would happen. In June, Chief Flanagan took the initiative, launched the fundraising drive, and reached out to Atlas Fireworks of New Hampshire to conduct a fireworks show in the town. (Interestingly, the first step in securing a fireworks permit involves contacting the local fire chief.)

Chief Flanagan then called upon the generous businesses and residents of Winthrop for their financial contributions so the show could go on.  The Chief said the response was immense and he was grateful for the manner in which townspeople rose to the occasion.

From all reports, the fireworks show was spectacular, close to a half hour of colors lighting up the Winthrop sky on a hot night and to the delight of so many youths who enjoyed the holiday with their families.

We know that Chief Flanagan is one of the most respected individuals in firefighting statewide, so it doesn’t surprise us that when the Chief put on another hat — as coordinator of the Fourth of the July Fireworks Show — that the town was in good hands and that Winthrop residents would see a great fireworks show, one that was conducted with the highest degree of public safety in mind.

Thank you, Chief Flanagan, for keeping this important tradition alive and for making it an enjoyable Fourth in the town.

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