Bus Service Remains: Thanks to Speaker Deleo and Sen. Petruccelli

Bus service from Orient Heights into Winthrop will remain intact by MBTA officials when all is said and done.

Fares will inevitably be rising as much as 23% but at least the Orient Heights-Winthrop bus route will remain.

That Winthrop bus route is a virtual lifeline for the town’s resident commuters and for students, workers and patients, many of whom do not drive automobiles but rely on public transportation.

State Senator Anthony Petruccelli certainly did his bit to inform Transportation Secretary Richard Davey that the Winthrop route from Orient Heights should remain active no matter what.

However, great note must be given to Winthrop’s Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo’s efforts.

He fought long and hard for the retention of this important bus route. He met with the members of the Boston Center for Independent Living and the Boston Area Youth Organizing Project. He met directly with Secretary Davey to convey what he heard, to relate what he intuitively knows and to make sure the MBTA held one of its hearings about possible service cuts in Winthrop.

Winthrop should justifiably celebrate the retention of its bus service. Past experiences have shown us, that as one of the smallest municipalities in the state, we are the first to get the state budget axe.

Winthrop residents should note that our service did not get cut because of the actions of Senator Petruccelli, and especially of House Speaker, Winthrop resident, Bobby DeLeo.

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