Remembering Our Publisher

We took much pride in reading in the “The More Things Change” column about our late, long-time publisher, Andrew P. Quigley, and his accomplishments of 60 years ago when he was both Mayor of Chelsea and the state senator for the area, one of the youngest leaders, before or since, who has been so honored by their constituents to hold two such positions of prominence at the same time.

If we may say, Andrew Quigley was a man of incredible vision who brought Boston University to the city of Chelsea to manage its public schools. Chelsea now has new schools and though the partnership has ended after two decades of successful management, the people in Chelsea know how much Mr. Quigley — mayor, state representative, senator, School Committeeman, and newspaper publisher — meant to that community and its future well-being. For those of us who were graced by his presence as the publisher of this newspaper, we say thank you, Mr. Quigley. Stephen Quigley, president of the Independent Newspaper Group, now carries on the family’s tradition of newspaper publishing — and a love for this seaside community that you just can’t measure.

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