Opportunities Abound at WHS: Michael Lessard, Nicole O’brien Show What Can Be Achieved at Winthrop High

As our readers surely know, we often use this column to praise the exploits of our Winthrop High athletic teams. So we are very happy to note that there is a nice story on the front page of this week’s Sun-Transcript about the academic success of two of our Winthrop High School students, valedictorian Michael Lessard and salutatorian Nicole O’Brien, who this fall will be attending arguably the two most renowned and respected universities in the world, Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Both students credited the teachers and administrators in the school system for providing them with a great education and an environment  in which to learn every day and pursue their future dreams. Winthrop High Principal Gail Conlon, in particular, drew praise from the two students for her exceptional leadership and for encouraging them to complement their academic goals with participation in extracurricular activities. Both Lessard and O’Brien received the Northeastern Conference’s esteemed Scholar-Athlete Awards for the 2012-13 school year,

Michael and Nicole, and other outstanding students in the Class of 2013, have demonstrated that if you’re willing to study and work hard, there are some tremendous opportunities attainable at Winthrop High School.

Good luck at Harvard, Michael, and good luck at MIT, Nicole.

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