Well-deserved Honor : John Kilmartin Walkway Honors His Lasting Efforts

And speaking of impressive and heartwarming ceremonies, what a great day it was on Saturday when the Friends of Belle Isle Marsh and the town celebrated the lifelong contributions of the late John Kilmartin by naming the walkway at Short Beach the John Kilmartin Walkway. It was a fitting tribute to a man who did so much for that area of Belle Isle Marsh in terms of conservation, cleaning, and the public safety of our residents. It was great to see his wife, Nancy Kilmartin, and their five children looking on with such pride and knowing how much this man, John Kilmartin, meant to so many people who appreciated his volunteerism so that Winthrop residents might enjoy the beauty of this great تnatural resource.

Dani Foley did a fantastic job as the master of ceremonies for this happy and joyful event and it was heartwarming to see the large turnout that included friends like Conal Foley, who read a poem that was well-received by the large gathering.

Speaker of the House Robert A. DeLeo was instrumental in making this project a reality and his efforts in this project were commended by the speakers at the ceremony. We noted the presence of our Council President Peter Gill and former President Thomas Reilly who knew John Kilmartin personally for many years and who understood the significance of this honor to his family.

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