Time is Now for Miller Field : Mckenna Understands the Need to Renovate

We’re so pleased that Town Manager James McKenna has emphasized the importance of restoring Miller Field so it can be used to its maximum. As most of our readers know, the unsafe condition of the track has precluded our Viking teams from holding home meets at Miller Field.

We know that McKenna is exploring all options to make Miller Field the jewel that it once was and the field that has hosted so many memorable events, including back-to-back Super Bowl games versus Mansfield and Westford Academy in 1991 and 1992 under then-head coach Tony Fucillo.

With the town’s School Building Committee working hard on its plans, we know that the restoration of Miller Field has to be a part of the process. Just look to north to Lynn and see how a new artificial turf stadium can utilized to its maximum and bring so many big events to a community, not to mention the asset it will be for our youth sports programs at all levels.

1 comment for “Time is Now for Miller Field : Mckenna Understands the Need to Renovate

  1. realist
    September 14, 2012 at 6:06 pm

    Lynn’s stadiums attract occasional professional sports and entertainment events for a city of more than 90,000. For this waste of newsprint to even consider a comparison betrays the narrow-mindedness and pandering the staff of this rag constantly demonstrates.

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