Police Blotter 11-08-2012

Tuesday, October 30

Party came in to request EMS check out his friend on Pauline Street who allegedly took some pills. WFD notified. Officer reports male to MGH for further examination.

Officer is stopping vehicular traffic outbound on Revere Street due to flooding conditions on the Winthrop Parkway. MSP Revere unit is at Revere Street and Upland road. Storm gate is closed on the Revere side of Parkway.

Party came to the station with a victim witness form reporting tools were stolen out of above address while he was working on the house on Coral Avenue. Owner called on the 911 line reporting her home was broken into. She was advised that we were informed already but an officer would respond to speak with her directly.

Caller reports the Winthrop Police contacted him this morning relative to his motor vehicle possibly blocking access to the boat yard. Party reports nobody has entered or exited the boat yard today. He believes he is being harassed by the boat yard owner/manager.

Officer following up on a call from last week regarding the investigation that money was in dispute that was withdrawn from the Sovereign Bank ATM machine inside CVS, not the Credit Union as initially reported. Victim also has not reported the incident in person at her bank after interviewing the manager at EB Savings Bank. She was contacted and advised to file an affidavit. She would be reimbursed pending their investigation. Sovereign Bank Security also notified.

Party on Coral Avenue reported her home was broken into. She was advised we were already advised. Officer was dispatched to speak with her regarding further investigation.

W92 received a report of some crackling and popping sounds coming from a utility pole on Shirley Street. WFD notified.

Party on Pico Avenue reports sparks coming from electrical wire attached to the house next door. 

Wednesday, October 31 

Caller on Summit Avenue states suspicious black Honda with two occupants in front of her residence. Caller called back and stated individuals went into a neighbor’s house.

Caller states two black suspicious males in a dark green vehicle with tinted windows causing a disturbance in front of Fort Heath Apartments. She stated she was getting her cab for work and unable to stand by for an officer to arrive and investigate her complaint.

Be on the lookout for a male subject who is wanted for larceny of appliances on Shirley Street. He is known to take items from private property not belonging to him. His father stated that he is drug dependent and has local ties in Winthrop, but does not live here.

Warrant attempt for male on Almont Street. BDP notified and reports the subject arrested on warrants and being transported to Brighton District Court.

Summons for respondent for hearing on a petition for a 30-day involuntary commitment of alcohol or substance abuse per G.L. c. 123, s. 35 faxed from EB District Court for service. Party has no known address in Winthrop.

Party reports significant vandalism to old Winthrop Hospital site.

E911 call received by Lt. Perrin for a dispute between a 16-year old and her aunt on Pearl Avenue. Verbal argument and peace was restored.

Party brought in a wallet he found on Shirley Street by Expert Auto. Family member located and will notify the owner. Owner called and will pick it up today. He picked up the wallet at 1630 hours.

Amber Alert received over the 1-way line. Mother without any legal rights has taken her young child in Westfield and is believed to be traveling in Massachusetts.

Party came in to file a report involving her minor daughter.

WFD reports responding to Coral Avenue for a report of a strong odor of natural gas in the dwelling. W93 Gergerian reports a defective gas dryer was disconnected.

Caller reports that two females are moving out of a Charles Street apartment. She stated that they are putting furniture, tv, appliances, etc., out on the street on what she stated was her property and it is a safety issue. She is concerned that someone may fall over the items on her property. W93 responded and reports: The items were placed on Craig’s list FREE for people to get. Upon officers arrival there were people taking the items. The parties involved were advised to remove anything not taken from the public way. 

Thursday, November 1 

Caller reports a group hanging out in the parking lot of White Hen. Call was from a motorist, not the clerk.

Party on Shirley Street reports her boyfriend’s ex was just there and threw a stone through her window.

Party from EB Neighborhood Health requested transfer to E911 Chelsea for a participant who is suicidal at his home in Chelsea. Call transferred to Chelsea Police.

