Macero Making Mark: Hiring of Assistant Principals Makes Sense

Superintendent of Schools John Macero is in his first full academic year, but he’s certainly stamping his own mark on the school system and its future. Macero has been very visible in his  role as the top official of our School Department, not only at the highly attended athletic events, but also at academic events throughout the school system. He most recently was the master of ceremonies at the Chamber of Commerce awards gala when two Winthrop students (David Tracy and Erin O’Leary) were among the honorees.

As a former elementary school principal in Revere, Macero understands the numerous responsibilities that running a school takes nowadays. From the myriad of forms that have to be filled out for the state, to the day-to-day operations of every aspect of school life, a principalship is a full-time job from before the students arrive to after they are dismissed each day. So when Macero presented a plan to bring aboard part-time assistant principals at the Gorman/Fort-Banks School and the Cummings School, we know that he had done his homework and relied on his first-hand experience as a former principal.

We’re sure that principals Bobbie Finocchio of the Cummings School and Ilene Pearson of the Gorman/Fort Banks will appreciate having an administrator assisting at their schools. Moreover, the two new assistant principals, Norah Grimes and Jennifer O’Connell, have been dedicated and outstanding professionals in the Winthrop school system. Ms. O’Connell has been a well respected leader of the Winthrop Teachers Association and we’re sure that her experience in that regard will be an asset in her role as an assistant principal.

So we commend John Macero for his plan to bring two new assistant principals on board. If he believes that this is the right move to make, we have our faith in his leadership and his creativeness to support it.

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