2012 School Year Resolutions: Superintendent Sets Sights on Achievement, Professional Development and Partnerships

With a newly sworn School Committee ready to take the reins tonight (Thursday, January 5), and six months under his belt, Superintendent of School John Macero spoke with the Transcript Tuesday night after the swearing-in ceremony and looked ahead to the new year.

“Obviously, the first thing I think everyone is focused on is improving our achievement scores,” said Macero, when asked about ‘resolutions’ for the new year in the school department.

“I also want to find a way to get more professional development for our staff,” he said. “We had a very good professional development day on (Tuesday, Jan. 3). It was very rewarding and we need to do more of that.”

Macero then said that his third goal or resolution for 2012 is to build and strengthen relationships within the school community and between the schools and the town.

“We need to create that partnership our families, parents, our educators and obviously the students,” said Macero. “I also want to continue to build our partnership with the town.”

“One of my goals when I came on board (in July) was to form that partnership with the town,” added Macero. “I’d seen when I was on the School Committee that was something that had been lacking and now, Jim (McKenna Town Manager) meet almost everyday. I’m at the department head meetings every Monday and he comes to our leadership team meetings and I think Peter (Gill, newly elected Council President) will continue to build on those things. He has a lot invested in this town, as we all do and I think he’s going to help us keep that momentum going.”

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