Badly Decomposed Body Found Under Porch of Winthrop Street Home

Investigators from the Massachusetts State Police and Suffolk CPAC were called to Winthrop residence on Tuesday by local police, after a body was found beneath a back porch on Winthrop Street at about 2:30 p.m.

Police were initially called to the home by local health and building inspectors, who had responded to the neighborhood in an attempt to identify the source of a strong, foul odor that had been reported by neighbors. According to one local official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to comment on the case, neighbors of the home where the body was found first began noticing the odor a little over a week ago.

Suffolk District Attorney’s spokesman Jake Wark said that officials have not yet been able to identify the body, but it appears to be the remains of an adult. The body is too decayed to be able to determine the age, gender, ethnicity or cause of death of the victim, without an autopsy.

Officials are hoping that an autopsy performed on Wednesday, will offer more clues about the victim and the cause of death.

“At this point, we are classifying this as a suspicious death,” said Winthrop Chief Terence Delehanty. “It could turn out not to be a homicide, but at this point we have to investigate it like a homicide.”

Delehanty confirmed that Winthrop police were called to the scene by the Winthrop Building inspector, who discovered the body and that State Police were called in by the Winthrop police, as is standard practice.

“We are certainly grateful for the assistance and expertise brought to this investigation by the State Police Crime Scene unit, as well as the number of investigators needed to move this case forward,” added the chief.

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