Open for Business: New Owner and Complete Renovation at Quick Food Mart

Now open under new management, the Quick Food Mart has undergone a major transformation at 490 Shirley Street. Thanks to new owner Nisarg Patel, the renovated convenience store now offers a beautiful location to pick up items on the way to the ferry, play a few games of Keno, or grab an always fresh-brewed cup of hot or iced coffee. At the Winthrop Chamber of Commerce re-opening of the Quick Food Mart: Jim Marr, Erin Hanlon, Niki Vettel, Sadhanat Patel, Harry Patel, Nisarg Patel, Eric Gaynor, Ernie Hardy, Christine Millerick, and Paul McGee.

Nisarg Patel said the full-scale renovation project at his Quick Food Mart on Shirley Street took two months to complete.

It was definitely worth the wait, judging by the shiny, new, beautiful and spacious appearance – but more importantly, by the appreciative comments from the Patel family’s loyal customers.

“By far the nicest store, looks awesome, complete 360, the difference between night and day, – those are the compliments we’ve been hearing,” said Patel proudly.

Patel and his mother, Sadhana, took over ownership of the market on March 1. His father, Harry Patel, has been a highly respected business owner in the town, operating Thompson Town Liquor.

The family made a decision to totally transform the look and design of the property.

“We did everything – the floors, ceilings, walls, lighting – it was a complete renovation,” said the 25-year-old Patel, a former Chelsea High football and baseball star and 2010 graduate of Suffolk University who holds a degree in Business Entrepreneurship and Marketing.

New coolers were purchased while a new coffee, cappuccino, and iced tea station was installed. Pre-made sandwiches were added to the list of available foods.

A new section for Massachusetts Lottery and keno players was built. That area includes a lottery player’s table and a high-definition television. The familiar cashier counter was moved to another area of the mart.

“We wanted to give customers the whole feel of the outside and make it easier for the entrance and exit of our customers,” said Patel. “We just re-arranged everything to make it a brighter, more welcoming environment.”

Patel said his store’s renovation complements well the revitalization and progress of other nearby businesses including Osaka Lucky Garden, Alia, Rustic Table, Twist and Shake, Hi-Tide and the family-owned liquor store that also underwent renovations.

Both Nisarg and Harry Patel say they’re quite proud of the store’s new appearance and happy to be a part of the local business community. Previously the Patels owned two convenience stores in Chelsea.

“Three years ago we bought a house in Winthrop and now we call it our town,” said Harry Patel.

“Winthrop is our hometown and we have a nice beach here,” said Nisarg Patel, who is single. “The people in Winthrop are generous and very respectful and nice. Our customers have been very loyal.”

Precinct 6 Councilor Linda Calla has stopped by the store to offer the support of the Council. Town Manager James McKenna has also visited the store to view firsthand the improvements and offer the assistance of town departments.

Patel also thanked Eric Gaynor, executive director of the Winthrop Chamber of Commerce, for the Chamber’s help and support from the outset.

Next up are major improvements to the exterior of the mart. “We’re going to begin working on the outside and change the awning and the brick facing on the front,” said Nisarg Patel.

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