Police Preparing for Orderly Fourth of July Celebration

By now residents of Point Shirley and the beach areas of town know the drill when it comes to July 4th celebrations in town. Those residents know that they are going to have to put up with a little bit of traffic, a little extra noise (during the fireworks display) and they’ll have to get home early if they want to park anywhere near the public landing or Coughlin Playground.

Fortunately, the Winthrop police are also practiced in the nuances of providing public safety on the Fourth of July. Despite the fact that as recently as a month ago, it seemed that there would be no fireworks this year, the Winthrop Police Department has already put its July 4th plans into action, calling on the experience and systems it has used over the last several years to make sure that the event will be the family-friendly, and enjoyable event people here so cherish.

“I want this July 4th to be safe and happy for everyone,” explained Chief Terence Delehanty. “The entire department wants that. We’d like to remind people to follow the directions they are given by traffic officers and to yield to emergency vehicles.”

Chief Delehanty noted that in preparation for the Horribles Parade and field games at Coughlin Playground on July 4th morning and the fireworks display that evening, the Winthrop Police management plan for dealing with large crowds and extra vehicles will be in full force.

As in previous year, the streets on Point Shirley all become one way streets designed to create a traffic flow around the Point down Bayview Avenue toward Grandview Ave. toward Shirley Street, which will be the only road leading off Point Shirley after the fireworks display.

“Point Shirley will be closed to vehicular traffic beginning at 6 p.m. and will remain closed to traffic until after the fireworks display is over,” said Delehanty. “Additionally, there will be no parking on the west side of Shirley from Bayview Ave. to Siren Street. There will be signs posted.”

All motor vehicles parked on Point Shirley streets should be parked facing in the direction they will be required to move, once the streets are opened again following the fireworks.

In addition to the traffic loop following the fireworks, revelers are being cautioned not to start any outdoor bon fires, including on the beach, there are no sanctioned bon fires this year.

“The Winthrop police and fire departments will both have additional personnel on duty on July 3 and July 4, to deal with the additional activity and reports of problems that may occur,” added the chief. “All residents hosting parties are asked to have their guests arrive early and park off the street or in parking lots to help ease congestion on the roadways.”

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