Public Safety and Casino: Chief Delehanty is on Top of the Matter

It was encouraging to hear from former Boston Police Commissioner Paul Evans, the new director of security at Suffolk Downs, that he has met with Winthrop Police Chief Terence Delehanty and other leaders of area police departments to discuss the potential safety and security issues should Suffolk Downs be granted a casino license and a casino/resort complex is built on the property of the famous racetrack.

We’re not surprised that Chief Delehanty is in the loop of all security issues regarding the casino and the potential thousands of visitors who will flock to the area. Delehanty always is looking out for the best interests regarding the safety and security of our residents and he has made sure that he has a seat at the table when the topic is casinos.

It’s good that these discussions are happening now and that our chief is on top of the situation.

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