Music to Our Ears: Student Wants Music Classes in the High School Curriculum

The Displaying Initiative Award of the week belongs to Winthrop High School sophomore Kelly Russo, who will appear before the School Committee tonight to make a presentation asking that a music class be added to the academic offerings at the high school. Music took it on the chin during the budget cutbacks and the high school currently offers no classes in the field of music. There are also no music instrumental courses, which means there is no feeder system for the establishment of a high school marching band.

But Kelly Russo is striking a chord of hopefulness. She has a great supporter for her idea in new Superintendent of Schools John Macero, who understands the importance of musical instruction, having begun his career as a music teacher and having served in administrative roles in the Saugus and Revere school systems. In addition, WHS Principal Gail Conlon always has strived to make the curriculum as diverse as her resources have allowed, maximizing the educational experience for all of her students.

The School Committee is in a position to say to the community, parents, and school children that music does matter a great deal. We hope to see the return of a music program to our schools soon.

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