DeLeo Wins Big in Election

Senator Anthony Petrucelli (second from left) looks over the first returns at his campaign office in East Boston on Tuesday Night. Petruccelli received 82% of the votes cast in the Senate contest by Winthrop voters.

Speaker of the House Robert A. DeLeo scored an impressive victory over challenger Paul Caruccio in the election for Winthrop’s state representative seat Tuesday.

State Sen. Anthony Petrucelli easily defeated Thomas J. Dooley III while Winthrop residents gave a 157-vote edge to Elizabeth Warren, 4,521-4,364, over U.S. Senator Scott Brown on the way to Warren’s statewide victory.

President Barack Obama received 5,211 votes in Winthrop to 3,575 for Republican candidate Mitt Romney. Congressman Edward J. Markey won re-election in the district while receiving 6,404 votes in Winthrop.

DeLeo won in all six precincts by a commanding 3-1 margin, recording 6,414 votes to 2,176 for Caruccio. DeLeo also carried Revere 5,028 to 1,113.

DeLeo has been state representative since 1991. He was elected Speaker of the House in January, 2009. DeLeo stopped by his headquarters in Winthrop Center Tuesday night to thank his supporters before traveling to Boston where he was asked to speak at the election night gathering just before Elizabeth Warren gave her victory speech.

DeLeo was asked to assess his strong victory in the election.

“I attribute it to the fact that people know how hard I work for the district, that I hear their concerns, and I’m ever vigilant to local issues that are paramount to me. I think this shows that the people understand that I’m out there working for them each and every day.”

DeLeo said he is honored to serve as Speaker of the 160-member House of Representatives “but the biggest satisfaction that you get is the people who elect you each and every year appreciate the job you do and express that appreciation by voting for you. That’s what I thought about on Election Day. I still wake up on Election Day and my heart beats a little stronger on that day.”

DeLeo said his constituents remain first and foremost on his mind even as he holds one of the most powerful positions in state government.

“No matter what title I have attained, I have never forgotten the people of my district and I think the vote in Tuesday’s election really gave me a great deal of satisfaction that the people realized that by going out to vote for me in such large numbers.”

Petruccelli received 6,774 votes in Winthrop and 82 percent of the vote district wide. He and his family and supporters celebrated the victory at Kelley Square Pub in East Boston.

“It’s an honor, it’s humbling to win with such an overwhelming margin,” said Petruccelli. “It’s real exciting for my family and me and we couldn’t be any more elated by the outcome. I’m excited to go back to work for the people of Winthrop and the rest of the district.”

Winthrop resident Susan J. Bolster was unopposed in her re-election to the Northeast Regional Vocational School Committee.

3 comments for “DeLeo Wins Big in Election

  1. Thomas Dooley
    November 9, 2012 at 4:33 pm

    Conservative Candidate Thomas Dooley of Boston writes: first time on a ballot, began campaigning only in early August, spent $2,500 by 10/29 per requisite Campaign Finance Disclosure compared to $83,313 by the Incumbent, and given the numbers in general, total of circa 8,885 votes caste in Winthrop, the 6,774 votes for Petruccelli equals some 76%; blank votes can be equated to a protest vote, which would leave me with 24%. Revere had 15,000 blank votes leaving the Incumbent with 71%. In Boston the numbers were in much better. Thank you. Tom Dooley

  2. Thomas Dooley
    November 9, 2012 at 4:58 pm

    Correction: Revere had 15% blank votes, not 15,000. TJD

  3. andrew fucillo
    December 6, 2012 at 2:41 pm

    i am sorry but i begged for help as my brother stole not only my mothers money but her dignety as well bdeleo and cathy reinstein claim to b advocates for the elderly but dont u bet on it my mother just passed away at the hands of john fucillo was given no wake or funeral he told noone in the family till weeks after her death if my good friend god rest his soul was alive this would have never happened now i am having a funeral mass on dec 17 where her family can pay respects to betty fucillo the best mom anyone could have bill reinstein would have listened and he would have cared when u take office it one thing to taik the talk then walk the walk god bless u all this xmas season her son aj fucillo

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