Police Blotter 07-26-2012

Monday, July 16

Caller from Tileston Road reports son is out of control. Callback to report son left the house. Units report area search negative.

Daughter on Myrtle Avenue reports that her father is suicidal and told her that he is going to jump in the ocean. Units located the individual on the rocks near the ocean. WFD notified. Action Ambulance transported the individual to the MGH for an evaluation.

Visiting Nurse reports that she needs assistance on Girdlestone Road as her patient is not doing well. All units on prior call. WFD states no PD at this time.

Mass State Police transferred a call of unknown caller on Crest Avenue claiming to be the victim of strangulation by ex-husband. Charges: domestic assault.

Party from Raleigh NC called with a very suspicious story as to being the victim in many different crimes in different states. She believes that she can narrow down the cause to her time in Winthrop. She appeared very confused. Raleigh PD notified to respond and do a well being check.

Caller from Pico Avenue reports a car almost ran him and his wife over on Pleasant Street. He doesn’t want to go to court, just wanted it noted in the computer.

Call requesting an officer for a shoplifter at Quick Foodmart. Unit 92 reports he has a female in custody. Charges: Possession of a Class A drug.

Unit 98 Lt. Perrin off with vehicle in Beacon Circle which was involved in possession of Class A Heroin. Vehicle comes back active. Operator consented to search of vehicle and syringes found in rear of car. Officers please BOLO.

Tuesday, July 17

Caller reports a male in a truck keeps on stopping in front of his house and yelling at him. Officers stopped a white pick-up. Operator stated he is just on his way to work. Caller could not give a color for pick-up, but his first thought was that it was red, but not sure.

Party on Pleasant Street requests to speak with an officer regarding a neighbor having work done. Officer reports after speaking with her she was advised to contact the Building Inspector regarding the matter.

Report of a confused male wandering along River Road walking toward Washington Avenue. Subject appears to be in his 70s, white male, wearing shorts. Also wearing a brimmed hat.

Party reports that at approximately 9 p.m. last evening a rock was thrown through her driveway window on Shirley Street. Casement type window, approximate value over $200.

Reports of large trucks traveling in and out of Deer Island which seem to be going fast, especially in the Point Shirley area. She was advised we will monitor the area whenever possible.

The Chief requests a unit respond to assist with an eviction due to unsafe building and health code violations on Beacon Street. Motor vehicle parked in the driveway was towed per the Health Department and the Chief.

Caller reports a young girl burnt her grandmother with a cigarette on Pleasant Street. Fire, Action, units report no transport. Girl fled prior to their arrival. Area search negative.

Officers speak with mother and boyfriend of female subject on Shirley Street. Female came to the station and she appeared to be drug and alcohol free. She stated she is afraid of her mother. She also stated that she does not want to do any harm to herself and will file for a 209A in the morning.

Caller reports a male party was at her window on the side of her house on Almont Street. He is in a parked motor vehicle. Officers report speaking with all parties. Male was under the weather and he was at the wrong address.

Wednesday, July 18

Detail officer McFarland reports motor vehicle is driving around the maze area of Sunnyside Avenue. They are driving the same street again and again. He is going to stop vehicle to see if they are lost. They state they like Winthrop and might move here.

Party came to the station to report that she had visitors at her apartment at Executive Apartments on June 19th and later learned that someone fraudulently used her Kohl’s Department Store credit card. The card was used at the Medford store on June 21st and purchases totaled $321. Reporting party has been working with a fraud investigator for Kohl’s and was told that the signature from June 21st did not match her own.

Several calls regarding a dog barking on River Road that usually doesn’t bark but has been for the last thirty minutes. Units report making contact with the residents who were in an air conditioned room and did not realize the dog was barking.

Party reports a suspicious acting female in the area of AV Nails. Officer reports checking the area to no avail.

EB District Court has warrant for female subject on Shirley Street. Officers report subject was not at the address. Subject called and stated she is at a business. 91 notified and will respond. Female placed in custody on the warrant of apprehension and transported to the EB District Court.

Party on Read Street reports shearing off the tip of his finger with a saw. WFD notified.

Male wished to be patched through to the USCG Boston regarding a previous call he made concerning his friend on the M/V Bicardi, a lobster boat off shore in the heavy weather that came through.  He was patched through and advised USCG the vessel is underway and does not appear to be having any problems.

Caller from the Alcohol & Drug Free Lodging Home states that she’s feeling suicidal. 98 and fire respond and report the female calling/involved party left prior to the arrival of the units.

Male party came to the station to report that he was assaulted by his brother in Chelsea. Off. McCarthy spoke with him and had him evaluated by Action EMS due to swelling and bleeding over his left eye. He refused medical. Chelsea PD notified by officer and advised to file a report with Chelsea.

Caller on River Road reports a male calling and texting her regarding a section on her daughter. She was advised to come to the station to file a report with an officer regarding the threats and texting. She requested at this time that she just wanted the police to call him and ask him to stop. Call made to texter by Det. Racow. He was advised to stop calling and texting.

Male reports a male urinated on his front lawn on Shirley Street and is intoxicated. Units advised to be on the lookout in the area. Area check negative at this time.

Thursday, July 19

Female caller wants to report vandalism to a laundry room. Believed she said address on Lorean Street. There is no number listed at Lorean Street or Terrace. List to call again and she said Lawrence Street. We do not have a Lawrence Street in Winthrop. Party seemed intoxicated.