Female brought in a Mac Book that was apparently left behind at the bus stop in front of the Police Station. Owner was contacted indirectly and came in to retrieve her property.

Taxi driver reports his customer went into the residence on Circuit Road and did not pay his fare. Officer spoke with party and his mother. He was released from a health center and was not given a voucher. She will pay the driver within the next two days. The driver will allow her time to pay the $40 fare. If not, charges will be filed.

Party request s EMS for an elderly person at Viking Gardens who is suffering some medical conditions and not feeling well. WFD requests an officer respond to assist. Officer reports no transport.

Report of a group of teens heading toward the back of the tennis courts at Governors Park. It appears that maybe they are ready to fight. Officer spoke to the eight individuals who deny any fighting. Officers will monitor the area.

Party came in with his grandson with a set of keys they found on Winthrop Street. Placed under front counter with other unclaimed keys.

Report of a sewerage backup into a residence on Revere Street. Calla notified. 

Friday, November 2, 

Call of a wire down on Winthrop Street. Officer reports a phone wire and he put it around a tree.

Attempt made to contact an alleged victim to follow up on an investigation from weeks ago. Also unable to reach male at the two telephone numbers provided by MGH. Messages left at each number.

Caller from Dolphin Avenue reports a male taking scrap metal from his backyard. Officers report speaking with these individuals and a second floor neighbor who stated they have permission to take the items that he had deliberately left for them.

Everett PD requests notification for a female in connection with a shoplifting case.

Female came to the station to report receiving several phone calls from a male who she has a 209A on. She just wanted him to stop. He was warned by us. Incident Report being made out by Off. Feeley. Court was called and they stated a hearing is set up for Monday. If she comes in again regarding this male calling her, then a full emergency 209A will have to be obtained. She will call if there is anything suspicious in her area on E911.

Caller reports finding an abandoned/stolen bicycle on Corinha Beach. Bike secured and brought to the station.

Citizen reported that a large tree branch is about to come down near the Old Hospital. DPW notified.

Female called to report that she is missing a 14k gold necklace with a barrel pendant with stones on it and a 14k lever back 2 carat diamond like earrings from her stay at the Suburban Hotel. She reports speaking several times to the hotel regarding these items to no avail. She is sure that she had them upon her arrival on Oct. 13. She left the next day and did not discover them missing until she returned home to Texas. Suburban Hotel was contacted and spoke to the desk clerk who checked their log book for lost and found items and the items were not listed there. The desk clerk will leave a message for the manager/owner who will be on Monday.

Male from Dolphin Avenue reports leaving his I-phone at D’Parmas. When he called they told him it was not there. He put the tracking devise on and it is not tracking. He believes the phone is now shut off. He called it initially and someone speaking Spanish answered. When we called D’Palmas and spoke with female who said that they checked for the phone and it is not there. She was very helpful and cooperative and suggested he track it as well.

Father on Marshall Street reports his daughter’s boyfriend came to his home and was looking for his wallet. Caller’s daughter was not home but he was in contact and she told her father that she does not have his wallet. Father said the male was in his driveway earlier and is now in front of the house. Officers report party took off before their arrival. W93 reports having the party stopped at 7/11. He was advised to stay away from the house. Male showed W92 a text allegedly from the girlfriend indicating that she had his wallet. He was advised to stay away from the house at this time. 

Saturday, November 3 

Reports of a loud party on Douglas Street and there may not be any adults. Officers cleared out a very large group. Viking Cab was called to transport some home to East Boston.

Caller reports being in a Viking Taxi and another motor vehicle following them and wants to fight them. Units report speaking with both parties and issue was resolved.

Cell phone caller reports an individual appears to be in distress at Deer Island after jumping in the water to rescue a dog. Fire and harbormaster notified. W93 reports the individual is safe, and being evaluated by EMS as a precaution.

Caller reports his 40’ extension ladder was stolen from outside his residence on River Road sometime in the past week.

