Police Blotter 09-20-2012

Monday, September 10

Resident on Highland Avenue concerned about a heavily damaged vehicle deposited on street by flatbed on Sunday morning.

Party on North Avenue reports extensive front end damage to his motor vehicle which he parked last night in his driveway. He believes a relative may have used the vehicle without permission. Wanted this recorded.

Conducting radar traffic enforcement in area of 500 Pleasant Street. No violations observed.

Caller from Governors Drive reports that youths are shooting heroin on the hallway stairs.

Sister called to report her brother came home to apartment on Governors Drive and found that chairs on the deck had been moved and the door open. He doesn’t think anything was missing. She was informed to have her brother go back to the apartment and call up and have an officer respond. W92 Off. Curran responded.

Female called to report that a male defendant was home now on Revere Street. W92 and 91 and 94 responded and reports serving male in hand with a restraining order. He left the premises with personal items and tools.

Call of a medical request on Shore Drive from father, whose son had cut his foot and was bleeding profusely.

Mother came to the station to report that her estranged son took her motor vehicle without permission from Douglas Street on August 31. She just learned of this when she was contacted by the Revere PD regarding her car when they stopped the son who was driving her car. She has since received a citation in the mail from the Revere PD regarding allowing him to use the motor vehicle.

Excited female on Summit Avenue called reporting her baby had a seizure and is not coming out of it. Fire notified and 91 and 92 responded. The child was responsive on their arrival. They transported the 2 year old to MGH.

Male called to report two car loads were causing a disturbance in the rear by the pool at Governors Drive. Caller said that they come every night. Was asked if he notified security and he said he does and they don’t respond. Officer sent parties out of the area. All local usual parties told them to find a new location.

Officer has a scooter stopped on Pleasant Street with a passenger. Charges: two outstanding warrants, possession of counterfeit note, unlicensed operation of vehicle and motor vehicle lights violation.

Tuesday, September 11

Caller states a motorist appears to be asleep at the steering wheel of motor vehicle on Revere Street and Crest Avenue. 91 and 93 report being off with that vehicle with owner/operator in custody. G/J Towing notified. Charges: Driving under the influence and possession of Class B drug.

Received two 911 calls from the CVS. It appeared to be generated by a fax machine. Officer reports speaking with the manager who will contact their headquarters regarding the issues with the fax machine.

Party on Emerson Road requested an ambulance for his mother who has fallen. Transferred to WFD.

Female on Pleasant Court reports ongoing harassment taking place. She reports the landowner is shouting obscenities at the caller over a fence.

Request for an ambulance for a 14 year old on Johnson Avenue having difficulty breathing. WFD notified.

Party called to obtain information regarding a 209A issued against her on August 16, 2010. BOP check reveals an open indefinite 209A against her. She stated she was unaware of it and has never been served. Unable to locate any record of her being served in our system. Upon further review, copy of return obtained from EB District Court reveals she was served by the chief court officer on August 16, 2010. Caller advised of same and will follow up with the court.

Party on Quincy Avenue reports she is having a dispute over her property line with a neighbor who will not let her install a fence. Officers report party was not present upon arrival. The surveyor and caller report damage was done and officer will seek complaints.

Report of someone dropping a white substance on the sidewalk on Revere Street to kill insects. Believe it may be harmful to domestic pets.

Female requests an officer stand by on Revere Street while male picks up some items at his residence.

Caller from Undine Avenue reports that a man in a white car is stalking a girl. W91 dispatched and as he was responding, the caller called back and stated the white car  left the area. Female got into the car with male whom she was fighting with over a phone. Officer will speak with the caller. Units report locating parties involved and they stated that it was all verbal, they have been advised of their rights and sent out of the area.

Fire Department called stating that a woman reported to them that her dog was attacked by a black bull dog in the area of Shirley Hardware. No further information. Message left for ACO.

Wednesday, Sept. 12

Party reports his friend was just dropped off by a taxi and she was intoxicated. When he arrived she was nowhere to be found. They were able to finally get her on her cell phone. She stated that she had passed out on the street somewhere. Units responded to the area of Washington Terrace where she lives. Officer Turner located her on Winthrop Street. Her friends picked her up and took her home.

W100 reports being off with parked motor vehicle. Male sleeping inside. Officer Turner reports that no key in the ignition, no operation. Call for taxi. Subject became disorderly and was placed under arrest. Charges: Disorderly conduct.

Party from Marine Tech came in to report the lock/knob to his business was damaged. He believes someone attempted to gain entry. He stated it was the second time within the last two weeks.

Female on Buchanan Street requests an ambulance transport to the MGH due to pain. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Party on Coral Avenue reports the dogs next door are acting up once again and he would like the ACO to come by. ACO officer notified and will respond ASAP.

Report of someone locating a bag of used syringes. Officer reports locating the items and will dispose of them in Sharps container.

Report of someone tripping in front of home on Perkins Street on a section of a sidewalk that has raised up due to a tree root over the years. Party was advised to contact DPW.

Officer reports a past larceny by an employee at Energy To Go.

Motor vehicle car stop on Shore Drive and subsequently an arrest. Charges: driving with suspended license, failing to stop/yield for police, open container of alcohol in vehicle, possession of Class A drug.

