Clarification: New Roadway to Ft. Banks/Gorman School Will Be in the Afternoon Only

We thank our sharp-eyed readers who pointed out that the use of the new access road being planned for the Gorman/Fort Banks School to alleviate traffic problems will be used only during the student dismissal period in the afternoon, not in the morning hours. While we believe that the road could be helpful in the morning traffic situation, our school leaders know from first-hand experience what is best for the parents and their access to the school during the morning.

Town Council President Jeffrey Turco has made the access road a priority, and his “10 years of failure” remark about the inaction of a second road being built drew the ire of his opponent, Peter Gill, at the last Council meeting.

Everyone agrees that something must be done to correct the situation at the school and make access easier for our public safety departments in the event of an emergency. Let’s hope something is done soon to help the Gorman school parents as they pick up their children from school.

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