Police Blotter 02-14-2013

Monday, February 4

Patrolled Point area to Deer Island and water tower area. Construction being done on a home on Prospect Avenue. Large pieces of home will be transported to the area. All else is quiet.

Party on Walden Street requesting EMS for his girlfriend. Transferred to Action.

Officers will be off to Sargent Street doing a follow-up investigation on a past breaking and entering.

Lt. DeLeo requests WFD and EMS to Dunkin Donuts on Main Street for a head on motor vehicle collision with injuries. Boston PD notified to assist with traffic. Party refused medical treatment.

Manager of T&T Convenient came in with a video game left beside his store. Game secured.

Tuesday, February 5

Out of state agency request we check on a motor vehicle with NH plates, possibly in our town. Advise party that he will be charged with stolen motor vehicle if not returned ASAP. Pittsfield PD was contacted and informed that vehicle was not in the area.

Assist constable on capias warrant from Cambridge Court on a male on Johnson Avenue. No response at the residence. Constable to stand by. 92 will clear.

Party from EB Neighborhood Health reporting a code blue. Transferred to Action.

Party on Wilshire Street reports her husband attacked her and she wants to see an officer. Officers report a verbal argument and they were advised of their rights. The husband decided to leave for a while.

Waltham Police called informing us that a female is heading to the station with evidence to support a crime that was committed in Waltham. They would like for us to fax over the paper work due to the female not having access to a fax or computer.

Caller from Golden Drive reports that his female friend has overdosed on heroin. Units report a 51 year-old female being transported to Mass General.

Female at Energy To Go reports that a male has a warrant on him and he is at the store. 91 McCarthy and 92 DeMayo report. One in custody on warrant.

Wednesday, February 6

Male from Golden Drive reports that he smells smoke in the building. WFD and 91 Freeman reports that it is an electrical panel issue.

Female from Golden Drive called to report that someone may have broken into the apartment that had the overdose last night.

Officers will try to serve two individuals a summons issued by the Chelsea Juvenile Court to an address on Pleasant Street. He reports that no one is home.

E911 transfer to report a domestic call on Beacon Street. Officers report that they need medical and report a female woke up and began to throw things at her husband. She was also intoxicated. She went to Whidden for an evaluation.

Officer Curran will try on the P.M. shift to serve the two people on Pleasant Street who have a summons issued to them by the Chelsea Juvenile Court. He reports serving both the summons in hand to the family members.

Thursday, February 7

Male on Beal Street called to report that while he was out tonight at school, his wife reported to him that his father whom he and his family (wife and child) live with along with his mother and sister and her child, all had a loud verbal argument. He was concerned about this and wanted to report this to have it on record.

Caller on Walden Street reports that a party fell and injured themselves. W93 reports a 51-year-old female refusing medical treatment. Reports the fall was caused by two dogs the female was walking. No sidewalk imperfections.

Caller requests well being check on a female walking near the intersection of River Road and Willow Avenue. She may be an EDP and in need of assistance. W92 reports area search negative.

Female called to ask if we could check on her brother on Shirley Street who she has not heard from in over a week. Officer reports no response. WFD to force entry. His roommates were there and stated that they saw him last night. The landlord heard him leave this morning as he hears every morning. His sister called back and was given this information.

Clerk at Cumberland Farms reports harassment by a customer. Units report verbal between two customers. Area search to no avail.

Caller reports past assault and battery at the basketball court on Walden Street. Units report speaking to all parties and determining it was not a fight, but rather a disagreement surrounding a foul during a basketball game.

Son asks that we check on his mother on Floyd Street whom he has not been able to reach and her voice mail is full. W93 Off. Hickey responded and reports the mother’s car is not there. Son informed.

Pittsfield, NH police reports a stolen motor vehicle might be parked on Summit Avenue. 93 Curran reports a Chrysler with New Hampshire plates is listed as stolen out of New Hampshire. G&J will secure.