Party reports she parked her car on Park Avenue last evening and someone tossed dirt and mulch onto the hood. She would like this placed on file due to similar issues.

Caller reports an older man appears to have broken down near the mailbox on Revere Street. He is now hitchhiking toward Revere. Detectives report speaking to the subject who was hitchhiking and was not driving the car. He was asked to stop walking in the street.

Party reports someone was drinking while operating an orange trash truck, possibly DPW. Units advised to BOLO for the subject motor vehicle.

Someone on Temple Avenue requests officer for a parking making threats outside his home. Officers report peace restored between the landscaper working next door and the caller.

There is reports that there are personal belongings up in the hill area near the playground. Apparently, someone is living in the small wooded area between the Gorman School and the Housing Authority property.

Located a faxed copy of ERO from the Chelsea District Court to be served on a male subject on Lincoln Street. Officer attempted service but subject was not at home. The party was served his copy in hand at the police station by Off. Armistead. Copy of call and return of service was faxed back to the Court.

Caller states his 11 year old niece got nervous when a blue pickup with NH registration approached her with questions. The operator was described as a white male with tan and dark hair and eyes. The incident occurred around 12:45-1 p.m. at Twin Bakery.

Party came in to report his 2002 Kittery Point Tender, color green, was stolen from the WYC on or around 6-28-2012. He stated he was away and discovered the dingy missing on or around 7-8. He spoke with the Commodore at the yacht club who reviewed their video surveillance that apparently captured the incident. Information is not able to be entered into LEAPS as he was unable to provide a HIN and the boat was not registered.

Caller reports a group of four teens throwing items at passing vehicles on Wave Way Avenue.

Party came in to report he loaned his kayak to a friend and now it is missing from his yard on Wav Way Avenue. He believes it was used by a party not known to him and not returned.

Anonymous caller reports drug deal “going down” on Sunnyside Avenue. Detectives notified and will attempt to stop motor vehicle involved. They searched the area to no avail. Will monitor the area.

92 spoke with defendant on Sewall Avenue for a 209A. He is at his workplace and will pick up a copy of the order at the station when he gets out of work. He came by police station and was served by Off. McCarthy.

Friday, July 20

Party on Ocean View Street reports her four month old is choking on vomit and turning blue. WFD and EMS notified. Officers responded and report baby is no longer choking and appears to be doing fine.

Report of a white tractor trailer that took down a stop sign at Bayview Avenue and Shirley Street.

Female defendant on Beal Street was served a 209A over the phone. She was advised to pick up a copy of the order at the station. She will pick it up over the weekend.

911 transfer from state. Caller reports man there on Shirley Street who got jumped by a bunch of kids. 91 requests fire, Action. Medical refusal.

Saturday, July 21

Party reports a fire in the attic on Shirley Street. Second caller reporting the house fire. WFD and EMS notified. Officers report having to close down Shirley Street area into the Point and out of the Point due to conditions.

Juvenile female came in to the station with her father to report being harassed by a former friend. She received a threatening text message from her today and made some remarks to her as she was driving by her with her father. Father and daughter were advised of their rights and may seek a harassment prevention order on Monday. Father stated he wished to create a record only at this time. They were also advised to return should there be any escalation over the weekend.

Female on Shore Drive walked into the police station reporting two of her tenants were harassing her. The two were evicted and have to be out by the end of the month. She reports that when she left the court house they were harassing her. She was advised to call 91 in case any problems arise in Winthrop.

Female on Buckthorn Terrace reports she just had work done on her fence and her neighbors removed the work that was done and she would like to see an officer. W-92 Off. Grimes reports mediating the problem.

Sunday, July 22

Passerby on Sunnyside Avenue called stating a possible domestic going on the first floor. Units responded.

Gang unit off with group in Hannaford Park.

Caller reports a male and female walking down the street on Jefferson Street fighting. Units dispatched and report: boyfriend/girlfriend argument. Both parties heading separate ways.

Manager of CVS states a large group giving him a hard time regarding leaving the lot. Gang Unit dispatched along with the W92 and report.

Caller on Cottage Avenue states he was threatened by his neighbor and wants to see an officer. W92 dispatched and reports: helping both parties get along and resolved the matter. Officer states no threats and matter settled.

Female caller called from Francis Street to report her sister just got out of the hospital with brain surgery. She is also a recovering heroin addict. She noticed fresh needle marks on her arms and is concerned. First/ambulance notified. W98 reports female transported to MGH.

Party from Nahant Avenue reports that he has been having relationship problems with his girlfriend. He wants it on record that every time he breaks up with her she threatens to damage his property, and make false statements against him to his probation officer. She has a key to his apartment and will not give it back. Party was advised under 209A and will be staying at his mother’s for the night and changing locks on apartment tomorrow. He will contact us if there is a problem. He wants this on record in the event she makes false statements or any damage comes to his personal property.

Malden Police called reporting an assault to rape took place in Malden. The victim lives in Winthrop and suspect a man who lives in East Boston. Suspect is wanted by Malden Police to be questioned. He is driving a white Chevy van.

Caller from Undine Avenue reports a group of boys causing damage to a screen window. Units report the boys know the owner and she knew they were trying to get into the home.

Caller reports a group on the beach with a small fire behind the water tower. Unit reports a group from Chelsea put out the fire and will be set on their way.

Two calls of a fight in the parking lot at Governors Drive. Units repot clearing group. All quiet for now.

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