Police Blotter 11-03-2011

Monday, October 24

Probation wants a check on female. No response from a GPS monitor. Curran reports three apartments – no names. Probation unable to provide an apartment number. After locating her, it was reported she was in the apartment wearing her bracelet from probation. Probation was informed.

Principal called from the Cummings School reporting n erratic operator who failed to yield to the children in the crosswalk. Officer Donnellan will handle with citation.

Reporting party came to the station to report that her ex-boyfriend continually texts, calls and e-mails her despite repeated requests to limit calls during work hours and matters involving their son. Party has been advised to stop. If it continues charges will be filed. Party advised to seek a 209-A due to past history.

Female came in to report her credit card was stolen and used at Cumberland Farms on Revere St.  on 10/1 around 6:15 p.m. Call to Cumberland Farms and they will send a recorded tape of that time-frame.

Officer will try to serve arrest warrant on male. They report he has moved.

Call of a confused female. Officer reports after attempting to get her name and address, she just stated she does not like the Police. Information was finally obtained on her address.

Caller reports a manhole cover is half off in the area of Samuels Pharmacy. DPW notified and will respond.

Several calls from upset citizens regarding a cat being struck by a car. Animal control was notified immediately and responded at once. He took the cat to Northshore Animal Hospital to be cared for. Reports of being bitten on the hand by the cat while trying to assist it.

Requests EMS for an accident near Short Beach. Fire notified. Accident was on the state.

Report of a syringe in the neighborhood of Crescent Street where children play. W-91 responded and retrieved that item.

Female came in to report an unauthorized use of her debit and credit cards.

Tuesday, October 25

Multiple calls of a house fire. All units notified along with fire. Chief notified W-97 that 52 Cottage Ave. in the rear has been affected by the falling embers, but not on fire.

Male reports a van went through the Center and threw a bottle at a car. No one sent at this time as all units were tied up at the fire.

Fire Department requests a police officer at the front of dwelling on Prospect. W-94 reports a disorderly person wanted to see the Chief.

Chief reports elderly male with chest pains at fire scene. Ambulance notified.

Boston PD fugitive unit called to report they are going to a listed address to serve a warrant.

Lifeline called regarding panic alarm. Elderly female states strangers are at her front door.

Caller reports her adult autistic son is having an outburst and needs to go to the hospital. Units report voluntary transport for evaluation.

The WFD requested police assistance for a vehicle that was disable due to a fire the previous night on Prospect Ave. G&J notified.

ADT called of an alarm going off on Upland Road. Officer reports this is an ongoing break or a recent past break. Other units are responding and they report entrance gained through the front door and the culprits went out the rear door. Officer will print the scene.

Party reports her car was vandalized sometime overnight while parked in the Landing. Diaz reports 10 car-length key scratches. Driver side mirror removed.

Call to report a detoxing person needs to be transported. Fire and officers report the man is in the ambulance and off to the hospital.

Male caller reports his neighbor’s black bicycle was just stolen on Francis Street. The suspect that was seen riding off on the bike was a white male approximately 13 years old wearing dark baggy clothes and black cap. All units BOLO’d.

Caller reports motor vehicle with NH registration has been parked without moving on Highland Avenue for weeks. It appears the trunk has been left open. W-92 reports secured.

Report from a female of a call from a male claiming to be from the FBI who wanted her to send cash via Western Union to claim some packages. She just wanted us to be aware of this.

Wednesday, October 26

Caller reports dog barking on the second floor porch of a home on Hawthorn Ave. Officer reports area quiet.

Someone calls to report a possible break-in in progress on Lowell Road. Units report speaking to contractors who were installing a ceiling fan for the home owner.

CVS manage reports female shoplifter. Units report female placed in custody and transported to station for booking.

Caller reports a problem with another member while at RPM Fitness.

Someone called to report finding a .38 caliber hollow point bullet in the street in front of his home on Argyle Street. W-93 secured same.

Call of a minor accident at Wyatt’s Gas. Fire notified.

Caller requests ambulance to hospital because she wants to hurt herself. W92 reports voluntary transport.