Friday, February 8

Trooper request an officer to location on Whittier Street for a motor vehicle there with heavy front end damage, possibly from a hit and run earlier at the 7-11 Store. Officers report vehicle is parked and the operator called his cousin (the owner) who will be arriving shortly. It is apparent the vehicle struck something earlier. Officers located debris from that vehicle near Pleasant Street, but did not locate a damaged vehicle or property. They have AAA enroute to tow the vehicle.

Resident in the area of Whittier Street called in stating he is hearing people shouting and possibly fighting. Officers went back to the location and report the owner arrived on the scene and was upset at his family member. Peace was restored and G&J was called to tow the damaged undrivable vehicle.

Directed patrol of the Walden Street area. Vehicles are already beginning to park along the street in accordance with the parking restrictions for the arriving snow storm.

Directed patrol of the Highlands neighborhood and Pond Street is already being utilized for parking during the snow storm.

Female called to report of a loud argument at Scotts Auto. Officers report argument, all settled.

Neighborhood dispute on Cottage Avenue. Officers report argument over parking for the storm. Officers settled the matter.

Woman reports a wire down on Highland Avenue. 93 Feeley and Hickey report. WFD will also respond and they will handle.

Report of the power being out in the Highland area and a transformer blowing. Officers report blocking the street. A while later National Grid showed up.

Reports of seeing a transformer arcing on River Road. Fire notified.

Transformer was arcing on Tafts Avenue and possibly blew. Fire and Point officers notified.

Caller called back to report the power goes out intermittently when the wind blows at the Point. Fire notified again as they had already responded to check same and all was OK.

Numerous streets plus the whole Point are calling in no power.

Caller is concerned for his elderly grandfather on Prospect Avenue who is in a wheelchair and the heat is out. W94 responded to assist along with Action for a transport to the Cummings School.

Party on Franklin Street reports a transformer just exploded and she just wanted to let us know. WFD notified and enroute.

Caller on Central Street requests an evaluation for her friend who has two small children and is hearing impaired. She needs an assist. W92 Off. Carter responded and took care of the transport.

Request that we pick up a female on Hale Avenue and take her to a relative’s house on Emerson Road. She has no power or heat.

Request that we pick up a family on Payson Street and take them to a relative’s house on Orlando Avenue.

Male on Belcher Street reports a low hanging wire there. Possibly cable. WFD notified to check wire. Wire was tied up.

97 Chief reports a Short Beach/Winthrop Parkway is closed off due to flooding at high tide.

Reports of electrical wires down on Revere Street. WFD notified.

Reports that Shore Drive is impassable due to snow, water, ice and salt. Also some flooding on Shirley Street.

Reports of a large tree branch lying across the entrance of the Landing. Branch was moved.

Many E911 calls of a truck on fire on Cora Street. Officers and fire report a DPW plow caught on fire. G&J will tow it to the town yard.

Female reports an arcing wire on Faun Bar Avenue. WFD notified and will handle.

Ambulance on Revere Street at Bayou Street is stuck in a snow bank. G&J will tow.

Report of a wire down on Wave Way Avenue.

Saturday, February 9

Male on Franklin Street requests evacuation along with his granddaughter. Caller is on oxygen and has been without heat and power all night. Civil Defense in the Explorer bus will respond to transport the caller and his granddaughter to the Cummings. Officers were unable to get the people into the shelter due to the snow. DPW contacted to open up the entrance.

Power line came down on Taylor Street. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.

Three E911 calls of someone having a heart attack behind building at Governors Park. Fire notified.

Off. Feeley reports that Shore Drive is impassable. Revere State Police notified.

Call to report that a 75-year-old male needs help in getting out of his house on Sagamore Avenue. All his doors are frozen shut. Officers report they managed to open a door for the male.

W94 was informed by residents that the area is beginning to flood on Nerious Street. They would like the DPW to plow out like they did the last storm. DPW was notified.

