Police Blotter 10-20-2011

Monday, October 10

Boston Police report a possible rape case where victim is unsure, but believes it may have occurred in Winthrop early in the morning after attending a Boston bar. Lt. Perrin responded to station and is following up, no success with contacting victim for interview.

Parking citation issued at Public Landing.

Alarm Company reports activation at 370 Shirley Street. Officer reports the owner was there, window blew a door open.

Woman called to report she saw someone go into the back of her house. Officers report she stated a white male, 6 feet, tattoos, with a black shirt, ran off before he could get in. Area search  negative.

Call of a violent domestic going on. Officers report they have one under arrest for domestic assault and battery.

Alarm company called reporting alarm sounding. Unit 92 reports building secure at Triton Ave.

Woman caller reports feces smeared at children’s playground at Ingleside Park on the rock-climbing wall. Steve Calla was notified and proper measures have been taken to handle the issue.

Call arrives that there are workers spraying something on a house and it is going into other houses. It’s a holiday and to work you need permission. Chief  called, no permission given. Officer responded and had them shut down.

Call of glass on School street and vandalism to the Cummings School grounds.

Caller reports damage to his rental property to the first floor door to a common area. He reports damage was done by his first floor tenants. He will call when he comes to town to have police come to view the damage.

Male reported he spoke with officers yesterday and reported he was assaulted. He filed a victim statement. He said the incident occurred on Lincoln Street.

Caller reports a male and female just went into Dawes Playground and the male appeared to be drinking nips. Caller reports a lot of children are in the park and the couple did not appear to be with any.

Caller reports a van parked on the corner with surveillance equipment in it. He saw inside the van as he walked by.

Someone reports National Grid people are doing survey and came to her door wanting to see her bills.

Female called to report her ex-husband was supposed to come by to pick up some belongings and he is very late. Officer sent out to keep the peace.

Female reports her boyfriend is drunk and will attempt to drive her car.

Tuesday, October 11

Detail officer reports Bellevue will be closed between Prescott Street and Johnson Avenue. Winthrop Fire and EMS notified.

Party reports a male subject dressed in a gray sweatshirt and blue shorts just darted out in front of a delivery truck and is acting very bizarre according to the caller.

Motor vehicle stopped for failing to stop at stop sign at Metcalf Square.

Party reports a party fell off a ladder at the rear of the building on Shirley Street. Winthrop Fire and EMS notified. He was transported to MGH with injuries.

Someone calls to report an audible alarm sounding stating there is a fire on River Road. Winthrop Fire notified. Entire area checked.

Motor vehicle stopped for violations at French Square. Subject arrested for outstanding warrants.

ACO reports his vehicle was struck while parked at Crest Avenue.

Chief requests unit respond to the Middle School to take a report on a female causing a disturbance earlier.

Received a report of a fire alarm activation at the High School. Winthrop Fire enroute. It was accidentally set off by a student at locker.

Male reports that while sitting in his truck, a person dressed all in black, in a small black car, threw a pumpkin through his windshield. He attempted to pursue the vehicle, but lost sight of it on Veterans Road. All units BOLO.

Wednesday, October 12

Officer reports stopping a motor scooter. Operator of scooter has revoke license. Scooter was turned over.

Caller reports business alarm going off on Shirley Street. Officers investigate.

Party reports the storm drain cover is missing on Shirley Street. DPW  notified. Officer reports actual location is Hadassah Way and the cover was apparently stolen.

Party reports two Hispanic males on bicycles were in her driveway. When she confronted them, they took off. Last observed taking a left on Shore Drive.

Cab driver requests an officer respond to area of Golden Drive for a fare evasion. Officer spoke with driver and went to apartment to speak with the female. She will pay him tomorrow as per deal she worked out with his cab company.

Party reports a delivery truck is obstructing her at Locust Street. When confronted by the caller he started shouting at her. Officer reports having the motor vehicle moved.

Party reports a motor vehicle parked illegally behind his car on Shirley Street. As a result he is unable to get his dog out of the rear of the vehicle. Parking ticket issued, and dog owner assisted.

Party reports a syringe on the sidewalk between Energy To Go and Almont Street. Officer reports.

Party reports her sister is arguing with  her mom. Officers report it is verbal. All rights given.

Thursday, October 13

Caller reports her husband left the apartment in a rage and has been drinking this evening. Officers given the information and will check the area.

911 call requesting police because her husband is out of control and scaring her. Officers dispatched. They report it is a verbal argument and both parties advised of their rights.

Numerous calls for a telephone pole that has fallen down on Shore Drive.

Officers report Cutler Street is blocked at both ends. Winthrop Fire cleared and notified National Grid.

Detectives conducting surveillance in the area of Golden Drive due to numerous drug complaints for this area and specific individuals. Two suspects stopped after detectives observed a cash transaction in plain view. Male party given a trespass for the property.

Motor vehicle stopped for speed greater than reasonable on Veterans Road.

Party called reporting a small child hanging out of open third floor window. She is worried about the child’s safety. Officer reports the four year old is fine and spoke with parents and secured the window.

