Promotion for Crisafi: A Woman Becomes Sergeant for First Time

That was an historic ceremony in the legacy of the Winthrop Police Department Tuesday night when Mary Crisafi took the oath of office and became the first female to be promoted to the rank of sergeant in the department. It was a great moment for Crisafi, who has given years of outstanding service to the department and had always been a credit to the badge and the town. Women have made great strides in this country in all professions and fields of endeavor. And so too, women have become more prominent in the realm of public safety.

We’re pleased that Police Chief Terence Delehanty chose to recognize Mary Crisafi’s record of excellence with a much-deserved promotion in the department. It was evident that Mary was touched by the many people, including her colleagues in her department, who gave her a standing ovation as she took this step of advancement in her police career.

And we can only imagine how proud her 10-year-old son, Dante, must be of his mother and the work she has done helping to make Winthrop a safe community for all its residents. Being able to pin the sergeant’s badge on his mother’s Winthrop Police uniform is something he’ll remember years from now.

And we’re just as proud for Mary Crsafi, who can take pride in her history-making accomplishment in this town.

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