Gordon off to an Excellent Start: New CFO Already Making an Impact

The town’s new chief financial officer, Timothy Gordon, is certainly off to an auspicious start since taking office in January. Gordon drew the commendation of Town Manager James McKenna at Tuesday night’s Council meeting and as the manager had hoped, Gordon has strengthened the town’s management team.

Gordon has provided updated financial reports to the Council and it’s clear that the councilors appreciate his professionalism and accessibility in addressing any questions they may have. Gordon has been working closely with department heads and according to McKenna, he has instituted “better internal controls” in the financial operations of our town, not to mention making the entire process a transparent one.

Selecting a person to fill such an important position — especially so in these challenging fiscal times for cities and towns — was a major task for Jim McKenna, and we feel he picked the right guy in Timothy Gordon. The past two months of work speak very well for Gordon and it’s apparent that the Town Council feels he is making his presence felt in a positive and productive way.

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