A request from a male on Cliff Avenue for a ride to pick up a portable heater to save his pipes from bursting (no heat). 91 Freeman will take him to Woodside Hardware.

Off. Feeley reports Veterans Road at Hadassah Way is flooding. DPW notified.

Female on Franklin Street called to ask if we could take her and her child to Main Street, as she has no heat. Evacuation bus will assist and they report mission accomplished.

D&T Market on Shirley Street reports the water is pouring into his store. Transferred to WFD.

Caller on Crescent Street reports that his house is flooded. Transferred to fire.

Another call from Crescent Street to report taking on water. WFD reports they have been there and nothing can be done with the tide the way it is.

Call from above address to report that her husband and son are fighting. Officers report they have the son under arrest for domestic assault and battery.

Female on Shirley Street reports smoke and Co2 alarm sounding. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.

Party on Main Street requests that we transport her 84-year-old father back to his home on Sturgis Street to pick up his meds and possibly stay there. The gentleman has electricity and will stay there at his home.

Party reports tenants are up on the roof on Washington Avenue and she is afraid the roof will cave in.

Party reports that people are blowing snow into the street on Freemont Street. Officer reports speaking with the subject who ceased prior to their arrival.

Party on Otis Street reports that her pump is malfunctioning and that the heat may have gone out. Referred to WFD who will assist with the pump issue.

Party on Walden Place reports that a large front loader is illegally dumping snow. Officer spoke with the operator who was doing a favor for a friend and there was no damage to fence observed.

Disabled female on Crest Avenue called to report that she believes her downstairs neighbor may have just stolen her medications. Call to the party and she spoke with the officers.

Female on Brookfield Road reports that her husband may be having a stroke. Transferred to EMS.

Sunday, February 10

Caller on Floyd Street reports that his friend’s ex-boyfriend is outside causing a commotion. 91 reports taking the kid home to his parents. All advised of their rights.

Call of a fight on Bowdoin Street. W91 and 93 responded. W91 Off. Hickey and Curran report resident heard noise coming from back apartment. Resident there had a few neighbors in and all along with the caller was a bit drunk. All went to their homes for the night.

Caller from North Avenue called to demand a plow job for his street. Caller was enraged and concerned regarding the condition of his street that he reports was not plowed. He stated it was a public safety issue. Message left to S. Calla.

Party on Pleasant Street called requesting an ambulance for her sister who may have broken her arm. Transferred to Action.

Female on Otis Street called to inquire about the plowing of her street as she is nine months pregnant and is concerned that an emergency vehicle access is obstructed by the snow. DPW notified.

Party on Golden Drive reports that she fell and needs assistance getting up. WFD notified and they will assist.

Reports on Almont Street that a female got hurt while sledding. Transferred to EMS/WFD and they will handle.

Lt. Scarpa dispatched two units for a disturbance with a resident and a town plow truck operator at Delby’s Lot.

Report of a male entering a home on Fairview Street who should not be there. 91 McCarthy/Romeo, 94 Armistead, 93 DeCarlo reports that the male fled from rear and the chase is on. 22-year-old male. Chase is now on Read Street. McCarthy reports they have one under arrest. Charges: breaking and entering building in the daytime for felony, malicious destruction of property over $250.

Female reports that a male from Belcher Street has a snowblower and is blowing the snow into her clean and shoveled driveway on her car and then onto her flat roofed extension of the house where her 80 year-old mother lives in. It is upsetting her and he does this all the time that it snows. 93 DeCarlo reports he spoke with the male who is the person throwing the snow over. He will stop after officer warned him that his action could result in a civil or other actions.

Party on River Road reports that he was just assaulted. Neither party wishes to pursue the matter further. All parties advised of their rights and went on their way.

Party from Pleasant Street came in to the station to apply for a 209A. Subject lives in New Jersey and police faxed a copy to New Jersey police and they will attempt to serve.

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