A Shining Event: Inaugurations Are a Time for Optimism and New Directions.

The town can take great pride in the wonderful inaugural/swearing-in ceremony that was held Tuesday evening at the Cummings Schools (and may we note that Arthur Cummings, for whom the school is named, was in attendance). The fact that this momentous occasion drew the largest crowd ever for a swearing-in ceremony says a lot about the support that incoming Town Council President has as he takes office.

There is no meter to measure proudness, but what a great night it was for the Gill family who turned out en masse to see their grandfather, father, husband, and brother assume the reins of the town’s most important leadership position. Peter Gill seemed genuinely humbled by the standing ovations received from the audience. Gill noted  the presence of Massachusetts Speaker of the House Robert A. DeLeo and Congressman Edward J. Markey at the ceremony and he said he was grateful for their attendance.

This was a professionally done swearing-in ceremony and we must credit Town Manage James McKenna, Town Clerk Carla Vitale and Council Clerk Catherine Hickey for giving the event the character and prestige that such an event deserves.

The Peter Gill era as leader of the Winthrop Town Council and the town itself has begun. As he did throughout his successful campaign for council president, he is asking for citizens to participate in town government and to help make Winthrop a better place.

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