Police Blotter 09-13-2012

Monday, September 3

Several calls of someone playing loud music and possibly playing a guitar on Siren Street. W93 located the offending party and restored the peace.

Party on Winthrop Street reports that his mother fell and needs assistance getting up.

Mother in Peabody requests that we check on her son on Pauline Street. 94 reports no answer at door. Note left to call his mother.

Party reports that his motor vehicle was struck in the parking lot at 1 Pond Street. He reported gouges on the rear passenger side of the vehicle.

Party came in to report that she was the victim of a past assault and battery.

Caller reports that his mother’s house on Cottage Park Road has been broken into a few times. He wants extra patrols. Stated that the house is in probate with his sister. Nothing has been taken.

Multiple calls of a lost dog in the area of Willis Avenue. Owner called. Given address. Will pick up lost dog.

Tuesday, September 4

Caller states that her fence and some town property was vandalized (tagging) last night.

Party came in to report that two Asian youths soliciting for money at Michael’s Mall.

Party reports someone threw an egg at her house on Buchanan Street this morning. She heard the sound of it hitting the house but did not observe the culprit(s). She wanted it on record.

Female came to the station to report that her WFCU bank debit card was stolen. She reported the card was stolen from the ATM machine on Woodside avenue when it was accidentally left behind on Friday, Aug. 31 at approximately 7 p.m. Reports it was used in East Boston on Sunday, Sept. 2 at CVS charges of $112 and $114. Advised to follow up with East Boston police. Reports a thin white female with dirty blonde hair came in to use the machine immediately after. Forwarded to follow-up with Det. Racow.

Party came in to report that her motor vehicle was stolen sometime late Sunday night and was involved in an accident and recovered in Revere by Off. Fantasia on Sept. 3. The suspect is her brother-in-law’s son. She also stated that her daughter has an outstanding 209 A against her and the car as well and wanted it noted. Vehicle not entered into LEAPS.

Party on Pauline Street reports she still has not heard from her son since the prior well being check and note. Officer reports speaking with roommate who states that he was depressed and left two weeks ago without returning since. Officer followed up with Samuel’s Pharmacy to get doctor’s information and will attempt to locate him.

Officer will do a report for a caller at Seal Harbor who is getting a prank call.

Chief reports possible domestic in the street at Grovers Avenue and Crest Avenue. Verbal only, all parties left the scene.

Dispatcher reports that his driver of Bus #700 discovered a full pocketbook was left on the bus and would like an officer to meet him to recover it. W91 responded and recovered the pocketbook. It was delivered to the rightful owner.

Party on Hawthorn Avenue came to the station regarding concerns about his estranged wife’s behavior. Reporting party states that there is a diagnosis of bi-polar and she is self medicating with alcohol. Party is concerned because of their liberal custody agreement and past threats she made about calling police. Party’s in-laws are working with him to attempt to get her to treatment. She has been resistant and called police on her mother recently. Reporting party filled out a victim witness statement.

Caller from Washington Avenue reports that his wife is flipping out. Units report verbal only. All rights given.

Wednesday, September 5

Party on Shirley Street reports a neighbor in the area appears to be having a domestic issue there. Officers request WFD and EMS for an evaluation of a party there. Female patient is being transported to MGH for evaluation.

Big construction beginning on the beach. Rocks near Beacon Circle being moved by loader digger.

Party on Winthrop Street reports that his brother broke into his apartment. Second caller reports she is being threatened by party. Officers report keeping the peace between the parties as well as advising them of their rights regarding this civil matter.

Received a fax from the MA Dot-RMF who would like us to serve a copy of a notice of revocation to a driver on Marshall Street for immediate threat – medical.

Attempt to serve 209A on Winthrop Street. Service was made, defendant ripped up the order and threw it in the house somewhere. Plaintiff reports that his brother took his mother’s cane with him and left a nasty note behind. Stated his mother is dead but he wanted the cane. Was told that this would be noted.

Manager of Hot Diggity reports a woman is dropping pills all over the floor. Units report checking out couple. Sent on their way.

Party at North Suffolk Mental Health reports that one of their residents tripped and fell during a fire drill.

911 caller on Shore Drive appeared distraught and unable to communicate situation. WFD and officers responded and report that caller may have a medication issue and is being transported to MGH for evaluation.

Officer reports being flagged down about a male passed out in a white car on Somerset Avenue. Officer reports man was ok and waiting for his girlfriend.

Walk-in to report that she was just attacked by her mother. Medical notified and fire and ambulance responded.

Call to report a number of Warren signs have been stolen from people’s lawns. They were taken from 116 Ocean View Street, 164 Grovers Avenue and 25 Waldemar. She would like this on record.

