Fascinating Perspective: Soviets’ Views of Eruzione’s Goal Show How Much It Mattered

It was interesting to read Soviet sports historian and Winthrop resident Arthur Chidlovski’s observations in last week’s Sun-Transcript about the famous goal scored by Winthrop’s Mike Eruzione in the 1980 Winter Olympics. His comments underlined what we’ve known since Eruzione’s game-winner: That the Soviets never expected to lose to the Americans (and certainly not after defeating the U.S. 10-3 just before the Games) and that Eruzione’s goal will never be forgotten by the world’s sporting community.

It will be 32 years next month since our native son scored the goal and brought Olympic gold to this country at a time when America needed something to unite it and make it feel good. If we had to pick a favorite moment, it’s probably when Mike was on the Olympic medal stand during the playing of the National Anthem and then waved all of his teammates onto the platform to join him.

Al Michaels’s calls of the final moments in the games against the Soviets and the Finns still bring chills to fans throughout the United States. Yes, we do believe in miracles, Al.

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