911 call states a man is down on Linden Street. Officer reports party with low blood sugar. Refused medical.

Caller reports fire hydrant blocked on Sea Foam. Officer reports hydrant completely blocked by large U-haul truck and trailer with a motor vehicle on it. G&J responded with large tow truck and removed from the hydrant violation.

Someone called to report that two young children were left unattended in a car. One child got out of the car. Unit reports mother was with children.

It was reported that four males in a motor vehicle were smoking marijuana in the area of Pearl Ave. Units report checking entire area and no males located.

Thursday, October 27

Calling party reports alarms going off in apartment on Golden Drive. W93 dispatched to investigate.

Caller reports he is receiving threats by way of text messaging. Subject was advised of his rights and does not want to go to court on the matter.

Party came in to report a break into a basement on Temple Ave.

Male called in to request a check on a male subject. Party is an acquaintance and resides at the Sober House on Shore Drive. WFD notified. Units located the vehicle on Shore Drive but was unable to locate the subject. Caretaker on scene and was advised to contact the police when he returns. Units checking the surrounding areas. Later the subject called to report he is back at will go to the hospital to be evaluated. Officer responded back with WFD and EMS.

Officer received complaint about a motor vehicle parked on Johnson Avenue for days without moving. Placed on the 72 hour list.

Party came into the station to report a larceny of items from his basement on Temple Ave.

Received a warrant of apprenhension issued by the EB District Court for a male subject.

WFD received a report that a padlock has been broken in the basement area of the home where the fire took place on Prospect Ave. Officer reports the hinge side of the door is broken but the area is unsafe and he is unable to determine if anything was taken. The board-up company was contacted and will repair the door.

Detail officer reports a truck in excess of the height restrictions went through the drive-thru at Dunkin Donuts on Main street causing damage to the overhead area as well as the gutter on the building. Unable to stop the vehicle.

Party reports an injured egret is flying around the Washington Ave. area. Call was made to the Animal Control and message left for him to check the area. Officer checked the area for the bird but could not locate it.

Female came in to report she signed up for a Mystery Shopping Assignment and received a Money Order with instructions to deposit it into her bank account. Party was advised to not deposit the money order and report it to the FTC as it appears to be a scam.

Party reports that an elderly female on Court Road fell and needs to be evaluated by EMS. WFD and EMS notified.

Someone called requesting a well-being check on a male on Revere Street stating he is not taking his numerous meds and has been acting very stranger over the last few weeks. He is renting room and did not return home last night. Police will be contacted when he returns home for a medical evaluation.

Woman on Atlantic Street believes someone is trying to get in her home. Officers report it was “Halloween Decorations” mistake for a person.

911 caller reports his alarms are going off on Crest Avenue and he sees smoke. Fire units contact owner of Crest Pizza. Fire checked out building. Cracked boiler. All clear.

Friday, October 28

Caller can her people arguing on Governors Drive. He heard one person say “I’m going to kill you.” Officers report no one will answer and they can hear them inside. They asked for permission to kick in door and check on the well being of the occupants. Permission given and officers report verbal between boy/girl friend.

Calling party requesting an ambulance for her husband who is suffering from shortness of breath and is pale. WFD and Action Ambulance notified and responding.

Someone called to report smoke coming out of the window on Jefferson Ave. Officer dispatched along with WFD. Calling party called back to report she spoke to her neighbor who stated it was a pellet stove. Officer confirmed it was a pellet stove. WFD notified but still responded to the scene.

Party reports their 14-month old baby is having a seizure and difficulty breathing. WFD and EMS notified and responding.

Someone called to report his vehicle was broken into on Governors Drive. Entry gained by smashing passenger side front window. Party made report over the phone as he was not in town and had left for work. Reports his Garmin portable GPS unit and his gold 10/31/11 badge was taken.

Female called in to report her motor vehicle was broken into on Summit Ave. An apparent stolen GPS unit was retrieved on the nearby traffic island but is unrelated to this motor vehicle break-in. The GPS retrieved on traffic island was stolen from the vehicle broken into on Governors Drive. Victim notified and came in to pick it up.