Party reports neighbor downstairs is banging on the ceiling at Governor’s Drive.

Friday, October 14

Caller believes two people sitting in a black BMW are acting suspicious. Officer reports that parties are just talking.

Officer requesting a tow for expired registration on car out of Rhode Island. G&J notified and area responding.

Party reports hearing smoke alarms in the area of Hermon Street. Call transferred to Winthrop Fire. Officer reports smoke detector faulty.

Suffolk County sheriffs request assistance on a male subject who they will be picking up on a capeas warrant. Subject is on a GPS monitor and was located at Dunkin Donuts on Revere Street and taken into custody.

Caller reports dark male on her porch on Walden Street. Officer reports helping subject to his home.

Party reports a taxi driver at her location looking to recover fare from prior occasion.

Party reports someone has thrown something on her motor vehicle and she believes it is part of some harassment she has been receiving. She would like this noted, although no damage.

Caller reports wolf-like animal wandering around Coughlin Park alone.

Party came to the station to report an individual has been harassing her for details pertaining to a criminal case.

Caller states that his daughter’s boyfriend is an unwanted guest at his residence and he will not leave. Units report mother came to pick up unwanted guest and all parties advised of their rights.

Saturday, October 15

Caller reports a needle on Bowdoin Street next to stop sign. Officer reports, placing needle in box.

Caller reports a domestic and her boyfriend was just punched inn the face. Officer reports that one is in custody. While officers were there, caller called back to state the male turned on all the gas and the house was now filled with gas. Advised to  leave the house and fire and officers were notified.

Report of alarm activation on Shore Drive.  W-91 reports all was secure.

Male reports that the mother of his child refuses to allow visitation in accordance with a court order. He would like same noted for the record.

Caller reports water coming up from the street on Washington Avenue. Message left for DPW.

Caller reports ongoing argument with neighbor regarding a fence. W-91 reports mediating the dispute for the time being.

Caller reports there is a vehicle with out-of-state plates parked there all the time on Winthrop Street and it has a parking permit for another street. A parking permit to park on one street is not good to park on another.

Male came to the station to report the theft of his dingy motor from the CPYC.

Call for loud argument. Units report that it is a verbal argument between father and daughter. All parties advised of their rights. Daughter left for the day.

W-93 reports a broken window at Winthrop Senior Center. Officers report no entrance gained as outer glass only broken. Contacted DPW show ill notify custodian.

Caller reports hearing what may have been shots or possibly fireworks. Units reports no signs of either at scene.

Caller reports that her daughter just told her that she saw her father at her school peeking in the window in violation of an active 209. Information will be given to officer who responded for an earlier violation report.

Sunday, October 16

Caller reports a large group on the premises near Elks causing complaints from neighbors. Units report party is ending and people are making their way into their cars to leave.

Quincy police contacted Winthrop to do a well being check on a female who was involved in a domestic dispute in their community. QPD states that she is or may be suicidal and was in possession of a knife. Officers report that there is no one home in the apartment. QPD was notified.

Alarm company called to report an alarm activation in the basement at apartment on Dolphin Avenue. Units report that there is a small window that was broken, however, it was not big enough for person to enter. Everything appears to be secure.

Employee from Winthrop Yacht Club states that she is having hard time getting patrons to  leave for the night and is requesting assistance. Officers report that they have assisted in clearing everyone out.

Caller reports that there is a loud party with people screaming coming from top floor of apartment on Winthrop Street. Officers report that the music has been turned off and the party of “one” has left the area.

911 call for disturbance in building on Jefferson Street. Caller called back saying that noise/disturbance has stopped. Units continue to investigate.

Two calls of a car alarm that has been going off for hours on Pearl Avenue. Officer reports the hotel manager is handling the problem.

Female reports that her ex-landlord may be harassing her. He showed up while she was jogging. She was advised of her rights. Officer will attempt to fix the problem.

Caller reports that cars are flying down Chester Avenue and there have almost been several accidents. Officer will check the area. He reports three vehicles going 25 MPH and stopped them and told them to go slower. The rest were going about 15 MPH.

Call from Marshall Street to report they think the cellar is on fire. Fire Department report malfunction with clothes dryer.

Caller reports she just came home and found her brother bleeding. Units report male had used some type of sharp dental tool to inflict cuts along both of his arms. Section 12 for evaluation.

Multiple calls of an intoxicated male with two pit pulls that attacked another dog on the beach. State Police at ACO contacted.

Female calls that her ex-husband keeps calling her on her cell phone and hanging up. Message was left on his phone to stop calling or charges will follow.

Caller reports of a motor vehicle crash with injuries.

Party reports of a transformer that is sparking on a pole on Wave Way. Winthrop Fire notified.

Party states that child’s father did not return three year old son according to court order. She is concerned about his welfare at this time, but wanted it noted. She will contact her local probate court.

Party retrieved items returned by former tenant. Was advised to seek redress for additional items in civil court. He wanted it noted that he is entering apartment to close windows and turn off lights.

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