Sean Spoke with Passion: Parks and Rec. Dept. Benefits Thousands of Residents

We hope some of Sean Driscoll’s high school football players had the chance to watch Tuesday’s Council Meeting and see their head coach deliver his presentation about the Parks and Recreation Department that he has directed to great heights for the past 12 years.

It’s clear that Sean Driscoll is proud of his recreation program and the wide-ranging activities it offers to adults and children in the town. There are literally thousands of Winthrop kids who have participated in Recreation Department activities through the years and benefitted directly from Sean’s leadership, energy, and creativity. And ever the humble leader, Sean was quick to credit his hard-working staff for their diligent efforts.

The Parks and Recreation summer camp has been an outstanding success with close to 200 kids participating in the fun-filled program last year. And Sean has accomplished it all without the benefit of what we would call a great facility at the Middle School. In fact, we heard him mention that on some days, the heating system malfunctions, thus leading to the moving of some activities to another location.

Sean Driscoll came within a minute or so of leading the Winthrop High football team to a championship last fall. He’s becoming a great football coach, having learned under Hall of Famer Tony Fucillo. At the Parks and Recreation Department, Sean Driscoll is excelling as the man in charge as well and we welcome the opportunity to thank Sean for giving our children something positive, fun, and educational to do after school, during school vacations, and in the summer months.

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