Viking Pride Steps Up Again: Will Donate New Floor to Cover the Ice at Eruzione Center

The Viking Pride Foundation once again has stepped up to the plate with the donation of a floor to cover the rink surface at the Michael Eruzione Center at the Larsen Rink so that the facility can be used in the summer for a number of indoor activities. It’s another great and generous donation by Viking Pride, an organization which has done so much for our student-athletes and local organizations.

Having a fine indoor facility at the rink opens up a myriad of possible programs for Parks and Recreational Director Sean Driscoll and rink manager Dale Dunbar. All of our town residents, children and adults, will benefit from having the facility open all summer.

We’ve heard some interesting ideas for the facility from townspeople, from bringing in temporary candlepin bowling alleys to hosting indoor movie nights to forming roller hockey tournaments. But those activities ultimately will be decided upon by Director Driscoll and Manager Dunbar.

We commend Town Manager James McKenna for joining forces with Viking Pride and laying the groundwork for a facility that not only can be a great place to gather, but perhaps a revenue-generating idea as well.

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