Powers to the Rescue: Parks Committee Gets Key Push from Councilor

During his time on the Town Council, Councilor-at-Large Larry Powers has demonstrated a keen awareness of how to introduce a good idea, get to the heart of the matter, explain its significance in terms that all residents can understand, and proceed toward implementation if he feels it’s in the best interests of the town. Powers was at his legislative best at the last Council meeting when he implored his colleagues to get right to it and approve what looks like a creative and sound idea by Council President Peter Gill to create a Parks Committee.

Gill wanted to form a committee of townspeople interested in working toward improving the appearance of Winthrop’s parks and playgrounds, much in the same manner that residents recently stepped forward to transform Daw Playground into a more aesthetic and inviting place where our children can play.

Just as the idea was heading toward the Committee on Committees (yes, there is such a committee) and thus stalling the proposal for a minimum of three weeks until the next meeting, Powers stepped forward and in his own distinctive style said, “I think we’re making a mountain out of a mole hill. We’re making this much more complicated than it really needs to be.”

Powers then endorsed the idea to the fullest, saying the new Parks Committee would give the citizens a way to work on the parks and raise funds for the parks “in the framework of town government.” In no way did Powers want to see a good idea about one committee sent to another committee.

And voila, within a couple of moments, Gill’s proposal received a unanimous vote from the Council.

If it were a hockey game, Gill would get the goal, but his idea wouldn’t have crossed the goal line without a most valuable assist from Council-at-Large Larry Powers.

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