Speaker DeLeo Does It: $25,000 Grant Will Help Local Businesses

Fresh off the success and joy of its Awards Night and Kickoff Gala, the Winthrop Chamber of Commerce enjoyed another positive boost, that being the tremendous opportunity that Speaker Robert A. DeLeo has given to the Chamber through his securing of a $25,000 state grant to be used to help local businesses.

Speaker DeLeo was able to obtain the grant and target it for a “pilot program” for the Winthrop Chamber. The Speaker will evaluate the results from Winthrop’s use of the funds from the grant and determine if the pilot program should extend to other communities statewide.

We know that the leaders of our Chamber, Dr. Paul McGee, president, and Eric Gaynor, executive director, are very thankful to the Speaker for this sizable grant and the potential programs that it can implement to help local businesses grow or people to consider opening a business in the town.

The grant also demonstrates the faith and respect that Speaker DeLeo has for the Chamber leadership and its membership to make the Winthrop Chamber an example for other chambers of commerce in the state.

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