Call for smoke coming from the basement of Rossetti’s Café. Units report steam washer malfunction.

Caller requests to speak to an officer about a neighbor dispute on Shore Drive. W92 reports advising parties of their rights.

Party reports bicycle stolen from balcony on Veterans Road. W93 responds and reports gathering information. He will submit report. Also officer reports bicycle also left behind at the scene. He will bring it to the station and secure it. Described as silver Schwinn mountain bike in good condition.

Female from Amelia Avenue called to report a female trying doors in the area and going into backyards. Party was transported to the station. Charges will be sought by W93. EMS contacted and party was transported by Action to the Whidden.

Male on Douglas Street reports going out for a smoke and discovering two bikes in the rear yard. An adult black magna bike and a smaller bike. He does not believe they belong to the other tenants living there. He was advised we will check later in the day. 

Sunday, November 4 

Caller reports finding someone unconscious in the bathroom on Bellevue Avenue. Fire and ambulance notified. Fire reports 64 year old male passed away prior to their arrival.

Lynn PD called requesting a check on female. She is calling 911 from cell phone, screaming “police.” The cell phone is GPS to Lynn but she is listed at living on Hermon Street. Unit reports that is the grandmother’s house and she no longer lives there but somewhere in Lynn. Address unknown.

Female on Shore Drive came to the station to report that a man that lives next door to her has been banging on her wall and yelling at her. Also, he made a threat to her through another neighbor. “This Bitch is making me so mad that I am going to do something stupid to her.” This neighbor does not want her name used. This has been going on since April and this is the third time that the female has reported this to our station.

Caller from Seal Harbor reporting a group of five teenage males smoking, drinking and urinating in top right of Hannaford Park. Units 92 Ferullo and 93 Hickey respond and report five sent out of the area.

Caller reports a male subject just attempted to jump in front of his vehicle while operating on Shirley Street. Described as a white male, balding in his 40’s. Possibly intoxicated and angry as described by caller. W92 and W93 respond and report the area is clear.

Paul Revere Bus dispatcher called to report a disoriented elderly party on bus in Winthrop. Bus was instructed to stop at next stop – Main at Pleasant Street. Fire notified and responded. Elderly male, unidentified, possibly from East Boston has done four laps around town on bus. Driver is concerned. EMS transported party voluntarily to Whidden for evaluation.

Male caller reports a dog (puppy) is in a blue car in Nick’s parking lot and it is cold and the puppy is crying. W92 responded and located the owner who was in Nick’s and was only going to be a short time. 

Monday, November 5 

Someone from Bellevue Avenue came in to report a larceny.

Caller from Hutchinson Street reports she believe her neighbor may have damaged her fence. Officer Curran reports a civil issue, and parties advised of their rights.

Party reports a male in a motor vehicle driving aggressively, sounding his horn and trailing too close to her vehicle as she entered Winthrop from Revere Street. Would like this noted. Information provided indicates operator resides in East Boston.

Lt. Scarpa and Officers Curran and Carter report having a male under arrest on Summit Avenue on an East Boston warrant.

CVS clerk reports a shoplifter. W93 reports male suspect took off with razors in a Viking Cab.

Male from Governors Drive reports someone knocked on his door and when he went to it no one was there. When it happened again he went and opened it when two males with masks on knocked him down and grabbed the chain around his neck. No weapon shown.

Male from Suburban Hotel reports a gray Chrysler van just drove by and threw eggs at new arriving guests. They missed guests and struck the building. All units notified.

Party from Cottage Park Road reports two men were in his yard claiming to be checking the roof for damage. His wife called him after the fact. Officer reports area search is negative at this time.

Detail officer reports a female has fallen on the stairs leading from the rink parking lot to Walden Street sidewalk. WFD and EMS notified. Officer will take photos of the stairs and area. DPW arrived on scene to access the situation. Party refused medical treatment.

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