Toddler observed by officers wandering in the middle of the intersection of Shirley and Revere St. Parent was on scene inside the Energy to Go store.

Party reports someone is blowing leaves and debris into the street. Officer spoke to the party and reports they will clean up the mess.

Someone calls reporting a sailboat cut loose behind the Elks and drifting towards the trestle. WFD will notify the Harbormaster.

Saturday, October 29

Officer reports being with male who appears to need help. Officers requesting EMS response. WFD notified.

Caller reports a tall blond with a dog going through back yards on Court Road. Officers spoke with subject who is known to us and she just was on the wrong road.

Unknown problem. Language barrier. Officers report male party broke the rear window of motor vehicle and shoplifting.

Officer received report from a passerby stating there are two young children home alone on Sunset Road. Officer reports speaking with their mother who is at home.

Party reports a disoriented male inside the Silver Clean laundromat who is acting strangely.

Someone called 911 requesting a phone number and sounded a bit confused, then hung up. Units report a couple of the neighbors will keep her company until her daughter responds to assist her.

Letter carrier reports the stop sign out in front of the station is laying down in the bushes in front of the Winthrop Police sign. WPD notified.

Party reports a motor vehicle is blocking his driveway on Dolphin Ave. Officer reports motor vehicle was tagged. Owner was contacted and is having it removed by Shamrock due to the loss of the keys.

Caller reports someone is taking things out of his house on Prospect Ave. Units report speaking to owner. People were from the next house. Cleaning out stuff. Everyone checked out. All clear.

Woman called to report a family problem. Units report civil matter. Rights given. All clear.

Caller reports someone is threatening to kill her. Units report verbal only. Language barrier. Father-in-law/daughter-in-law.

Manager of the Elks called to report some patrons won’t leave. Units report. Parties left for the night.

Sunday, October 30 

Officer reports stopping a motor vehicle. Checking vehicle shows a warrant for operator. Subject placed under arrest. Warrant canceled.

Officer Silver notified about a jersey barrier at Underhill/Shore Drive has been turned by the water. The flow is heavy. DCR was on scene and will monitor area.

ADT called to report alarm activation at Brown’s Drug. Officers dispatched to area. They report building secure. Newspaper delivery hit the door causing the activation.

Party requesting EMS for her mother having a seizure. WFD notified.

Someone reports a section of the building on Veterans Road not getting any water. DPW notified and reports Town not working in the area. Caller contacted and advised to contact property manager. Manager contacted and advised of the report and will respond to the building to assess the issue.

Party reports a van has been parked on Winthrop Street for days now without being tagged. Records reflect the last call to that address were back in April. Officer checked the area and reports the owner of the motor vehicle got into the car and left upon his arrival.

Someone called to report a group throwing rubbish off the porch on Sea Foam Ave. 91 spoke with the family who is moving out and advised to clean up any debris.

Party requesting assistance with her son who has recently been released from custody. Units report verbal argument and all parties advised.

Female reports observing white smoke in the area of Pico Beach as she is looking out her window. Call transferred to WFD who will investigate.

Party requests we check for a male subject who did not show up for his drill at Otis AFB. They are concerned. Officer spoke with family members who stated he should be at sick call due to migraine headaches. Message was given to his commanding officer.

Mother/daughter domestic. Mother left the scene prior to officers arrival.

Caller reports his girlfriend is home alone and there is a man sitting on the sidewalk. He stated that the male was there for over one hour. Officer reports area clear.

Female caller requesting medical for her roommate having trouble breathing. WFD and ambulance notified.

Caller reports his motor vehicle was broken into and window was smashed on Summit Ave.

Call from a resident to report his wife’s car was broken into sometime last night on Summit Ave. Officers reports second vehicle break to this family and the third in the area.

Officer Hickey reports the stop sign on Pauline Street in front of the station is gone. Pole and everything. DPW called. It will be fixed.

Call of a vehicle with a flat tire and the air bags deployed.

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