Gill Assumes Leadership of Winthrop

TOWN OFFICIALS AT SWEARING-IN CEREMONY…Seated are Clerk Magistrate of Suffolk Superior Court Maura Hennigan, School Committee member Maryalice Sharkey, Library Trustee James Matarazzo, Library Trustee Maria A. Ferri, Library Trustee Alex Alexanian, and Housing Authority member Richard Honan. Standing are Councilor James Letterie, School Committee member Gary S. Skomro, Councilor Paul Varrone, Councilor Linda Calla, Councilor Nicholas DelVento, Congressman Edward J. Markey, Councilor Craig Mael, Speaker of the Mass. House of Representatives Robert A. DeLeo, School Committee member Melissa E. Polino. Councilor-at-Large Philip R. Boncore, Housing Authority member Frank Ferrara, Council President Peter Gill, and Town Manager James McKenna.

Peter Gill was inaugurated as the new president of the Winthrop Town Council to highlight an impressive swearing-in ceremony Tuesday night at the Cummings School Cafetorium.

With several members of his family and Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo and Congressman Edward J. Markey in attendance, Gill received the oath of office from Town Clerk Carla Vitale.

It was an evening to say thank you to those who served the town well and to congratulate and wish good luck to those who will be leading town government in the years ahead.

Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo presented Citations to outgoing officials, Council President Jeffrey Turco, Councilor Jeanne Maggio, School Committee Chairwoman Mary Lou Osborne, and School Committee member Mark Rotondo.

Osborne received a spontaneous standing ovation when she was called to the stage to accept her award.

Housing Authority members Richard Honan and Frank Ferrara, Library Trustees James Matarazzo, Alex Alexanian and Maria Ferri, School Committee members Melissa Polino, Gary Skomro, and Maryalice Sharkey, Councilors James Letterie, Craig Mael, and Linda Calla, and Councilor-at-Large Philip Boncore preceded Gill in receiving their oaths from office.

Town Manager James McKenna, the program’s master of ceremonies, made it a point to acknowledge the presence of Maureen Gill, wife of the council president. Mr. Gill’s grandchildren led the assemblage in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Gill began his inaugural address with words of gratitude.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you, the citizens of Winthrop, for placing your trust in me and for choosing me to be your Town Council President,” said Gill.

Gill said there are challenges ahead for the town, “but with challenge comes opportunity.” He said residents can expect him to lead the town with a positive approach to his responsibilities.

“We need to focus on, recognize, and appreciate the resources that Winthrop has to offer, natural resources as well as human resources; with a positive attitude,” he said. “If we do, things can only get better for the future of Winthrop.

“We need to cooperate and work together as citizens, volunteers, board members, elected officials, employees, and community leaders recognizing each other’s ideas, efforts, and expertise for the success and future of Winthrop.”

Gill asked that residents consider becoming involved in town government. “I encourage your participation. If you do not have the time or the interest to be involved but have a concern or an issue, let it be known to the appropriate people. Offer a solution if you have one. Let’s address your concern together.”

It was clear that this was Peter Gill’s night and his coronation as the leader of Winthrop town government for the next two years. At the conclusion of his remarks, Gill received his second standing ovation of the night, a show of appreciation from townspeople, including such luminaries as town historian David Hubbard and former longtime official Richard Dimes.

Revere Mayor Daniel Rizzo, who was inaugurated Monday night, also came to Winthrop to help usher in the new era of town government and wish Gill success in his position.

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