Thursday, September 6

Caller reported sewage backing up on Shirley Street. DPW notified.

Party reports her basement is filling up with stinky water on Court Road. WFD notified.

Party reports a strange odor in the area of Pleasant and Buchanan Street. Odor appears to be town wide.

Someone on Buchanan Street requests to see an officer regarding threats that were made on Aug. 20. Officer reports speaking with the owner of 7-11 who will send no trespass order to the subject. Officer went by his home address and advised him to stay away from the store and that a no trespass order is being sent to him.

Officer left off a copy of the revocation notice issued by MA RMV on Sept. 5 to the party on Marshall Street.

Party on Faun Bar Avenue reports that her neighbor tried to assault her and then damaged the door of the apartment. Officer reports speaking with all parties and no assault took place and no damage done to the property. Only a verbal argument took place between the parties.

91 secured a syringe that was reported by three young boys in the parking lot of the CVS.

Party came in to report that he listed some antiques for sale on Craig’s list and received two invalid checks in the mail. The checks amounts were for amounts considerable greater than his selling price. He did not deposit them into his account and was advised that they are counterfeit by the bank. He was not out any money or merchandise. He will follow up with Craig’s list security.

Report of a very low hanging wire down at the end of Winthrop Street. WFD notified and will investigate. The wire has been replaced to the proper location.

911 call from Circuit Road for a problem with her neighbor. At the same time, the neighbor also called to complain. Officers report verbal  and all advised.

Party on Charles Street reports stolen bicycle sometime last night. A 20” girl’s Schwinn, white with purple trim.

Caller on Washington Avenue reports tools were stolen out of his vehicle. Officers spoke to all parties and tools were returned. Caller does not want to press any charges.

Friday, September 7

Caller from Court Road reports not being able to contact her sister and was worrying about her well being. Officer reports speaking with the sister and she was informed to contact her sister.

Party from Tony’s Cleaners reports vandalism to his property.

On Thursday of this week a new Level 2 Sex Offender came to the station to be registered.

Call from Demitri Liquor to report a girl needs medical help out front. Officer reports she left in a cab.

Call from male on Read Street to report Cardillo Construction ripped the phone and cable wire off his house today. His wife just came home and noticed this. Steve Calla was notified and he stated Cardillo will pay for anything that the above party may pay for. He was told to contact Comcast to have the line fixed today because he has kids and needs 911 capability in an emergency.

Party called the station to report she lost her Sony camera this morning at the Fort Banks school. It was in a maroon case.

Saturday, September 8

Caller on Sunset Road reports someone knocking at her door and she doesn’t know who he is. Units requesting a check on him. No wants or warrants. Units report party has been sent on his way via Viking Taxi.

Report of someone having a seizure on Putnam Street at the gym.

Caller reports individual in a dark colored SUV that has been parked behind Simione’s for the past hour and is acting suspicious. Units report area is clear.

Call of a possible drunk male on Pauline Street. Units report locating subject who was coherent and assisted him in getting home.

Call from Executive Apartments of a tenant having trouble breathing. A neighbor called and stated he is worried about leaving wife alone. Husband taken out in the ambulance. A unit was sent by to check on her.

Units report a citizen informing him of two people walking in the street on Main Street.

Male party came in to report an incident that occurred in Newton with his ex-girlfriend. At this time a restraining order was sent over by Newton Police to be served on male. R.O. served in hand and party advised of his rights and informed to save any messages she has/will text him.

Party called 911 and hung up. Called back and he stated “I need ambulance” and hung up. Unit reports one male on Shore Drive to MGH.

Caller reports a female walked into the Lucky Garden, picked up her food and passed out. Fire and ambulance notified. Unit reports female being transported to Whidden.

W91 reports moving three car loads of kids out of the landing.

Caller from Faun Bar Avenue reports sister cannot breath.

Sunday, September 9

Caller reports a group behind building at Governors Drive causing a disturbance. Units report moving group out of area.

Caller reports a fight out in front of her house on Harvard Street. Units report a group in the area but no fight to report.

Caller, who is the sister of a female on Court Road requests a person check on her sister. 93 reports sister is fine. Does not want to talk to her sister. The sister was notified.

Report from Shore Drive of a man on a bike who had a hook go through his arm by a fisherman who was casting. Fire and ambulance notified. Male transported to Whidden.

Report of a group causing a disturbance on Brookfield Road. Group dispersed.

Caller from Johnson Avenue reports a man called looking for a “Tommy” and the money he owed him. She informed him that nobody by that name lived and there and he insisted on speaking to a Tommy.

Resident on Highland Avenue concerned about heavily damaged vehicle deposited on street by flatbed on Sunday a.m.

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