A constable called stating that he was contacted by the Dept. of Revenue to pick up a man on Summit Avenue on a child support warrant. 93 responds to assist and reports subject was taken into custody.

Thursday, September 13

Party reports Cardillo Construction Co. struck an underground electric line while excavating in the area of Locust Street. National Grid notified and gave a 30 minute ETA. WFD was notified and will investigate the situation.

Party on Lorean Terrace reports a Sprint phone bill was made out to her by a former caretaker. Officer will investigate further and forward report to Sprint regarding the ongoing matter.

Request for another unit to respond to Senor Center for a party trying car doors. WFD and EMS requested for an evaluation of the subject. Party was transported to the Whidden for further evaluation. Lt. Perrin will seek a complaint.

Caller on Pleasant Street reports ex will not give motor vehicle back and there is an active 209A with him on the defendant. Officer spoke to ex-boyfriend and he stated that he was allowed to use the vehicle but will leave it for her to pick up. He will not be anywhere near the vehicle and will leave the area so 209A will not be violated. Caller notified and stated she will get her sister to get the vehicle.

Party called and stated he was threatened by a male across the street from Winthrop Market Place. He stated he stopped to let someone cross the street and the male began to yell at him saying he would punch him in the face. He stated party was a black male with blue shirt with a black female with pink shirt.

Caller from Shirley Street reports she would like WFD to respond to her apartment. She states she has been smelling gas for two days. WFD notified.

Female caller reports four abandoned cats on property on Lewis Lake side. ACO contacted and will respond.

Report of a man lying on the ground near the tennis courts at Ingleside Park.

Friday, September 14

Caller reports man down on a front lawn on Main Street. Officers report male looking for certain number Main Street. W91 reports dropping off subject at that location.

Male caller reports someone knocking at his back door on Locust Street. Officers report having female and she seems confused and her brother was also there. Officers report they were at the wrong house. All parties are satisfied. They have left the area. Detail officers S. Hickey and Curran assisted.

Officer reports that while at the Gorman School, a motorist confronted her about not being allowed to take a left turn. Subject was advised it is posted “no left turn.” Subject was video taping the officer while operating his vehicle and taking a left turn despite the officer’s order not to. Citation will be issued.

Party reports her car keeps getting scratched up by bushes along the left side of Dean Avenue. Officer reports the brush appears to be on town property. DPW Calla notified and will investigate the matter.

Mother on Ocean View Street requests EMS for her 6 month old child who she believes she may have given too much Ibuprofen. WFD notified.

Party reports a 58 year old male is on Cutler Street with chest pain for three days. He is slurring his words. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Report of two males fighting outside Winthrop Market Place. Officers report speaking with both parties who do not want any further action taken as it was a verbal argument.

Mother and father came to the station to report their daughter being assaulted in Winthrop Middle School. Daughter is 14 years old. The alleged suspect, male, swung his heavy backpack at her today striking her in her lower back. Incident report will be generated and complaint sought. This has been escalating for two years with harassment and bullying toward the victim.

Saturday, September 15

Landlord on Hutchinson Street wishes for an officer to keep the peace while she obtains some personal property from the basement. W93 obliged.

Caller on Willis Avenue reports the lady with the dogs is in the trailer that should not be there. (First we heard of this). Chief was called and explained the situation. Proper authorities will be handling this next week.

15 year old female on Jefferson Street came in to report having issues with her 17 year old brother. Unit reports calling their mother who came to the station and will handle the situation.

Caller from Governors Drive reports a loud party at another apartment. Unit reports that there were children running in the apartment. They claim it is an ongoing dispute with one of their neighbors. Caller claimed they made more noise after police left that scared her, but it is currently quiet. Again caller reports individuals in apartment continues to make noise. Units report speaking to party once again and advised that court action will be taken if noise continues.

Reports of kids roller blading in Hanaford Park. Officer reports sending kids out of area and advised not to return. 

Sunday, September 16

Caller reports yelling and screaming coming from house on Ingleside Avenue. Unit report a verbal argument.

Detail officer Curran reports being off with a male motorcycle operator on Revere Street. Party fled from Officer after handing over his Mass ID. Party located and placed in custody after brief area search (lt. Perrin was in VERY brief foot chase). Refusal to stop and unlicensed operation. Someone on Quincy Avenue called to report someone just left a motorcycle in his yard. This of course is the one we are looking for. G&J will tow. Bike is stolen. Charges: operation of vehicle with revoked license, failing to stop for police, receiving stolen goods, attaching plates to vehicle, unregistered vehicle and uninsured motor vehicle.

Walk-in to report basement is flowing with raw sewage on Underhill Street. Steve Calla notified.

Whidden Hospital called to inform us they have a Jane Doe in their ER picked up yesterday in Revere. They are unable to identify her and are contacting local departments in case someone is reported missing. She is approximately 25 years old, blond female.

Officer reports suspicious vehicle parked on grass at Morton and Amelia Avenue. Possible 94 C violation. Officer checks out vehicle and occupants along with W91 and W98. Units sent parties on their way.

Caller on Hermon Street reports a problem with his tenant. Unit 92 reports a civil matter between landlord and tenant. Landlord was advised of his rights.

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